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Music Glitch[]

This glitch can be done only in Wild World. First, place two stereos in two different rooms, which means some mortgage may have to be paid to acquire more than one room. Next, have both stereos play the same music. Then, take out the song in one stereo. The other stereo will still play the music. If the music list is seen, no song will be highlighted in orange. If the player tries to change the song, the same song will keep playing. If the player goes anywhere outside of their house, no music at all will play, only sound effects. This glitch can be reversed by resetting the game.

Duplication Glitch[]

If a player sets down any walk-through item in their house (bells, tools, paper, etc.) by their feet, then sets down any walk-through item and a cardboard box after it very quickly, the game will act as if no item is on the box, but will show the item on the box. The player then can set down any walk-through item on the box. They can pick it up once from the corner, then can push the box and pick it up again. Whatever was on the box in the first place will be gone.

A video performing the glitch.

Sad Villager Voice Glitch[]

Sometimes when a villager is sad, their voice keeps getting lower and lower until they calm down or if the player talks to them enough while they're sad. Before the update, this would also happen in New Leaf.

De-synchronized clock glitches[]

If the clock settings of the DS and in-game clock are not the same, many glitches will occur that are unfavorable for the player. Joan will never sell red turnip seeds, and it will become impossible to make a profit on white turnips because the prices will always be on the 'constantly decreasing' pattern at Nook's. Gracie will never give out rare clothing no matter how much money the player gives her. It is also possible to have a stuck letter in the mail which prevents catalog ordering. These 'glitches' may actually be intentional side-effects implemented to discourage the player from time traveling. Synchronizing the two time settings is the only way to resolve these issues.