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That Gracie. She was such a free spirit. She's got a real wild streak, that one, hm?
― Tom Nook, New Leaf
Gracie (グレース, Gurēsu?, Grace) is a celebrity fashion designer in the Animal Crossing series who occasionally passes through the undeveloped towns of the country, impacting the lives of fashion-conscious villagers. As a giraffe, Gracie is very tall compared to the player. Gracie is the "number one name" in fashion in the Animal Crossing universe, and has no known rivals. Gracie is a male in the original Japanese version of the game, Animal Forest.

Gracie is the face of Ms. Nintendique, but it is unknown if Gracie is connected with Fauna Magazine as well. Snooty villagers will sometimes call her outfits "trash" and her car a rusty heap, disgusted at the motives and ideals of Gracie's style. Gracie has appeared in every Animal Crossing series game to date aside from New Horizons (though she might appear later), but was not featured in the film adaptation, Dōbutsu no Mori.


Gracie is a pale yellow giraffe with dark brown hooves and brown spots on her fur. She has short brown hair, and indigo eyeshadow. She wears a purple scarf around her neck and brown fishnet pantyhose on her legs.

One of Gracie's most notable pieces of clothing is her tank shirt. The shirt has her personal design consisting of a blue fill and two circles colored green and orange. This is also used in all of Gracie's furniture involving cloth.

In New Leaf, Gracie wears round rimmed shades on her forehead that are colored the same as her signature tank top, although her appearance stays the same other than her new glasses.


Gracie (GCN)

Gracie is highly pampered and it can be assumed that Gracie lives a glamorous lifestyle. Gracie drives an expensive looking car, which is the only personal vehicle to appear in the games so far (besides the RVs in New Leaf Welcome Amiibo). Gracie speaks in an abrupt manner, and is often blunt and brutally honest when sharing her opinions.

Whenever Gracie's car becomes dirty, Gracie demands a nearby villager cleans it up. Gracie is often thought of as bossy and arrogant amongst the villagers but will reward those who help or happen to strike the right fashion style.

Professional Life

Gracie's Fashion Line

Gracie works in the fashion industry. Gracie's designs are so well known that the name "Gracie" is synonymous with fashion (and, naturally, the magazine she stars in). However, rather than be intimidated by the city, Gracie has used the hustle and bustle to become famous. She owns a store in the city in City Folk and in T&T Emporium in New Leaf.

In Animal Crossing


Washing Gracie's Car in Animal Forest e+.

In the GCN games, Gracie will appear on a random week day. The player must wash Gracie's Car by quickly tapping "A". If the car isn't washed enough the player will not receive a reward. If the car is somewhat clean (indicated by small sparkles), the player will receive a normal shirt. If the car sparkles and shines, the player will obtain a special Gracie brand shirt.

An odd coincidence that occurs is that every time Copper and Booker hold a Bust Illegal Parkers campaign, Gracie appears.

In Wild World

Hm... I don't remember how long ago it was, but a fancy car rolled up here...
― Booker, Wild World
In Wild World, Gracie will come on a random weekday by car on the same spot Redd sets up his tent. Gracie will make a quiz for the player, and will then give them a letter with clothing attached. If talked to enough, Gracie will ask the player to make an offer (in Bells) on how badly they want to achieve style. The player will not be able to obtain anything else from Gracie after they have both completed the quiz and received the style until the next time Gracie visits.

In City Folk


Gracie owns her own store called "GracieGrace". The only other known staff member is Labelle. Here she sells unique furniture, shirts, and accessories at high prices.

Gracie will appear in this store during the first day of every month, and sometimes at other dates. Gracie offers judgements of the player's fashion sense. The items considered are the player's clothes, accessories, haircut, hair color, and shoes. However, if wearing a helmet the hair style is not considered. If the player wears a wig, the color of the wig is considered rather than the hairstyle. Below is a guide to pass her 'fashion checks'.


  • Wear at least one accessory (hat, wig, helmet, glasses, mask, etc.)
  • Choose a haircut that matches the style of the shirt currently worn.
  • Wear shoes that match by color.


  • Have scattered colors or styles.
  • Have all items of the same color (e.g., don't wear all white)
  • Wear bedhead hair (if you do, try covering it with a wig or helmet)
  • Wear a Mii mask.
  • Wear an ensemble that succeeded the last time.

If the player's ensemble is sufficiently coordinated, Gracie will give a 10% discount on GracieGrace purchases while within the store, though it expires when exiting the store.

