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Gracie in Animal Forest e+.

Gracie's car is the vehicle used by the fashion designer Gracie in the Animal Crossing series.

In Animal Forest and Animal Crossing[]

On days that Copper runs the B.I.P. Campaign, Gracie will park her car somewhere in town. This earlier version of Gracie's car is a red convertible with two leopard-print seats. Talking to her will cause her to complain how filthy her car got driving to the town and ask the player to wash it.

This task is performed by rapidly pressing "A". Depending on how quickly this task is performed, the player will be rewarded. If the player performs the task slowly and the car remains dirty, no reward will be given. If the car is cleaned moderately quickly, resulting in a sparkling car, Gracie will give the player a piece of normal clothing. If the car is cleaned quickly and has a waxed-like sheen as well as sparkling, the player will receive a piece of clothing from the Gracie collection.

In Wild World[]

In Wild World, Gracie will park in front of the Town Hall on weekdays at random. Her car is a little less showy, this time a dusty yellow soft-top convertible, although Booker still describes how 'a fancy car rolled up here'. The player is no longer required to wash it.



  • Gracie's car resembles a cabriolet 1967 Ferrari 330 GTC.
  • The Miniature Car Model is a small replica of Gracie's car as it appears in Animal Forest and Animal Crossing. It can only be acquired by male players, who must speak to Tortimer on Toy Day to receive it. In Wild World and New Leaf, the Miniature Car Model can be bought from Tom Nook's store (WW) or Timmy and Tommy's store (NL), still keeping its Animal Forest and Animal Crossing appearance.
    • In City Folk, it can be bought from the catalog only if the player has transferred the character from Wild World with that item listed in the catalog.
  • In Wild World, even if the player has never encountered Gracie, when Tires are fished out of the river or ocean a comment along the lines of "Is this from Gracie's car?" will be made.
  • The badge on the front of the Wild World car appears to be in the shape of a butterfly. It also resembles the icon placed on the side of the player's house in Animal Crossing once they have caught every type of bug.
  • In the Animal Forest+, the car is right-handed while in Animal Crossing and Animal Forest e+, the car is left-handed, while in Wild World she has a different car altogether and the inside cannot be seen. This game is made in Japan, which drives on the left side of the road, so the Japanese players would be more used to seeing a right hand drive car.
  • Her car looks similar to one in Pocket Camp.