The Golden Axe Trading Event is an unofficially named event in Wild World, which involves trading various items to different special characters. One of which is the rare Golden Axe, a tool which can be used to cut down trees without the risk of breaking it. Depending on what items the player receives from the characters, however, they may end up getting Tom Nook's picture, K.K. Slider's picture, or Pascal's picture instead of the Golden Axe.

Unlike other games' Trading Events, this can be repeated as many times as wanted in order to obtain all pictures, plus the Axe.

Trading for the Golden Axe

Below are steps in which to obtain the Golden Axe.

  1. Buy a red turnip seed from Joan and plant it. This can be time-consuming because she is sometimes out of stock. (After 8AM) **Keep in mind, turnips are time-skip sensitive, and will wilt after a day change via manual clock adjustments. Yes, even if they are watered.
  2. When Wendell comes to visit the town, talk to him with the unearthed red turnip ready. It doesn't matter whether the red turnip is fully grown yet or not. Pick the choice "grow up," then talk to him again. This time, give him the red turnip. This increases the chance of getting a turban. If the player gets a turban, go onto next, if the player gets country guitar, go onto B. don't sell the turban though, because it can't be bought in the catalog or Able Sisters'.
  3. Give the turban to Saharah. Don't give her the turban the first time. When she is done talking, immediately talk to her again, increasing the chances of retrieving a massage chair. If the player gets red vase, go to A. If the player gets the massage chair, go to step 4.
  4. Give the massage chair to Tortimer, who will give the player the scallop.
  5. Give the scallop to Pascal when he pays the town a visit. He will either give the player the Golden Axe or his picture.

Other Items

  • A. Give the red vase to Redd, who will give the player a safe. Give the safe to Tom Nook to obtain his picture. (The safe can be purchased from the catalog, which can then be exchanged for multiple pictures).
  • B. Give the Country Guitar to K.K. Slider, who will give the player his picture. (The player can also buy the country guitar in the catalog for 1,700 Bells).
  • Also there is a shortcut easy to do as listed: Once the player has obtained the massage chair from Saharah, it will then automatically appear in the catalog, thus allowing the Player to rebuy it and give it to Tortimer as many times as desired.
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