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Furniture is used in the Animal Crossing series to decorate and customize the inside of homes. It can be considered an important aspect of the series for people who like to complete furniture collections or to decorate their homes. There are many uses for furniture, as well as many types available.

One feature which relies on furniture is the Happy Room Academy, which scores the layout of a player's house. High enough scores will win the player winning prizes, if the have placed the furniture properly (using Feng Shui if possible).

The many ranges of furniture available to the player varies depending on theme, style and use. Some items of furniture have unique uses and characteristics. For example, stereos are used to play K.K. Slider's large variety of songs.

Obtaining Furniture

There are many ways of obtaining furniture in the game. They can be bought for Bells or obtained for free through other means.

With Bells

Bells are the main form of currency in the Animal Crossing series. They can be exchanged for furniture through the variety of stores available.

Tom Nook buys and sells furniture.

Villagers in the town may also sell their furniture when spoken to, or through the Flea Market, which is replaced with Re-Tail in New Leaf.

For Free

There are many ways to obtain furniture without spending Bells.

A Balloon carrying a present.

  • Lost Property - The Lost Property contains items dropped in the town by villagers or the player.
  • Dump - Occasionally, items of furniture can be found in the Dump.
  • Villagers - The player may be awarded with furniture after completing tasks for villagers.
  • Trees - Some trees will drop furniture when shaken.
    • In New Horizons, there are two items of furniture that can be found on the player's island in trees every day.
  • Balloon - Floating Presents may contain furniture. The player will need a slingshot to shoot them down.
    • In Animal Crossing, the player has to wait for it to get stuck in a tree.
    • In New Leaf, these presents may contain a piece of the Balloon Series. Balloons exclusively gave items from the Balloon Series before the Welcome Amiibo update.
  • Events - During some events, special characters will give the player furniture in return for completing tasks, or to help celebrate the occasion.
  • Letters - Occasionally, the player will receive letters from their mom, villagers, or other characters containing items of furniture.

Practical Details

Furniture can be placed on the number of squares (also called tiles) in the house. These squares are invisible but crucial to the mechanics of the game. In the games leading up to New Horizons, there were only 3 sizes:

  • small - 1x1 square
  • medium - 1x2 squares
  • large - 2x2 squares

In Happy Home Designer, furniture can be placed on half tiles, allowing furniture to be squeezed between two adjacent tiles.

New Horizons introduced furniture of several different sizes as well as the ability to place furniture outside. The maximum size for furniture is 3x3, but the dimensions can be any size in increments of half tiles (e.g. 0.5 x 2, 1x3, 1.5x1.5, etc.)

Furniture Series

The Modern Series in City Folk

Main article: Furniture Series

Many items of furniture are part of a series of furniture. Each series relates to a certain theme or style, and can include a whole range of different types of furniture.

There are many different series of furniture available to the player, although not all of them can be obtained through the stores in the game. Some must be collected through special characters, such as Pavé and his Pavé Series. Some series can be obtained through obscure ways, such as the Mario series, which is obtained by shooting down presents on balloons in City Folk.

Types of Furniture

Despite the limited size of furniture available, there are many types of furniture with different uses. Some items of furniture can be manipulated by the player by changing the way they operate within the room.

Below are the different types of furniture.

Chairs & Sofas

Chairs & Sofas are typically a type of furniture that the player can sit on. These also include armchairs. Depending on the item of furniture, a player can usually approach the chair from the front to sit on it, while some chairs without arms such as dining chairs can be sat on when approached from the side.


Beds are typically used by the player to lay on. Furniture beds are not to be confused with the bed in the attic, which is used to save the game. The player can lay on a bed by approaching it from either side. If on a double bed, or the bed is directly next to another bed, they can roll over to the other side when moved in the direction of the empty space. If the space is occupied, they will bump into the other player and fall back into the space they were in.

If the player lays on a bed, they will be seen with their eyes closed, as if they are sleeping. In New Horizons, this will result in dreaming (if the player has a Nintendo Online Subscription).


Lamps, also called lights, can be used to light up the room when turned on.  Lamps also affect the appearance of the house from the outside. If all lights in the house are off, the house will have no lights shining through the window, and vice versa.

In most games, the player must press the A button when next to a lamp to turn it on or off. In Animal Crossing, the Z button is the action button.


Storage Case (New Leaf)

Storage Units are used to store items the player has in their inventory. Storage units replace the basement from Animal Crossing. Storage units take on the appearance of typical items of furniture, such as dressers, wardrobes, cupboards, cabinets, and refrigerators. Each unit can hold up to 90 items in Wild World, 160 items in City Folk, and 180 items in New Leaf.

A player obtaining a Ranch Chair from Tank's storage unit.

If visiting a villager's home, the player can open a storage unit. They cannot access any items, however the player will make a comment about what they may see, and sometimes even find items which will be given to the player by the villager who owns the house (in New Leaf).

Some closets can have items placed on them (see Tables), while others don't.

In New Horizons, storage units are referred to as Storage Sheds, a new houseware item introduced in the 2.0 Free Update. Once placed on the island, the player can access their house storage to either put items in or items out, serving as a semi-replacement for Tortimer and Wilbur on Harv's Island. The DIY is obtained from Tom Nook after completing the Dream House objective and upgrading the player's storage at least once.

After that, the Storage Shed is purchasable from the Nook Miles Redemption for 6,000 Nook Miles.


Clocks can be placed to show the current time and operate as real time passes. Some clocks chime on the hour.


Televisions can be activated by pressing the action button while standing in front of them. There is a different program for each hour in the game, although the player cannot change the channel. The Weather is shown on the television, and can indicate the weather for the next day. A little Easter egg that requires the television is that every week on Monday and Sunday at 3:33 AM, the currently playing program is cut off and an alien message will be shown for 1 minute, until it becomes 3:34 AM.


Tables are, together with storage units, the only item of furniture which allow for other items of furniture to share the same space on a square. There are many different sized tables in the game, and they can hold decorations, fruit and flowers.


There are many different types of decorations, including paintings, plants, musical instruments, trophies, models, vases, dolls, and other miscellaneous items. Many hold important high Feng Shui values, and add to the character of the room, with some having animations such as the fireplace.


Stereos, and other music players, are used to play any of K.K. Slider's songs that the player may have received after listening to his shows. They operate similar to televisions in that they can be turned on and off using the action button. Only one song, played on a loop, can be played in a room. Some stereos affect the quality of the music.


Some collectables can become furniture when placed inside the house. Fish, bugs, and shells can be placed inside. Fish appear inside fish tanks, while bugs appear in cages. Pictures, which first appeared in Wild World, and later returned in New Leaf, can be obtained by villagers. When the player interacts with it, they will read out the villager's favorite quote, along with their birthday and star sign.

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