If the player is currently in the middle of learning about Labelle's past with the other Able sisters, then when Gracie appears in her store she usually talks about her problems rather than giving the player a fashion check. She will most likely mention Labelle when she does this, saying something like "For one, my young assistant, Labelle, is a mess. The poor thing lost yet another contest, and she’s been down on herself ever since."

In New Leaf

See also: Clothing Styles

Gracie giving the player a fashion challenge.

After the player has expanded the Nookling store in their town to  T.I.Y. and spent 70,000 bells or more there, Gracie will start to visit the town's Plaza on completely random days. However, she may rarely appear for some players, making it more difficult to get the T&T Emporium. But, if you know the exact date Gracie once came, there is a proven way to see her. Time travel to that day, save and quit, and time travel a day forward. Then save and quit again and time travel a day backwards. Gracie should appear at the event plaza. While in the plaza, she expresses an interest in opening a shop, but in order to do so Gracie must check if the fashion sense of the town's people meets her fashion standards.

Gracie will then give the player the chance to complete a fashion check. Gracie selects a style theme and will ask the player to dress appropriately for that theme. The Player can only pass the fashion check by wearing an outfit with most components matching the theme and no components clashing with the theme. If the fashion check is failed three times or it is not passed before midnight, the player will have to wait until Gracie's next visit to the town before they can ask for another check. However, if the player passes, they will receive a piece of furniture or clothing from Gracie's shop; depending on how well they scored in said fashion check (clothing is given for 'so-so' grades). After four successful fashion checks (whether the result is "so-so" or "exceptional" does not matter), Gracie will decide to open a shop in the town. Once T&T Emporium is built, Gracie's shop can be found on the third floor and fashion checks will no longer be available.

Effect on the Town

Whenever Gracie visits the town, the snooty female villagers take note. Occasionally, Gracie will create an outfit for villagers who do favors or pay money. As a result, Gracie’s designs have become coveted among female villagers. Peppy villagers sincerely hope that the reason they have not experienced much success in their performing careers is because they do not have fancy clothes, and see Gracie’s fashions as a way to correct the issue. The lazy villagers have been known to admit crushes on Gracie, as animals of beauty do not often visit the town. If the jocks wear one of the player's patterns in Wild World, they'll say something like, "Man, that's UNCANNY. Are you Gracie's apprentice, [catchphrase]?"


Ac A202 Screen Shot
Ac A202 bk
#202 Gracie
Gender Female
Type Special
Star sign Scorpio
Clothes N/A
Petphrase N/A
Password 4xNyT37a2TxgjE
Profile When it comes to sass, with a dash of class, Gracie reigns supreme. This fashion diva can spot style a mile away! Just steer clear of the wrong and of her fashion-o-meter, because she's not afraid to tell you what she thinks of your fashion sense!
Ac A202
201 Tommy #202 Gracie 203 Redd

amiibo Card

amiibo Card
Amiibo card back
#307 Gracie
Type Special
Star sign Scorpio
Birthday 11/14
Roll value 3
Hand sign Scissors
Request I'll leave it up to you!
Amiibo 307 Gracie
306 Tommy #307 Gracie 308 Leilani


Animal Crossing

Wild World

City Folk

New Leaf


  • Gracie and Saharah are the only characters to have their genders censored or changed when Animal Crossing was localized in other countries.
    • In the Japanese versions of games, Gracie is actually an effeminate male.
  • Copper is often shown to dislike Gracie's defiance of the law, though he does not leave his post to take any action.
  • Gracie is one of the tallest characters in Animal Crossing, due to the fact that she is a giraffe.
  • In Animal Forest e+, cranky villagers can quiz you on what Gracie's real name is. The correct answer is Nabenosuke (なべのすけ), which translates roughly to "saucy babe". This is likely a stab at her gender, as she is portrayed as an effeminate male in Japanese titles.
  • She has the voice of a snooty villager.
  • If the player catches a tire in Wild World, the blurb reads "Is this from Gracie's car?!".
  • Once Gracie has opened up shop with the expansion of T.I.Y. to T&T Emporium, Gracie will give the player a Mannequin upon their first purchase. 
  • In City Folk, if you wear a Mii mask for your fashion check, take it off, and talk to Gracie again, Gracie may allow you to redo the fashion check.
  • She shares her birthday with Pancetti. Both of them have a birthday on November 14th.

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