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This article is about the sailor/astronaut seagull. For the pirate seagull, see Gullivarrr.
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You should take life easy, my friend! Just go where the wind blows and the current takes you, like a seagull floating in the briny blue!
Animal Crossing

Gulliver (ジョニー, Jonī?, Johnny) is a seagull in the Animal Crossing series. His only function is to reward the player with special items of furniture, usually artifacts from around the world if you answer his question of where he is going, which suggests he is an explorer. New Horizons introduces a new character who is strikingly similar to Gulliver: Captain Gullivarrr.


In Animal Forest[]

In Animal Forest, Gulliver has the same role from Animal Crossing, but instead of giving a rare furniture item, he only gives a random one. When the player talks to him, he may speak English, despite the game being all in Japanese. He can be found along the seashore from August to December.

In Animal Crossing[]

Washed up Gulliver

Gulliver washed up on the beach in Animal Crossing.

― Gulliver, Animal Crossing

Unlike in some later games, Gulliver appears as a sailor in Animal Crossing. Gulliver can sometimes be found lying on the beach. He must be first woken up by talking to him multiple times, though he may wake on the first attempt. He then tells the Player an "unbelievable" story about his adventures at sea, usually involving a giant squid, a shark, or torrential storms. He also notes how his crew recommends tying himself to the mast in the future. Gulliver then gives a rare piece of furniture to the player.

In Wild World[]

Mommy...Is that you? Gimme 5 more minutes, Mom...
― Gulliver, Wild World

In Wild World, Gulliver is no longer a sailor, but an astronaut that infrequently flies over the player's town in a typical UFO styled spacecraft, called Porpoise, a possible reference to the ship that Captain Olimar uses in the Pikmin series, called the Dolphin. The player can shoot him down with a slingshot, causing him to crash somewhere in the town. The screen cuts to the scene of the crash, which is always situated on top of one of the signposts that are scattered about the town. After being woken up, Gulliver does a quick survey of his craft, revealing that five parts are missing. These parts, which are dotted around town in the form of cogs called a UFO part, must be recovered by the player in exchange for a rare item. Gulliver and his spaceship then disappear the next time the game is played.

It should be noted that he does say to the player that he hopes they will see him off the next morning, even though he leaves the next time the game is played.

In City Folk[]

Ugh...Gimme a break...There's no...No school today...
― Gulliver, City Folk

In City Folk, he retains the same appearance as before in Wild World. This time, without the dual screen as with the Nintendo DS, his spacecraft can be seen flying about the same height as a floating balloon. The player can shoot at him with a slingshot, causing his ship to malfunction and appear the next day on the beach. During this time, a piece of his spacecraft will land somewhere in the town. When Gulliver wakes up, he will survey his surroundings and make unusual remarks about the player's appearance. He will ask the player for help, to find his spaceship part, which appears as a small, cog-like item on the ground called a 'UFO part' (City Folk) or 'spaceship part' (Let's Go To The City). When given the part for his ship, he will give the player one of his rare items.

In New Leaf[]

Zzz... I can't believe how seriously unconscious I am right now...
― Gulliver, New Leaf

...but Lizzy! You were my lobster!
― Gulliver, New Leaf

In New Leaf, Gulliver appears in the same way as the GCN games where he occasionally washes up on the beach. To wake him up from his trance, the player can equip the megaphone and say his name into the 3DS microphone. Additionally, he can be awoken by talking to him repeatedly. If the station gate is open, he will not wake at all. If done correctly, instead of simply giving the player an item, he will tell them he has forgotten where he was going and ask for help. He will tell the player what he remembers about the country, then presents a selection of countries.

If the player guesses correctly, Gulliver will mail a letter to the player containing a present he picked up from the place he was heading to. If the player guesses incorrectly, Gulliver will mail a letter containing a chocolate coin. Either of the two letters will arrive the next day.

Gulliver gives the player a series of clues for which place he is going to. The following are the quotes he may say that would indicate a particular country.

Australia: The country I was heading to has lots of rare animals like kangaroos and koalas! Kangaroos have amazingly powerful kicks! KABOOM! I don't want to be weaker than any of my sailor buddies, so I was gonna learn the secret behind those kicks.
― Gulliver, describing Australia

Belgium: The country I was headed for is sorta famous for a statue called the Manneken Pis! I'd be a little ashamed to be seen doing something like he does in public. He sure is gutsy for a kid!
But you can't forget the most important thing: the chocolate from this country is delicious!
This place has lots of restaurants, and since I'm such a foodie, I'm sure I'll be stopping in each one of them! Or maybe not. I have a sensitive stomach, so I always make sure to stop before I get too full...

