Animal Crossing Wiki

Watering Can Glitch[]

  1. Purchase or equip a watering can.
  2. Use the water can anywhere in the village.
  3. While the watering can is in use, pause the game using the HOME button and then re-enter the game.
  4. The watering can sound effects will stop playing.

Stuck Inside The Villager Glitch[]

To perform the glitch the player must have a villager in their town with a chair one walk-able space away from a solid object. Then the player must push the villager in the space between the chair and the solid object. The player must sit on the chair, and then get off the chair on the side where the villager is standing.

Villager glitch

Two outcomes are possible:

  1. The villager will just move out of the way, or
  2. If the villager is standing in just the right place, the player will go through the villager.

If the villager moves out of the way, just keep trying again. The glitch ends when the villager/player walks away.

A video performing the glitch