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Current glitches

Ranchu goldfish placement bug

The Ranchu goldfish cannot be placed on top of other furniture.

Fish bait item deletion glitch

If someone leaves or arrives at the island the player is currently on whilst the fish bait animation is playing, all of the items in their inventory will disappear.

NookPhone friends app notification bug

The friends app on the NookPhone will give off notifications seemingly randomly, even if the Nintendo Switch is not connected to the internet.

Ghost stereo bug

Picking up a stereo while it's playing music leaves the area in a state that can cause villagers to get stuck in a loop attempting to sing. Villagers function as normal outside of being stuck in a loop of starting and stopping to sing. This can be fixed by dropping a music player next to the villager, then starting and stopping the music before picking it up.

Fixed glitches

Furniture rotation duplication

This bug was fixed in version 1.1.1.

During local co-op play, if one player rotated a furniture piece or any item that can be placed (including bugs and fish), and another player grabbed it shortly after the rotation animation finished, said item would be duplicated and appear twice: once in the player's inventory and once in its original spot. This could be used to gain large amounts of bells, especially when duplicating items with large selling value like the Nintendo Switch, Crown, or rare bugs/fish.

Glitched land plots

This bug was fixed in version 1.1.2a.

Adopting a villager that has been forced out via a campsite visitor (ie. amiibo) from a town could result in a glitched land plot, where when interacting with the SOLD sign, it reads the text as normal but missing the villager's name. A villager will not move into this plot; it is glitched forever.

Tom Nook refusing to invite more villagers glitch

This bug was fixed in version 1.1.2a.

A bug where Tom Nook would refuse to invite new villagers to the island, even though there was space on the island for more plots.

Mystery tour tool price bug

This bug was fixed in version 1.1.2a.

When buying tools from Wilbur while on a mystery tour, the tool will cost both 100 Nook Miles and 800 Bells, though only the former is stated. It is possible that tools are meant to cost both Bells and Nook Miles, but this is not stated by the game.

Unable to relocate house after deleting a player glitch

This bug was fixed in version 1.1.2a.

Under certain circumstances, players would not be able to relocate buildings after deleting a player.

Balloons stop spawning glitch

This bug was fixed in version 1.1.3a.

After the player shoots down 300 balloons and achieves the Nook Miles reward for doing so, balloons will stop spawning for that player. Other players on the same console will still receive balloons, until they also reach 300.

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