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NB: In the Welcome amiibo update, some (if not all) of these glitches have been rectified or removed, such as the net glitch.

Duplication Glitch

Duplicated tools and DLC.

To perform the glitch, the player must bring the desired items to another town, and place them on the ground. They must be the last person to enter the town and must not save once the items are dropped. Then, the host should end the session. While the game is loading up the player's town, the wireless switch on the 3DS must be switched off. Timing depends on the strength of the Internet connection. If timed correctly, the player will have the items in their inventory, and the other person will have the items still on the ground.

A video performing the glitch.

*This depends on the Internet connection. If the players both have faster connections, the wireless switch must be toggled off when the loading wheel hits the bottom the first time.

Infinite Multiplication Bug

There's no known English source on how to perform this glitch, but Japanese explanations are available here, and here.

The glitch can still be performed in the Japanese version even if Animal Crossing: New Leaf has received any update data because the update data can be removed if preferred. The glitch also requires update compatibility between the host and a visitor of the session as follows (this is only a rough translation):

The English version of the game cannot use the glitch because the game automatically comes with the Japanese update v1.1, which cannot be removed.

Not yet updated×Not yet updated → Can perform glitch via Local Wireless only.
Not yet updated×Already updated → Cannot perform glitch.
Updated already×Updated already → Can perform glitch via both Internet and Local Wireless.

It appears the glitch takes place between patterns, and must be done by somehow getting the player's character to stop reacting normally to the ground (such as digging and covering holes). The patterns appear to have to be placed in a specific area with trees (probably fruit), of which there are two possible combinations:

■ = Designs
□ = Tree

Pattern 1 ↓

■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■
■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■
□ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □
■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■
■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■

Pattern 2 ↓

■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■
■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■
■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■
■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■
■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■

Designs may be substituted for items if the player is on an area where designs cannot be used, such as the island. However, all spaces must be filled with items if the glitch is performed on an island. Most likely the glitch is done by placing patterns on the ground with one character, then using another character to "kick" the patterns that don't belong to them. The glitch requires a shovel and the item to be duplicated.

There is also a single player variant that involves using a neighbor's house after they move away found here.

A singleplayer island variant can be found here, if the player does not want to change their town. This version cannot be performed if update data has been received.

There is also a single player variant (shown here).

Vanishing Fruit Glitch

The other two apples have vanished on this fruit tree

Occasionally, some fruit trees may appear with less than three fruits on a tree. Also, when the player shakes a tree in an area taken up by flowers/custom designs, the fruit disappears as soon as it hits the taken tile.

Infinite Fleas Glitch

When a villager is visibly stalking an insect with a net in New Leaf, if a flea is present on them, it can be caught an infinite number of times by the player until they stop creeping.

Infinite Bug Glitch

Using this glitch, the player can catch an infinite amount of bugs on the beach and walk underneath the world. To perform this glitch, the player will need:

  • Any tool or item that will allow glitching into something (the tweeter, the beans)
  • Any net

Any number of players can perform this glitch. Steps:

  1. Glitch onto the train tracks
  2. Go to the top of the stairs
  3. Glitch above the invisible wall there
  4. Run north until the player can't anymore
  5. Glitch into the wall there
  6. The player will fall into the bottom of the town into the water, but will appear to be in a blank area. To see where the player is in the town, use a tool (like the net). Go to the nearest beach.
  7. Use the net to catch a bug
  8. Use the net again anywhere to catch the bug repeatedly until the player's pockets are full
  9. Save and continue to return to normal
  10. Sell the bugs at Re-Tail

A video performing the glitch.

Out-of-Boundaries Glitch 1

This glitch can only be performed in multiplayer. It allows the player to walk outside most boundaries, including rivers and buildings. For a player to perform it, a player must get a Tweeter (obtained from StreetPass at the HHA), have another player in their town, and follow these steps:

1. The player must find an area desired to walk on (cliffs, rivers, houses, etc.).

2. The player with the tweeter* faces an empty area (Or the other player).

3. Have the player with the tweeter repeatedly press the "A" button on the 3DS, while the other player runs into them.

4. Once the other player cannot push the player with the tweeter anymore. The player can move into the glitched area.

*If the player has throwing beans it can be substituted as the tweeter. As of the Welcome amiibo update, this glitch has been patched.

A video performing the glitch.

Click "show" to view the gallery

Player swimming in the ocean without a wet suit after using the Out of bounds glitch.

Out-of-Boundaries Glitch 2

The position to perform the walk in water glitch.

This glitch can be performed even when only one player is present. When a player finds a diagonal part of a river, they can dig holes in a specific manner, as shown in the picture, the player must run towards the river wearing a King Tut Mask (or on a day where the player has bad luck) until the player eventually trips and falls into the river. This lets the player walk in the river. However, the effects of the glitch are reverted if the player walks too close to the bridges or the edges of the river. The player can fish while standing in the river. While in the river, the player may walk into the top ocean waterfall. This will allow the player to walk on the cliff above the town. The player can only get back down if they have a wet suit, as they will be able to jump back in the ocean. If the player attempts to dig holes on a cliff, they will swim in the ocean without needing a swimsuit. As of version 1.5, however, this glitch can no longer be attempted.

Standing in the waterfall

A video performing the glitch.

Out-of-Boundaries Glitch 3

This glitch allows the player to walk on top of the walls inside one's own house.

Requirements for the glitch: one four-spaced piece of furniture and one any sized piece of furniture.

