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Somebody pinch me to make sure I ain't dreamin'!
― Fuchsia, New Horizons

Waah! Why's your face all gnarly? Were you in a fight? Who was it? Where are they?!
― Fuchsia, New Horizons

Quit showerin' me with attention or you're gonna give me a complex.
― Fuchsia, New Horizons

Fuchsia (ジェシカ, Jeshika?, Jessica) is a sisterly deer villager introduced in New Leaf. Her name comes from her fur color, fuchsia, while her Japanese name is the English name Jessica, which contains the word シカ (shika) meaning "deer", written in Japanese. She appears on the cover of New Horizons.

She is also on the cover of K.K. Disco. She has the music hobby.


Fuchsia in New Leaf.

Fuchsia is a deer with a vibrant color scheme. She has a tuft of blond hair on her head. Her inner ears, nose, and eyes are a brilliant light blue, and so is her belly. Her hooves and the tip of her tail are a darker pink than the rest of her body, and her eye shadow is a lavender purple. She also has yellow ear piercings in both ears; two in her left, and one in her right.


Below is a brief description of the sisterly personality. For more information, click here.

Fuchsia is a sisterly villager. When befriended, she will give the player fighting tips and teach them ways to relax. Fuchsia will also give the player medicine if they are stung by a wasp. Like all sisterly villagers, Fuchsia is tough, but she will still care deeply about her appearance. Fuchsia has a tendency to stay up very late at night. It is easy to get her picture since developing friendships with sisterly villagers is simple due to her caring and protective nature, sometimes talking to the player about her friendship with her old neighbor's son. Fuchsia may get along with jock villagers who share her love of sports, lazy and normal villagers for how laid-back they are, and peppy villagers. However, she may conflict with smug and snooty villagers due to their arrogant nature. Fuchsia may clash with cranky villagers due to their similarly stubborn personalities, but often end up becoming best friends.


Fuchsia's house has a very rock and roll feel. She has three pieces of the Modern Series, the bed, the dresser, and the table. On her Modern Table, she has a makeup case and a candy jar. She also has a High-End Stereo that plays K.K. Rock. Her flooring is the Flower Pop Carpet, and her wallpaper is the Flower Pop Wall.

NL Fuchsia House.jpg NL Fuchsia House Ext.jpg
New Leaf (interior) New Leaf (exterior)
FuchsiaNHin.jpg NH Fuchsia House Ext.png
New Horizons (interior) New Horizons (exterior)

Pocket Camp

Fuchsia was added to Pocket Camp in the February 15, 2018 update.

Fuchsia's preferred theme is cool, and she primarily gives steel as a reward. Her profile reads:

❝ Once Fuchsia has decided to do something, she gets it done! It's deciding what to do that's the problem...❞

Campsite Invitation Requirements

Friendship Level: 5

Furniture/Item Required Materials Price (Bells) Craft Time
Flower Pop Carpet (pink and yellow) 2 cotton, Flower Pop Carpet (basic) 650 1.5 hours
Fan Palm 30 wood, 3 friend powder 1,210 3 hours
Kitschy Clock 30 steel 1,000 2 hours
Lovely Love Seat (black and pink) 2 cotton, Lovely Love Seat (basic) 450 1.5 hours
Dartboard 60 steel, 3 cool essence 2,330 2 hours

Friendship Rewards

  • At level 7 friendship, she will reward the player with a dark polka tee and sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 9, she will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 15, she will request that the player crafts a pinball machine.
  • At level 20, she will reward the player with a pic of Fuchsia and sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 25, she will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 30, she will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 35, she will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 40, she will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 45, she will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 50, she will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 55, she will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 60, she will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).

amiibo Card

amiibo Card[1]
Amiibo card back.png
#123 Fuchsia
Type Deer
Star sign Virgo
Birthday 9/19
Roll value 3
Hand sign Paper
Request A hangout for li'l rebels
Amiibo 123 Fuchsia.png
122 Lucha #123 Fuchsia 124 Harry


  • Her initial phrase was changed from "girlfriend" to "precious" in New Horizons and later in Pocket Camp v3.3.0. It is unknown why it was changed, but it was suggested to make it gender-neutral and not only towards female villagers.
  • In New Horizons, Fuchsia's preferred style is Cool, and her preferred color is Pink.

In other languages

Language Name
Japan Japanese ジェシカ Jeshika
France French Rosanne
Spain Spanish Rosalina
Germany German Selina
Italy Italian Fuxia
The Netherlands Dutch Fuchsia
Russia Russian Фуксия Fuchsia
China Chinese 潔西卡/洁西卡 Jiéxīkǎ
South Korea Korean 제시카 Jesika


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