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GracieGrace is a high-end furniture store in City Folk and New Leaf, owned by Gracie, the giraffe fashionista. It is located in the city in City Folk, where it is run by the estranged Able sister, Labelle, and in T&T Emporium in New Leaf, where Gracie herself runs it, as Labelle works at the Able Sisters.

All of the furniture that Gracie sells are many times more expensive than those in Tom Nook's store or the Nookling stores, with many items selling for over 200,000 Bells each. In addition to furniture, Gracie also sells clothing and accessories, which are not as expensive as the furniture (but still priced higher than most clothing items). Villagers are often seen in GracieGrace, where they may complain about the high prices.


Gracie in her boutique in Animal Crossing: City Folk

GracieGrace's furniture and clothes change seasonally, unlike Tom Nook's or the Able Sisters, which change daily.

Below is a chart showing which series are available during each season.

In City Folk
Feb 1st - Apr 30th Princess Series
May 1st - Jul 31st Gracie's Series
Aug 1st - Oct 31st Sweets Series
Nov 1st - Jan 31st Gorgeous Series
In New Leaf
Mar 1st - May 31st Princess Series
Jun 1st - Aug 31st Gracie's Series
Sep 1st - Nov 30th Sweets Series
Dec 1st - Feb 24th Gorgeous Series


At the end of each season some of the items in the store may go on sale, while others will be sold out and unable to be purchased. As the season nears its end, the items will be priced lower, however, there will be less of them to buy.

  • On the 15th of the last month, items will be 20% off.
  • On the 21st of the last month, items will be 30% off.
  • On the 26th of the last month, items will be 50% off.

In City Folk

At any time of the year, if Gracie is in the store, the player is able to obtain a 10% discount by presenting to Gracie a complete look. The discount is available for as long as the player is in the store.

In New Leaf

In New Leaf, items can still sell out, but various other items will appear like the wedding cake or furniture from the Card Series. Additionally, the clothing sections will be replaced with similar exclusives. These items are all new to New Leaf and can only be found during the end of season sales.

  • The wedding cake is a three-tier cake with bride and groom statuettes at the top. It is a season-end exclusive and costs 60,000 Bells. In the player's pockets, it appears as a slice of cake much like the birthday cake. But unlike the birthday cake, it cannot be eaten.
  • The Card Series consists of furniture made of traditional red and white playing cards.



  • All purchases made are gift-wrapped.
  • When talking to a villager, they may complain about the high prices in the store.

In other languages

Language Name
Japan Japanese グレイシーグレース '
France French Galeries Carla
Spain Spanish La Divina Graciela
Germany German Grazias Grazie
Italy Italian Griffe di Griffa
South Korea Korean 그레이시그레이스 '


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