― Gulliver, describing Belgium

Easter Island: This place is an island! Yup, an island in the middle of the ocean, which is where I'd put an island! It's famous for giant heads carved out of rocks. Ever seen 'em? Some are buried, though.
I hear they're called moai, and there are something like 887 of 'em just facing out to the sea. Maybe they're watching for me? Wow! Thanks for lookin' out for me, rocks, but I gotta ROLL!
...Just kidding! I don't think I've ever met these bunch of heads before! I'm sure I'd remember them. Though, then again, I DO seem to have a habit of forgetting things when I get tossed to sea...
Doesn't matter. I feel like I've got to pay my respects to them. It's the sailor in me, I suppose. That's why I have to get to that island at any cost!

― Gulliver, describing Easter Island

Hawaii: It's a resort! It's a tropical island! It's... Well, if I could just remember, I wouldn't need your help right now.
On the beach next to the clear, blue sea, people gyrate their hips to dance the hula while in grass skirts!
I want to stand on the beach and hula in a grass skirt too!
The greeting on the island is ALOHA!
It's a very happy and energetic greeting, don't you think? Perfect for Gullivers!

― Gulliver, describing Hawaii

Denmark: When you think of this country, you probably think of Vikings. Big, strong guys with dragon boats!
I was a viking once, but I could never get the hang of pillaging, so I gave it up for standard sailing.
Plus this country isn't just Vikings. Nah, it's also mermaid princesses!
They say that REAL mermaids actually live there. Real ones! Not those fake, manatee ones!
Oh, lovely mermaid princess... I was on my way to your country to meet you at last!

― Gulliver, describing Denmark

Scotland: So in the country that I'm headed to, there's this deep-sea dweller there. From what I can remember, she peaks her cucumber-like neck up from the lake just to mess with you. I think her name was something like...Ne...Nessie! Yeah! That's it! Also, let's see... It's pretty famous for something called bagpipes. Ever seen 'em? Like a sack o' pipes! Sometimes people dress them up in things called kilts to perform with them! It's pretty neat to see firsthand! Think I'd look good with a kilt and bagpipes? I've been considering talking them up for a while...
― Gulliver, describing Scotland

England: The place I was headed has a huge clock tower with a bell called Big Ben! And he EARNS his name! Can you believe that people assume Ben's the clock's name? Typical. This country is also home to one of the largest and greatest museums in all the world! I imagine a painting of me will be on display there someday, so I thought I'd go check the place out. Hmmm... What was that country called? I feel like it's right on the tippy-tip of beaky beak!
― Gulliver, describing England

China: The country I was going to is huge! More people live there than pretty much anywhere else in the world! The country also has a long and complicated history with ancient dynasties and wushu and such... But, man, it's amazing how much stuff this country has invented. Paper! Gunpowder! Compasses! It's like there's no way to stop the amazing progress in this country's history. It's downright impressive!
― Gulliver, describing China



USA: This country is famous for movies from a place called Hollywood! I'd like to be in a movie myself someday. I'd be the star of a bunch of fancy high-seas adventures! But, wait! In most boat movies, the boat sinks. doesn't have to be that way, though, right?! Oh no! If I was tossed into the sea, it'd go from a work of fiction to being my autobiography! I'm gonna have to have a chat with the film directors in that country!
― Gulliver, describing USA



Mexico: I was headed to a country that's so full of life it's hard to comprehend! There are live mariachi bands that perform such fun, lively music it makes you dance, even in the heat! Sure, we assume there's a lot of desert, but it's just like any other warm, dry place of the world... and, oh, the FOOD! It can give a seagull a stomacheache if he's not careful! And I rarely am! The trouble is I never know how to eat in moderation, so I always overeat! That's no bueno! Still, I may be a gull of the sea, but that country makes me long for a life near the Sierra Madre!
― Gulliver, describing Mexico


Peru: The country I was headed to has huge pictures drawn right on the ground called geoglyphs.
There're a lot of mysteries that surround them. Who drew them? How did they do it? What was the reason for it? Were they sending a message...?
I can't help but feel like my intellectual curiosity is piqued! (Sweet! I sound so smart!)
Uh, also, they've got these animals called alpacas that they're pretty well known for! Alpacas sort of look like camels, but they're white and have soft, fluffy coats.
Huh? You think they're pink and blue?! They're white! They can't be any color other than white!
I want to snuggle up to that white, soft neck of theirs and pet and pet and pet and pet and pet! And then snuggle them some more!
Oop! Of... of course I'm going mostly so I can solve the mysteries behind the geoglyphs! Purely academic!

