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This article is about the pirate seagull. For the sailor seagull, see Gulliver.
Gullivarrr Gallery

I be Captain Gullivarrr, legendary pirate, feared for all manner of dreadful gullduggery! Arrr!
― Gullivarrr in New Horizons

Gullivarrr (?) is a seagull special visitor introduced in New Horizons. The player initially confuses him for Gulliver due to his similar appearance. Captain Gullivarrr always wears a pirate outfit and offers pirate-themed rewards in exchange for the player's help.


Gullivarrr bears a strong resemblance to Gulliver. He is a white seagull with an orange and black beak. Differentiating him from Gulliver, he has blue pupils shaped like X’s and dark circles around his eyes. He also wears a red pirate outfit and hat.


In New Horizons

After purchasing a Wet Suit for the first time, Gullivarrr will wash up on the beach like Gulliver and offer items from the Pirate set for helping him find his lost communicator. Instead of digging up the beach to find multiple communicator parts, the player will have to dive in the ocean to find the communicator itself. Gullivarrr will only appear once per week, and can even appear during the same week as Gulliver, but the two will not appear on consecutive days.


Despite his physical similarities to Gulliver, he differs greatly from him in terms of their personalities. He initially appears to be aggressive toward his crew mates as well as the player until he befriends them, befitting his rugged pirate persona. Like Gulliver, after the first encounter he will recognize the player and behave more amicably toward them.

Gullivarrr distinctly speaks like a stereotypical pirate. He also uses various pirate-related puns.

Gullivarrr's rewards

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  • Gullivarrr was introduced in the 1.3.0 Summer Update (Wave 1) for New Horizons on July 3, 2020.
  • Gulliver and Gullivarrr are separate characters, helping Gullivarrr does not count toward the Golden Shovel DIY reward, though it does count towards the 1/10/20 encounter nook rewards. He will leave behind a Rusted part in the recycling box in the same manner that Gulliver does the day after the player helps him. It is currently unknown if this is intentional, or if it is an oversight on behalf of the developers.


  • The English name just adds "arrr", a stereotypical sound made by pirates, to the end of Gulliver's name. Most Western language versions that share the original name for Gulliver do the same.
  • The Japanese name is just the first letter of "Johnny", with the word for pirate added on, kaizoku. So essentially, "Pirate J".


  • Upon accepting Gullivarrr's request to help him recover his communicator, he will mention Captain Syrup, a character from one of Nintendo's other franchises, Wario Land. He states that the player is "even sweeter than the famous Captain Syrup—but without her double-crossin', I hope!"
  • Like Gulliver, Gullivarrr will mention other locations he has been on his travels, like Keelhaul Key, which is a reference to a location found in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and Crocodile Isle, which is a reference to Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and its Game Boy semi-sequel Donkey Kong Land 2.
  • Occasionally, while staggering upon his feet, Gullivarrr will start berating the player, thinking that s/he is Cortez the pirate ghost from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, saying, "Arrr! Have at ye, Cortez! Three swords and a hook? Let's make this a fair duel... I'll tie one wing behind me back! Har! I- Huh?"