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This article is about the Gyroid species as a whole. For the disambiguation page, see Gyroid (disambiguation).

A Gyroid is a species that has appeared several times in the Animal Crossing series. A gyroid first appears outside the player's house in Animal Crossing, and another Gyroid appears in Animal Crossing City Folk and New Leaf as "Lloid".


In Animal Crossing [as Gyroid][]

When the player wants to quit, they save their game progress by talking to the gyroid. If they don't save, Mr. Resetti will punish them with a long lecture the next time they play the game. He talks about how they should not "reset" the game (turn off the console without saving). When the player buys a house from Tom Nook, he throws in the gyroid free and will explain what it does to the player.

In City Folk [as Lloid][]

Lloid as he appears in City Folk. Lloid runs the Auction House, located to the right of GracieGrace in the city. He allows you to bid, deposit an item for bidding, and is an alternative to storage space for those who do not have a dresser called the checkroom, however the checkroom is accessible from a dresser and vice-versa. He allows the player to inquire about displays, bids, and the checkroom. One weekend he accepts displays to add, and on the next weekend he allows the player to bid on items. Displays may be added on the Auction House by a registered friend over wi-fi (from their town).

When a player's item is not successful in the bidding period, it is sent back to the player within a few days of the end of that period, with a sorry note. If a player tries to bid on a weekend and no one has submitted any items, Lloid explains it as a "tough wicket," and blames it on "Herculean orders." It is suggested that if you want to partake in bidding, or have other players submit items for bidding, you should submit your own.

In New Leaf [as Lloid][]

Isabelle introduces Lloid. Lloid is a construction foreman, responsible for overseeing the construction of commissioned Public Works Projects. Once the mayor has chosen a place to build a project, Lloid will accept donations from the player and their neighbors. He can be found standing near the cordoned off area where the Public Works Project will be placed. For example, during construction of a building, all of the sides of the building will be cordoned off, and Lloid will be found standing in front of it. Also, during bridge construction, Lloid will be sitting on a small jetty, from the direction of the bridge to where it will be built. For Train Station remodeling, Lloid is found on the left side of the boarding area, opposite of Porter.

Lloid also appears in Dream Towns, giving the player tools they can use while Dream Walking. He wears a green sleeping cap. He can also be found on Tortimer Island, wearing a red hibiscus flower. He can rent out 5 tools, the axe, fishing rod, net, shovel, and a wet suit, which the player can borrow to perform various activities The tools are automatically returned to him when the player either goes on a tour or returns to the mainland.

In Pocket Camp [as Lloid][]

Lloid watches over the garden of the player. He sells basic flower seeds and the player can exchange flowers for items with Lloid via Flower Trade. During certain periods of time Lloid also sells seasonal flower seeds that are only available in certain seasons.

He was introduced alongside the garden in Version 1.1.0.

There are also small collectable gyroid figures, known as "gyroidite". During "Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt" events, players collect the figures that they find lying around the game areas. Collectable gyroidites can be used as currency to buy special items available during the event.

In New Horizons [as Lloid][]

Lloid appears next to a bridge or ramp to accept donations from the player and anyone else visiting the island. He can be found standing next to a roped off space where the construction will be. After paying off the price, Lloid stays until the next day, when the construction has been completed.

In All Games[]

Gyroids are a special furniture type in the Animal Crossing series. They can be interacted with when tapped on and will play a short animation alongside a sound effect. This is in this article as it is unknown if they are a living "character" or not.


  • The gyroid is always doing a sort of dance, and will do it faster and faster as a villager gets closer to it. Another gyroid that does this dance is Lloid. If no player lives in the house by the gyroid, the gyroid will be still unless spoken to.
  • Coco is a rabbit villager who strongly resembles a gyroid.
  • In the original Animal Crossing, if you use a warp item to go to a test world, a different colored gyroid can be seen. When you talk to it, it will say nothing.
  • If the player resets their game while in another town in Animal Crossing, they will begin with a gyroid face the next time they play.
  • A gyroid appears as one of the metal playing pieces in the 2010 edition of Nintendo Monopoly.[1]
  • In Japanese versions of Animal Crossing (series), Gyroids are called Haniwa, terracotta clay figures that were buried with the dead in Japan between the 3rd and 6th centuries.
    • Haniwa have appeared in Pikmin 2 and some of the WarioWare games. There is an enemy named Cappy in the Kirby series and a class of enemies called Cacutars from the Final Fantasy series who also resemble these.
    • Tomodachi Life also features haniwa, called clay figures there, as a collectable treasure item.