― Gulliver, describing Peru


Singapore: The place I'm headed has a sorta famous symbol of something cool called a merlion! Ever seen one?
It has the head of a lion but the body of a fish. It's actually a very mysterious creature.
Hey, did you know I have the head of a seagull and the body of a seagull too?
That's where you're supposed to laugh! Don't leave me hanging! Gah!
OK, your humor is as prickly and hard as a durian, which so happens to be the national fruit of this place.

― Gulliver, describing Singapore

Sweden: The country I was headed to is the birthplace of Mr. Nobel, the man who started the Nobel Prize!
I wonder if he ever actually won one of those himself... I bet my mom would know. She knows everything!
This country gets very cold in the winter months since it's located way up north.
But I plan on winning a Nobel Prize someday, so travel there I must!

― Gulliver, describing Sweden

India: So the country I was headed to is famous for authentically spicy curry and fantastic vegetarian dishes!
I want to go there just to try all the food they have to offer! Yum curry! Yum naan! Yum veggie korma!
I've also heard this place is a big tourist spot thanks to some palace called the Taj Mahal.
Sure, I've heard of it, but I've never had a chance to see it.

― Gulliver, describing India

Germany: The country I was headed to is filled with castles that look just like they popped right out of a fairy tale!
Someday I plan on finding a sweet princess of my own and living with her in one of those castles.
Plus this place is famous for sausage! Like, REALLY famous!
I don't care much for sausage myself, what with me eating mostly grubs and fish. But grub sausage?! That'd be the absolute greatest thing ever!
But it's not all fun and sausages! Science runs RAMPANT through all of its history!
Heard of the theory of relativity? Yeah, I... don't understand it myself, but the guy who DOES understand it was born in this country!
He was kinda smart. Sorta like an Einstein, you know? Real egghead.

― Gulliver, describing Germany

Greece: So in country I was headed to has a ton of ancient temples and historic ruins and stuff. I'm really interested in ancient civilizations, so I get excited every time I can see ruins! This country is also famous as the birthplace for many myths and legends, such as Zeus and Poseidon! Poseidon was supposed to be the god of the sea, so me and him, yeah, we go way back. Of course, a lot of goddesses appeared in these stories. Hee hee... I wonder if I'll find a nice goddess to call my wife someday...
― Gulliver, describing Greece


Spain: When you think of the country I was headed to, you instantly think of flamenco dancing! Those nimble steps! The music! It's a very passionate dance!
And the food! I hear it's the only place to go when you've got a hunger for paella or tapas.
There's also a very famous building that's still under construction after more than a hundred years! It's been worked on by people for generations, but they still aren't done with it! Why not?!
I was heading there partly to help out with construction, since my help is greatly needed.

― Gulliver, describing Spain

In New Horizons[]


Gulliver asleep.

I'm begging you here! Will you look for my communicator parts? Please?
― Gulliver, New Horizons

In New Horizons, Gulliver may be found unconscious on the beach, as in previous games. Upon being awoken, he will attempt to contact his crew on a communication device. He will find himself unable to do so, however, as the device is broken and missing parts. Gulliver will then ask the player to find 5 missing parts to return to him. For Gulliver to appear, the museum must be built.


The missing communicator parts are buried anywhere on the beach, in small holes with occasional jets of water shooting out of them. They can be dug up with a shovel. Once all the parts are found and returned to Gulliver, he will call up his shipmates so they can help him. For the remainder of the day, he will pace on the beach. The following day, the player will receive a letter with a present attached. Helping Gulliver will unlock the Nook Miles goal "Gulliver's Travails" which is most likely a reference to the book by Jonathan Swift.

After assisting Gulliver 30 times, the player will receive the DIY recipe for a golden shovel.

If the player logs on as another resident after they completed Gulliver's quest, Gulliver's communicator parts will somehow be lost again, giving the opportunity for the other resident to complete Gulliver's quest.