To perform the glitch, the player must first place the character exactly one space and a half away from the house's entrance area. After that, the player must turn left and drop a piece of furniture. And just a little after the leaf hits the ground, a four-spaced piece of furniture must be dropped. After that, what should happen is, the player should not get pushed out of the piece of furniture that has just been dropped, making the player able to pass through the piece of furniture by walking down if the character was deep enough inside of it at the time. When the character is inside of the piece of furniture, the player must start walking toward one of the corners next to the entrance area. Once the player starts walking toward one of the corners, the player should start to merge with it. If the player walks toward one of the corners at the right angle, the player should teleport on top of the walls in the house.

Out-of-Boundaries Glitch 4

This requires 2 or more players:

To do this glitch the player and their visitor(s) go to the campground at night then the host pushes a player in the campfire then the pushed player mashes the A button then the host will save then the pushed player will faint.

Bench Glitch

A player inside the stump from the bench glitch.

The player takes a seat on a bench or tree stump while a mosquito is chasing after them. With the mosquito hovering around them, the player uses one of Dr. Shrunk's emotions. Once the mosquito bites them, they will perform the itchy animation thus causing them to stand on the seat.

This happens because when the player sits somewhere in the town, they cannot be bitten by mosquitoes. However, when an emotion is used while the mosquito is near the player, there is a split second of vulnerability.

When performed on a bench, the player will stand on top and can walk off anytime, but when performed on a tree stump, the player will stand inside of the stump. Walking out of it will result in the game temporarily lagging when trying to sit on the stump again, and the player will not be able to sit on it. To get rid of this, simply enter and exit a building and the glitch ends.

Metallic Furniture Catalog Glitch

A furniture that was supposed to be colored silver, but instead colored red

Sometimes, when highlighting a furniture with a metallic shiny surface in the catalog, it may show a weird coloring (pictured). When highlighting another item and going back to the metallic shiny furniture, it will return to normal. Continuation of this will lead to different results.

Net glitch

Net glitch.jpg

If the player stands in front of a wall or object, the player can go through (or over) the wall while holding a net by holding A. The player must walk as slowly as they can towards a wall/object until eventually the player reaches the other side. Any change in pace will disrupt the process. However, if the A button is released and held again during the glitch, the player will still move if the circle pad is still held down in the same place. The glitch won't work on trees, rocks, dug holes, and villagers. This glitch can be applied at every spot that the tweeter glitch can be applied to.

A video performing the glitch.

Menu Glitch

The player performing the glitch on the roof of Shampoodle

If the player uses the Out-of-Bounds Glitch 1 to walk on the buildings of Main Street, the menu bar on the bottom screen will appear at the bottom of the top screen.

A video performing the glitch.

Villager Glitch

A villager stuck on a cliff.

If the player builds a Public Works Project near to the town's cliffs, during the completion celebration, a villager may be present celebrating on top of the town's cliff.

Stump Glitch

Two Players on one stump on the island

If a player were to sit on a stump then another were to save, the second player will be able to sit on the same stump. Once the first player has gotten off, they cannot get back on.This glitch can also be performed on a rock.

Endless Villager Clapping Glitch

If the player uses the Bench glitch when a villager is present nearby and uses an emotion which may cause the villager to clap (such as Showmanship), if the villager is clapping when the player gets bitten, they will clap infinitely until the player talks to them, performs another clap-enforcing emotion or exits the glitch (by entering and exiting a building).

"Sell Me My Dream" Glitch

When a Jock villager asks the player to sell them their dream, the player will tell them to name their price. The price they set will be lower than what they actually pay. They never mention that they're being generous, so it's safe to assume that this is actually an item price percentage glitch in the game.

A Tumblr post showing the glitch

Running Animation Glitch

This glitch must be done in multiplayer. If one player enters their inventory and the other runs against an obstacle in one direction, the running animation will show up as a walking animation on the first player's screen.

Isabelle On The Beach Glitch

When doing a Public Works Project, go to a cliff, dig up two holes using a Shovel, and bury something on one hole and push Isabelle at the corner between the hole and the item. Then dig up the item on the hole. After that, Isabelle will be stuck between the cliff and the air. Then, run to her and when touched, talk to her quickly. If done correctly, Isabelle will fall off the cliff and land to the beach. However, the player will not exit the project placing cut scene until they save and quit.

A video performing the glitch


Invisible Shovel Glitch

There is no known method on how to activate this glitch, but doing so effectively makes the shovel's model invisible.

Origin of the picture

Floating Present Glitch

Sometimes when the player delivers a present to a villager, if they use a Dr. Shrunk emotion (eg. Clapping) the present will be floating.

Wrong Direction Glitch

If the player talks to Blathers or Celeste while they're yawning and about to go to sleep, they will be facing straight ahead instead of looking in the player’s direction.

A video performing the glitch.

Throwing Nothing Glitch

Sometimes, if Harvey is feeding the birds in the Campground, the beans will appear to be coming out of nowhere, although he performs an action to suggest that he is holding something. He will still give the player the normal beans when repeatedly spoken to.

Net Glitch #2

If the player digs a hole or is next to a stump, you can rely on support from the hole/stump, and go out of the boundaries. This glitch only applies to boundaries where it is possible to put these objects. Therefore, it is limited unlike the original net glitch.

Video of a player performing the glitch.

Random Villagers in Main Street Glitch

There is a very rare chance that a random villager could be placed inside of Main Street instead of another villager who was supposed to be placed there. This most likely could be due to a worn down or used cartridge. This glitch can only be performed when a villager moves out.

Campground Void Glitch

By doing the net glitch on the tree stump in the campground you can get to the ledge where the trees are. You then head over to the yellow flower and run into the tree that is in front of you until you vibrate then are next to the tree. You now need either bad luck or the king tut mask. Once you have at least one of those (you should put them on before you run into the tree) you should continue running but slowly move to start facing the tree. Do this until you trip. When you trip you will be put under the map. Everything after this is not really documented and still needs to be tested.

Video of the glitch