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Gar Gallery

"I caught a gar! Yar! It's a gar! Har har!" —New Horizons

The uncommon gar acts as a nighttime counterpart to the giant snakehead. It sells for 6,000 Bells. It appears in late summer from 4 PM to 9 AM. It is also the most valuable river pool fish.

Donation to the museum

When placed in the museum, the gar shares a tank with the arapaima. This means it is in the middle tank in Wild World, and the middle-right tank City Folk.

In Wild World

"<Player>, if you plan to raise a gar at home, I have some crucial advice. You must be very careful not to overfeed it! These brutes grow much faster than you might suspect, eh wot? Before you know it, it could be bigger than you can handle! The horror!"

In City Folk

"Hoo, I daresay you've really fished a winner this time, my dear owlet! Gar can grow to massive sizes--up to 120 inches! Let's hope this new addition to our museum can grow to an equally enormous size..."

In New Leaf

After donating a Gar, the sign in the museum reads:

"Their long faces and large mouths make them look like alligators. Some can grow up to three yards. They are ancient fish that haven't changed since they first appeared millions of years ago. They breathe not only through gills, but also by sticking their mouths above the surface of the water. Gar eggs are poisonous, so people all over the world are advised not to eat them -- no exceptions."

In New Horizons

Upon donation or selecting "Tell me about this!", Blathers the curator will say:

"Hoo hoo! So you have snagged a gar. Did you know this beastly fish can grow up to nine feet long? Indeed, the gar is a remnant of times long past—a living fossil, if you will. It not only has sharp teeth and armor-like scales...it has the ability to take breaths of air as well! Ah, to look upon this unusual fish is to get a glimpse of our prehistoric past."

Capture quotes

"I caught a gar! Nose like a GARden hose!" —Wild World
"I caught a gar! Gar har har HAAAAR!" —City Folk
"I caught a gar! It ain't gettin' too far!" —New Leaf
"I caught a gar! Yar! It's a gar! Har har!" —New Horizons

Encyclopedia information

Wild World

Encyclopedia Information
Gar (Wild World).png "They resemble alligators, and are so large, they can even eat waterfowl."
Size 6.2 feet
Habitat River Pools
Season Summer
Icon Gar (Wild World icon).png

City Folk

Encyclopedia Information
Gar (City Folk).png
"These ancient, huge, alligator-like fish have been known to eat waterfowl"
Size About 76 inches.
Habitat River Pools
Season Summer-Fall

New Leaf

Encyclopedia Information
Gar encyclopedia (New Leaf).jpg
"I caught a gar! It ain't gettin' too far!"
Size About 76 inches
Habitat River Pools
Season Summer-Fall

New Horizons

Encyclopedia Information
"I caught a gar! Yar! It's a gar! Har har!"
Habitat Pond
Months active (north) June to September
Months active (south) Unknown

Further information

Main article: Gar on Wikipedia

An alligator gar in real life.

The alligator gar can be caught up to twelve feet in length (about 4 meters). Its scales are diamond-shaped and are sometimes used for jewelry. Gar are similar to pike in that they can be very voracious predators. The word Gar is an Old English word for spear.

In other languages

Language Name
Japan Japanese ガー
France French Gar
Spain Spanish Pez caimán
Germany German Knochenhecht
Italy Italian Luccio
The Netherlands Dutch Kaaimansnoek
Russia Russian Панцирная щука Pancirnaya Shcuka
China Chinese 雀鳝/雀鱔 Quèshàn
South Korea Korean 가아 Gaa

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