Should the player attempt to invite Gulliver to the campsite by scanning his amiibo, he will have the following to say:

"Ahoy there! Gulliver here. Who's this? Wait. Are you that loan shark?
Oh! It's you, Player! Phew. Thought I'd have to go off the grid again.
Well, good to hear from you! So, what's the scuttlebutt? Did you need something?
Aye aye! Camping! Sounds like tons o' fun.
What's that you said? You hear that crackling noise? It's my phone. You're cutting out...
Sheesh. This thing is always on the fritz. Click! Beep, beep, beep…"


Main article: Gullivarrr

In the Summer update, a similar character named Gullivarrr can also be found washed up on the shore. Instead of digging up 5 communicator parts, he will ask the player to dive for his phone. In terms of rewards, he will grant the player items specialized to the Pirate theme.

In Gekijōban Dōbutsu no Mori[]


In Gekijōban Dōbutsu no Mori, Gulliver pretends to be an alien. He appears when the UFO crashes down to Animal Village, making his appearance by walking out of the spaceship with smoke flowing behind him. He explained to the villagers and the rest of the Animal Village that he had lost several spaceship parts, which were now scattered around the island. Champ runs off to a spaceship part which was what he supposed was a shooting star. Cesar and Cyrano also run off towards a 'shooting star'. Yu, followed by Ai, Margie, Rosie and Alfonso sprint towards the cave where the Seismosaurus' fossilized bones were. They spot the spaceship part at the very top of it. Yu, making a dangerous decision, climbs up the enormous fossil, making the others worry for his safety. He then successfully grabs the spaceship component. Unfortunately, after grabbing it, he fell, and Alfonso and Rosie run towards him, attempting to catch him. Rosie moves out of the way, and Yu falls on top of Alfonso, making the surrounding frozen water shatter. On the other hand, Ai runs towards the falling spaceship part, then exclaiming that she won't be able to catch it. Margie follows and uses her trunk to push Ai towards the spaceship part. She catches it and walks over to where Yu and Alfonso fell into the shattered ice. Yu appeared to have his bunny mask off while drying his costume, and Ai says that she had never seen Yu's face properly before since he always had a mask on in all of his appearances until then.

The group runs to the crash site, where four of the parts had already been collected. Gulliver counts them in English to emphasize the false fact that he is an alien. The five shows Gulliver the cog that they had found, while at the same time, Champ shows his findings, a similar cog. Gulliver becomes puzzled, and shortly, the cog that Ai was holding began to flash. A flock of UFOs appeared in the sky, and took the 'cog', revealing itself as an artificial life form - an alien. Gulliver realizes that he must have hit the alien while flying, which made him crash in the first place. The alien expresses his happiness to Ai and then returns to its kind. The aliens draw Ai in the sky, using stars as her eyes. After all of the commotion, Blathers decides and suggests to the villagers that they should make Ai the winner of the decoration competition because of the pattern of stars made by the alien. The villagers see Gulliver return to space, and shouts "See you!" in English, again to emphasize. Gulliver then looks out of the spaceship's window, revealing the pattern he convinced Ai to create (using the pine trees).

Gulliver's rewards[]


Gulliver; in New Horizons

Prior to New Leaf[]

Main article: Gulliver's Treasury (Furniture Set)

In New Leaf[]

  • Ayers Rock (Uluru) (Australia - furniture) NL
  • Bagpipes (Scotland - furniture) NL
  • Big Ben Tower (England - furniture) NL
  • Chocolate Coin (Consumable - Consolation Prize) NL
  • Conical Straw hat (Vietnam - hat) NL
  • Cursed Mask (Africa - furniture) NL
  • Dream Catcher (Native American - furniture) NL
  • Eiffel Tower (France - furniture) NL
  • Gaudi's Lizard Statue (Spain - furniture) NL
  • Gladiator Sandals (Greece - Shoes) NL
  • Hula Doll (Hawai'i - furniture) NL
  • Kinderdijk Windmill (Netherlands - furniture) NL
  • Mariachi Skeleton (Mexico - furniture) NL
  • Manneken Pis Statue (Belgium - furniture) NL
  • Merlion Statue (Singapore - furniture) NL
  • Mermaid Statue (Denmark - furniture) NL
  • Mouth of Truth (Italy - furniture) NL
  • Nutcracker (Germany - furniture) NL
  • Red-Tasseled Lantern (China - furniture) NL
  • Rooster of Barcelos (Portugal - furniture) NL
  • Samgyetang (Korea - furniture) NL
  • Sarcophagus (Egypt - furniture) NL
  • Sitar (India - furniture) NL
  • Shamrock Clock (Ireland - furniture) NL
  • Statue of Liberty (America - furniture) NL
  • Tapestry (Peru - furniture) NL
  • Tuk-Tuk (Thailand - furniture) NL

In New Horizons[]


Gulliver could be from Gull (he is a seagull), Gullible (this is possible because of his role in the movie Gekijōban Dōbutsu no Mori), or from Lemuel Gulliver from the 1726 story Gulliver's Travels about a man who travels to the far corners of the earth, before being shipwrecked and washing up on the shore of a previously undiscovered land.

