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NH-Getaway Package Sign

The Getaway Package, or Deserted Island Getaway Package, is a travel package to a Deserted Island provided by Nook Inc. that is the catalyst for New Horizons. Timmy and Tommy send the player to the island via plane after setting up their profile.

The package costs 49,800 Bells and includes airfare, accommodations (the player's tent as well as access to Resident Services), labor, tax, and a NookPhone. Since the player arrives on the island without any Bells on hand, however, Tom Nook allows them to pay off their debt with a lump sum of 5,000 Nook Miles. Once the Getaway Package bill is paid, the player is free to enjoy a life of leisure, but Tom Nook offers to upgrade the player from a tent to a house and lets them to take out a zero-interest loan for the construction costs.

Initially, the Getaway Package is booked by the player and two accompanying villagers: one that always has a jock personality, and one that always has a sisterly personality. As buzz about the island grows, Tom Nook will ask the player to set up and provide furniture for three housing plots for three villagers (always guaranteed to be peppy, lazy, and normal) so that he can offer an enhanced Getaway Package to customers. Later, the player can build a campsite and purchase five additional housing plots for 10,000 Bells apiece, marking the island's transition from wilderness vacation site to thriving town.