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This article is about the gyroid who sits near your house in the original port. For the furniture item, see Gyroid (furniture).

Request processed. Please enter the house.
― Gyroid, Animal Crossing

A Gyroid is a special character that sits outside the player's house in Animal Crossing. A Gyroid is also a decoration item. See Gyroid (furniture) for info on this.


In Animal Crossing

When the player wants to quit, they save their game progress by talking to the gyroid. If they don't, Mr. Resetti will punish them with a long lecture the next time they play the game, talking about how they should not "reset" the game (turn off the console without saving). When the player buys a house from Tom Nook, he throws in the gyroid free, and will explain to the player what it does.

Other Features

Art of a Gyroid from Animal Crossing.


The owner of the gyroid can teach it messages, and when another player talks to that gyroid it will repeat the message.

Timed Messages

In Animal Forest e+, the player can set a message to appear in a certain time of the day.

Selling Items

The player can place items in the gyroid that it can sell to other players if they talk to it. The player can also set the price of the items, or make them display only.


  • The gyroid is always doing a sort of dance, and will do it faster and faster as a character gets closer to it. Another gyroid that does this dance is Lloid. If no player lives in the house by the gyroid, the gyroid will be still unless spoken to.
  • Coco is a rabbit villager who strongly resembles a gyroid.
  • In the original Animal Crossing, if you use a warp item to go to a test world, a different colored gyroid can be seen. When you talk to it, it will say nothing.
  • If the player resets their game while in another town in Animal Crossing, they will begin with a gyroid face the next time they play.
  • A gyroid appears as one of the metal playing pieces in the 2010 edition of Nintendo Monopoly.[1]
  • In Japanese versions of Animal Crossing (series), Gyroids are called Haniwa, terracotta clay figures that were buried with the dead in Japan between the 3rd and 6th centuries.[2]
    • Haniwa have appeared in Pikmin 2 and some of the WarioWare games. There is an enemy named Cappy in the Kirby series and a class of enemies called Cacutars from the Final Fantasy series who also resemble these.