"Yes! I caught a great purple emperor butterfly! It supposedly comes from a far-off island!" —Animal Crossing

The purple butterfly (オオムラサキ, Ōmurasaki?), also called the great purple emperor butterfly when caught, is a rare butterfly found in GCN games. Often elusive, it is very rarely found except during rain where they are more common. As they appear behind trees when entering acres they are initially easy to miss. It is the only airborne bug to occur in rain except for bees and tree insects.

At first a seemingly slow butterfly, it speeds up rapidly when spooked and is as fast if not faster than the Agrias Butterfly under similar conditions. As it will disappear when it leaves the acre in Animal Crossing and Animal Forest e+, it is often more difficult to catch in these games compared to Animal Forest and Animal Forest+.

Outside of its season it can be found on the Island during the day, however oak or fruit trees must be planted as they do not exist there naturally.

The Purple butterfly briefly returns in Pocket Camp during the All Aflutter Butterfly Goals event, and returns as part of the bugs found in New Horizons.

Donation to the museum

In Animal Crossing

"There's an old saying among some of my contemporaries: "Butterflies are beautiful, yet moths are monstrous." Well if you were to ask me, I'd say they're all the same! By which I mean disgusting! Truly hoo-riffic, wot wot! Hooo... But I digress..."

Once donated it appears in the middle of the bug section sitting on the trunk of a tree.

Capture quotes

Japanese Quotes

「やったー! オオムラサキを つかまえた! どっかの しまぐにの くにのチョウ らしい!!」 —Animal Forest

"I did it! I caught a great purple emperor butterfly! It looks like a butterfly from another island!" (translation)

「やったー! オオムラサキを つかまえた! どっかの しまぐにから きたらしい!」 —Animal Forest e+

"I did it! I caught a great purple emperor butterfly! It looks like it came from another island!" (translation)


Further information

Great purple emperor butterfly

Sasakia charonda, better known as the great purple emperor is a large nymphalid butterfly unrelated to the European purple emperor, Apatura iris. However, much like the latter species, it inhabits the treetop canopy, only coming down to feed. Not only this, in both species the females are identical to the males except they lack the purple iridescence. Larvae feed on hackberry plants. It is the national butterfly of Japan, and highly prized by collectors.

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