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I've been staking this spot so I can have a good view of the fireworks. OK, you can join me.
― Greta, New Leaf

Greta ふくこ, (Fukuko?) is a snooty mouse villager in the Animal Crossing series. Her English name comes from the name "Margareta", which in turn comes from the Greek word "magarites", meaning "pearl". Her Japanese name refers to the おたふく (otafuku?) mask, which depicts a smiling woman. Her English initial catchphrase comes from the sound someone may make when surprised or angered. Her Japanese catchphrase, おほほ (ohoho?), indicates the laugh of an older or sophisticated woman.

She has the education hobby.


Greta is a white mouse. She has blue-black, middle-parted hair (the color extends to her ears), and pink, blushing cheeks. She also wears red lipstick. Her eyes are small and round and generally remain closed, though when open, Greta's eyes are a dark yellow and red with black pupils. The tips of her paws and legs are pink, matching her cheeks. Her appearance is based off of the おたふく (otafuku?) mask.


Below is a brief description of the snooty personality. For more information, click here.

Greta has a snooty personality, which means she loves make-up and gossiping. As a snooty villager, Greta will first appear rude and arrogant towards the player, often talking about herself and her own experiences. She also speaks about the style and appearance of other villagers, usually other female villagers such as normal, peppy, and other snooty villagers. She will soon warm up to the player, confiding in them about their own feelings but still keeping subtly rude. Greta will not get along with lazy villagers due to them not caring about their appearance or the lazy villagers hating what she eats, and she won't get along with jock villagers because they will question her on her physical appearance and they won't worry about fashion. However, she will get along with cranky villagers due to their similar rude personalities, and usually normal villagers as well.


Greta's house is Japanese styled, with lots of Japanese themed furniture such as the hearth. Her house is very similar to Annalisa's. She has K.K. Jongara playing on a hi-fi stereo in her house.

NL Greta House.jpg NL Greta House Ext.jpg
New Leaf (interior) New Leaf (exterior)
NH Greta House.jpg NH Greta House Ext.png
New Horizons (interior) New Horizons (exterior)

Pocket Camp

Greta was added to Pocket Camp in the April 26, 2021 update.

Greta's preferred theme is harmonious, and she primarily gives cotton as a reward. Her profile reads:

❝ A smiling Greta is a happy Greta. A frowning Greta is a good excuse to skip town for a while.❞

Campsite Invitation Requirements

Friendship Level: 0

Friendship Rewards

  • At level 7 friendship, she will reward the player with a blossom tee and sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 9, she will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 15, she will request that the player craft a hibachi.
  • At level 20, she will reward the player with a pic of Greta and sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 25, she will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 30, she will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 35, she will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 40, she will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 45, she will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 50, she will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 55, she will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).
  • At level 60, she will reward the player with sparkle stones (x1).

amiibo Card

amiibo Card[1]
Amiibo card back.png
#254 Greta
Type Mouse
Star sign Virgo
Birthday 9/5
Roll value 6
Hand sign Paper
Request A hot-springs spa
Amiibo 254 Greta.png
253 Genji #254 Greta 255 Wolfgang


  • As sometimes revealed on April Fool's Day in New Leaf, Greta is the eldest of four siblings.
  • Greta is afraid of the Skeleton hood in New Leaf.
  • The mask Greta is based off of, the おたふく (otafuku?), can be bought as a wall-mounted furniture item in New Leaf. Although, it is called the "female mask", rather than "otafuku".
  • Greta shares her birthday with Giovanni. They both have a birthday on September 5th.

In other languages

Language Name
Japan Japanese ふくこ Fukuko
France French Greta
Spain Spanish Jimena
Germany German Gretel
Italy Italian Greta
The Netherlands Dutch Greta
Russia Russian Грета Greta
China Chinese 如意 Rúyì
South Korea Korean 복자 Bokja


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