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The Game Boy Advance featured remixes of several songs from the GameCube version of Animal Crossing.

Hourly Themes
Midnight 2 A.M. 5 A.M.
6 A.M. 7 A.M. 8 A.M.
9 A.M. 10 A.M. 11 A.M.
Noon 1 P.M. 3 P.M.
4 P.M. 6 P.M. 7 P.M.
8 P.M. 10 P.M.
Nook's Cranny theme Nook 'n' Go Nookway
Nookington's Able Sisters Tune (Mabel) Able Sisters Tune (Sable)
Museum Theme Post Office (Pelly) Post Office (Phyllis)
Animal Island Redd's Tent Katrina's Tent
Sports Fair - Foot Race Sports Fair - Tug O' War Fireworks Festival
Halloween Theme Toy Day Theme
Title Theme Saving Tune Animal Island Title
Working for Tom Nook I'm Done Working! I'm Debt Free!
K.K. Song Drumroll SFX Cymbal SFX