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The Gardening Store is a new store in New Leaf. It is run by a sloth called Leif, who also makes his debut in New Leaf. The player can buy flowers, saplings, plant related furniture, and tools such as the watering can and axe.

The store opens five days after the player has created their town. The player must also pull weeds or plant flowers a combined total of 30 times. It will be constructed between the Nookling store in Main Street and the Able Sisters store and the player may have to wait from at least 1-5 days for the store to be built.

When Timmy and Tommy's store is upgraded to T.I.Y. store, the two stores will merge together into one building, with the gardening store on the right and the twins store on the left, a bit like the Able Sisters. When this happens, a weed pulling service will become available when talking to Leif, who will then be found pulling weeds around the town. Once the Home Center store has been upgraded to T&T Emporium, the Gardening Store becomes part of the Nookling Stores franchise.

Alternate theme[]

This is the theme the garden store has when merged with the Nookling Store T.I.Y. It's a mash up of the T.I.Y shop theme with elements of the gardening store theme.


When the Gardening Store first opens, there is a limited range of four items to buy in the store. These include two flowers, one sapling and one tool, either the watering can or axe.

However, during the course of the game when the Nookling store is upgraded, a wider selection of items will be available to buy from Leif.

Leif, the owner of the Gardening Shop

When the store is merged into the Home Center store, the player will be able to buy two bushes a day and a plant that can be put inside the player's house on top of the previously stocked items. When the store is fully integrated into the T&T Emporium store, Bamboo or Persimmon is made available, as well as the option to buy Fertilizer and both the watering can and axe at one time.


Weed-pulling service[]

After the Gardening Store has merged with T.I.Y, Leif will offer the player a weed-pulling service, in which the player can pay him to pick weeds in the town. The prices are as follows:

  • 30 - 99 weeds = 10,000 Bells
  • 100 - 199 weeds = 20,000 Bells
  • 200 - 299 weeds = 30,000 Bells
  • 300 - 499 weeds = 50,000 Bells
  • 500+ weeds = 100,000 Bells

As such, it is advised not to wait too long before asking Leif for the weed-pulling service, as the ratio of weed-to-bell increases dramatically once the town has at least 300 weeds. This service can be combined with the Beautiful Town ordinance to easily maintain perfect town status as the decreased number of weeds already being pulled by Leif will result in virtually no weeds appearing in the town.


In other languages[]

Gardening Store
Language Name Translation
Spain Spanish Tienda de jardinería -
South Korea Korean 원예점 -