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This page lists the earliest days that items, characters and buildings appear from the beginning of New Horizons. Please note that just because an event appears on this list on a certain day, doesn't mean it will occur on that day: it is simply the earliest day it can occur, given that its requirements are met.

Day 1

  • The player can now place their tent.
  • Place starting villagers' tents (#1 and #2).
  • Donate 5 bugs or fish to Tom Nook.
  • Choose location for museum plot. Museum will be built on this spot in a few days' time after completing further quests.

Day 2

Day 3

  • Earliest day for Nook's Cranny
  • Mabel visits Nook's Cranny
  • Unlock ladder recipe
  • Place a new bridge (4 log stakes, 5 clay, 5 stone)
  • Place 3 villager houses and craft furniture
  • If house upgraded, Tom Nook gives the player 50 fence posts
  • Harvey can appear. First day to visit Harv's Island and Photopia
  • Museum under construction

Day 4

  • Earliest day for Museum
  • Villager #3 moves in (if furniture requirements met for this house)
  • Customization workshop - unlocks customization

Day 5

  • Villager #4 moves in (if furniture requirements met for this house)

Day 6

  • Villager #5 moves in (if furniture requirements met for this house)

Day 7

Day 8

  • Earliest day for town hall and Isabelle moves into the town hall.
    • Amiibo scanning unlocked
  • Place Campsite (15 wood, 15 softwood, 15 hardwood, and 15 iron nuggets).
  • Player can now move buildings (except the airport and the town hall)
  • Player can now build ramps and bridges.
  • Redeem Nook Miles adds much more options for outside furniture, mostly objects which were public works projects in New Leaf

Day 9

  • Earliest day for Campsite
  • Earliest day for bridge #2 or incline #1

Day 10

Day 11

  • Villager #6 (the villager that was on the campsite the day before)
  • Can place plot #7

Day 12

  • Villager #7
  • Earliest day for Able Sisters
  • Earliest day village can reach 3 star rating

Day 13

  • Earliest day for the K.K. Slider concert, assuming village reached 3 star rating on day 12
  • Island Designer app unlocked: terraforming available

Day 30

  • Nook's Cranny upgrade (if player has spent 200,000 Bells in total at Nook's Cranny, 30 days after Nook's Cranny built, Mabel has visited town at least once)

Unknown time

  • Leif visits for the first time
  • Brewster unlocked
  • Redd appears (museum total donations must be more than 60). First art can be donated
    • 1 day after art donated: museum closed for refurbishment
    • 2 days after art donated: Redd can appear on ship, museum reopens