His Japanese name Johnny is a short form for Jonathan, referring to Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver's Travels. It could also be a reference to Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a bestselling book written by Richard Bach that was extremely popular in the early '70s.


e-Card [1]
Ac A124 Screen Shot
Ac A124 bk
#124 Gulliver
Gender Male
Type Special
Star sign Gemini
Clothes N/A
Petphrase N/A
Password Lmk3VeYYixFjj4
Profile Gulliver spends much of his life falling off boats, and it seems to be having a bad impact on his long-term memory. He rarely remembers people, but that's OK -he always arrives bearing gifts!
Ac A124
123 Katrina #124 Gulliver 125 Tangy

amiibo Card[]

Series 4[]

amiibo Card[2]
Amiibo card back
#314 Gulliver
Type Special
Star sign Gemini
Birthday 5/25
Roll value 5
Hand sign Scissors
Request I'll leave it up to you!
Amiibo 314 Gulliver
313 Pavé #314 Gulliver 315 Redd

Series 5[]

amiibo Card[3]
Amiibo card back
#418 Gulliver
Type Special
Star sign Gemini
Birthday 5/25
Roll value N/A
Hand sign N/A
Request I'll leave it up to you!
417 Harvey #418 Gulliver 419 Wisp


  • He appears in the cover of K.K. Lament.
  • Gulliver shares the same birthday as Derwin the duck. They were both born on May 25th.
  • In New Leaf, Gulliver has the voice of a lazy villager.
  • In New Horizons, he has the voice of a jock villager.
  • In Animal Crossing, Gulliver tells one story where he states "When I fought the Deep Python sea snakes at Pinnacle Rock! Wait a minute... That wasn't me!," in a reference to game, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
  • In Animal Crossing, Gulliver comments on how he left his goldfish in Toad Town and Hyrule.
  • In Wild World, he may ask the player if they've ever seen "a space fox" (referencing Fox McCloud from the Star Fox series) or "a bounty hunter who can roll into a ball" (referencing Samus Aran and the Morph Ball upgrade from the Metroid series).
  • In City Folk, it is possible to obtain a helmet that looks identical to Gulliver's own space helmet.
  • In New Leaf, he mentions Isle Delfino and specifically mentions Ricco Harbor. These are locations from Super Mario Sunshine.
  • In New Leaf, he mentions not meeting such a "noble skipper" since Bobbery of Rogueport, making reference to Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Bobbery, specifically.
  • In New Leaf, Gulliver mentions The Overthere, a reference to Chapter 7 in Super Paper Mario.
  • In New Leaf, he will say he is in a "fuzzy pickle" which is a reference to the Photo Man's famous line ("Say fuzzy pickles!") in EarthBound.
  • Another reference to a game Gulliver says in New Leaf is, when the right country is chosen, he will ask if the player has "a link to the past" to that certain country referencing The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.
  • In New Leaf, Gulliver will always get washed ashore on the south side of the beach in the event the player may encounter him, as long as nothing is obstructing the side of the island.
  • In New Horizons he mentions not having a "bubbly reception" since arriving on Coralcola, a location in StarTropics.
  • In New Horizons, upon waking him up, Gulliver may mention how he does not want to go back to space again. This may be a reference to his portrayal in the Gekijōban Dōbutsu no Mori movie, as he appears dressed in a spacesuit and is seen walking out of the crashed UFO, pretending to be an alien.
    • It may also indicate that Gulliver did not enjoy his role as an astronaut in Wild World and City Folk.
  • In New Horizons, upon waking him up, Gulliver may say "But, verily, it be the nature of dreams to end..." and later state he heard a fish say it. This is a direct reference to the Wind Fish in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening and the speech it makes at the end of the game.
  • In New Horizons, Gulliver has a look-alike named Gullivarrr, he is a pirate the player mistakes for Gulliver when they first meet.

In other languages[]

Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese ジョニー Jonī -
France French Gulliver -
Spain Spanish Gulliver -
Germany German Gulliver -
Italy Italian Gulliver -
The Netherlands Dutch Gulliver -
Russia Russian Гулливер ' -
China Chinese 呂遊/吕游 Lǚyóu -
South Korea Korean 죠니 ' -


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