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The Giraffe stag (ギラファノコギリクワガタ, Girafanogirikuwagata) is a bug that first appeared in New Horizons.

In Pocket Camp, the bug was temporarily available during the All Together Now! Horned Dynastid vs. Stag Beetle event in August 2020.

Because of its rarity, high selling price, and difficulty to catch (as it is the most timid of all the beetles, which are already notoriously timid and easy to scare off), it is often seen by the community as one of the most difficult bug to capture. Extremely careful creeping techniques are required to successfully catch a giraffe stag.

Donation to the museum[]

In New Horizons[]

When either donating to the museum or selecting "Tell me more about this!", Blathers the curator will say (with abhorrence):

"The giraffe stag beetle is a bug of preposterous proportions. Not only is its body rather large, it has two long, jagged jaws that can put it over five inches in size! The giraffe stag beetle's long jaws have been compared to the long neck of the giraffe...hence the name. But I say such comparisons are a stretch. Giraffe necks are NOT lined with spikes! If I were a giraffe, I would protest."

Capture quotes[]

"I caught a giraffe stag! Does that make it a longhorn?" —New Horizons

Encyclopedia information[]

New Horizons[]

Encyclopedia Information
Giraffe stag nh
"I caught a giraffe stag! Does that make it a longhorn?""
Current Active Hours 5pm to 8am
Months active (north) July to August
Months active (south) January to February

Further information[]

Main article: Giraffe Stag on Wikipedia

The giraffe stag beetle is one of the largest of the stag beetles. Males are highly territorial and will fight over their territories. Like all stag beetles they eat rotten wood. This species is found throughout southern Asia; from India to the islands of Indonesia, you can sort the subspecies by observing the mandibles. Prosopocoilus Giraffa Keisukei is the largest subspecies, Prosopocoilus Giraffa Daisukei has the brightest elytra , Prosopocilus Giraffa Giraffa is the smallest subspecies and is endemic to the whole southeast Asia.

In other languages[]

Giraffe stag
Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese ギラファノコギリクワガタ Girafa no kogiri kuwagata -
France French Lucane girafe -
Spain Spanish Escarabajo ciervo jirafa -
Germany German Giraffenhirschkäfer -
Italy Italian Coleottero giraffa -
The Netherlands Dutch Girafhertkever -
China Chinese 长颈鹿锯锹形虫/長頸鹿鋸鍬形蟲 Chángjǐnglùjùqiāoxíngchóng -
South Korea Korean 기라파톱사슴벌레 Girapatopsaseumbeolle -

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