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Goliath beetle Gallery

"I caught a goliath beetle! Hah! He doesn't look so big." —New Leaf

The goliath beetle (ゴライアスオオツノハナムグリ, Goraiasuootsunohanamuguri?) is a bug found on palm trees during the summer months in the evening. It sells for a price of 8,000 Bells (12,000 Bells if sold to Flick) and is marginally more common than other palm tree beetles.

They are the least skittish of the palm tree beetles. The player can easily approach one at full walk speed and snatch it with a net, but lingering around at full walk speed will eventually scare it away.

Donation to the museum[]

Upon donation to the Museum, Blathers the curator will say:

In Wild World[]

"Horned beetles are said to be the largest of the beetle families, wot? Indeed, in some regions, this is the largest beetle on record. It certainly has the largest repulsiveness quota. Hardly something to brag about..."

After donation, the goliath beetle can be found at the top of the palm tree on the right in the exhibit on the left of the first room of the bug area.

In City Folk[]

"Goliath beetles are a variety of fruit beetle with a very long scientific name. As stands to reason, given their name, these beetles are incredibly strong. Beyond that morsel of knowledge, I know little, because they utterly REPULSE me..."

It can be found in the middle terrace on the lonely palm tree to the right of the exhibit.

In New Leaf[]


A goliath beetle in New Leaf.

In New Leaf an information board in the bug exhibit will list information about this bug.

"Goliath beetles, named after the legendary giant, are among the largest insects in the world. The larvae can weigh four ounces or more. Once mature, they are only half that weight, however. They spend their days flying from tree to tree to feed on tree sap or fruits."

In New Horizons[]

When either donating to the museum or selecting "Tell me more about this!", Blathers the curator will say (with abhorrence):

"Hoo! Ewww! The goliath beetle is a colossal creature that can grow up to four-inches long. Yes, they love to sup on sap and pollen, and frolic among the flowers. But did you know, the goliath beetle has a horn upon its head that it uses to fight its foes? And picture this... Each one of this behemoth's legs ends in pincers! Deep...calming...breaths..."

Capture quotes[]

"I caught a goliath beetle! It's... GOLIATH!" —Wild World
"I caught a goliath beetle! GOOOOOOOOOLIATH!" —City Folk
"I caught a goliath beetle! Hah! He doesn't look so big." —New Leaf
"I caught a goliath beetle! Am I a legend or what?" —New Horizons

Encyclopedia information[]

Wild World[]

Encyclopedia Information
Goliath beetle (Wild World) "The largest of its kind, they're also good fliers."
Size 11 cm
Time Warm nights
Season Summer
Icon Goliath beetle (Wild World icon)

City Folk[]

Encyclopedia Information
Goliath Beetle (City Folk)
"The largest of its kind in the world, these can fly like birds."
Size About 10 cm
Time Night-Morning
Season Summer

New Leaf[]

Encyclopedia Information
Goliath beetle encyclopedia (New Leaf)
"I caught a goliath beetle! Hah! He doesn't look so big."
Size 119 mm
Time Night-Morning
Season Summer

New Horizons[]



  • The Goliath Beetle's New Horizons capture quote alludes to the legend of David and Goliath.

Further information[]


A Goliath Beetle

Goliathus goliatus, also known as Goliathus giganteus, and the other five members of the genus Goliathus are all native to Africa, primarily around the equatorial tropics. Unlike other scarab beetles in the subfamily of Cetoniinae (the flower scarabs), it requires a high protein diet as a larva. In captivity the larvae are best raised on cat or dog food alongside dried leaves. Like its relatives, adults prefer to feed on sugar-rich fluids like tree sap and the juice from fruits. As in other horned scarabaeid beetles, only the males possess the tiny horns. Additionally, females have shorter, rectangular heads.

In other languages[]

Goliath beetle
Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese ゴライアスオオツノハナムグリ Goraiasuōtsunohanamuguri -
France French Scarabée Goliath -
Spain Spanish Goliat -
Germany German Goliathkäfer -
Italy Italian Scarabeo Golia -
The Netherlands Dutch Goliathkever -
Russia Russian Жук-голиаф Zhuk-goliaf -
China Chinese 歌利亚大角花金龟/歌利亞大角花金龜 Gēlìyàdàjiǎohuājīnguī -
South Korea Korean 골리앗왕꽃무지 Golliaswangkkonmuji -

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