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Halloween is an Autumn event that is celebrated by the villagers of the town in the Animal Crossing series. Jack, a character wearing a pumpkin on his head, appears at 6:00 PM until 1:00 AM (5:00 PM until midnight in New Horizons). During this time, villagers around the town will dress up in costumes. The event happens in every game, excluding Wild World.

General Info

Throughout October, candy is stocked and sold in Tom Nook's Store (or the Nookling stores in New Leaf and New Horizons) taking the place of either tools or flowers (except in New Horizons where they overwrite nothing). There are four types of candy, but Tom Nook's only sells orange. During the 31st when Jack appears in the town, villagers and Mayor Tortimer will wear a pumpkin head. Villagers will chase the player and demand candy, with the outcome depending on the game in question. In contrast Jack won't chase the player and won't forcefully speak to the player. Giving candy or lollipops (New Leaf and New Horizons) to Jack is the only way to obtain pieces of the Creepy Series (New Leaf) or Spooky Series (other games, though he will give this in New Leaf for candy only). After receiving an item Jack will disappear and teleport to another random square and the process repeats.

As any inventory item in the player's pockets will be transformed regardless of value, it is recommended to store rare furniture, clothing and other items in a drawer, keep them in letters or drop them on the floor to avoid their transformation. Villagers in New Horizons, however, are unable to transform items in the player's pockets as their tricks instead target the player's face, changing their skin and eye color and painting a Halloween-themed design on their face.

The usual music changes to the Halloween theme, and rain and clouds won't spawn during the event.

In Animal Crossing

In Animal Crossing and other GameCube games the event starts from 6:00 PM and ends at 1:00 AM. During this time villagers with pumpkin masks much like Jack's will be around the town and chase the player if nearby. If the player is caught they ask for candy. If given, the candy is eaten by the villager and the player is free to go. Otherwise, a random inventory item is transformed into junk items (old wall for wallpaper, patched shirt for shirts etc.) or exclusive Jack-o'-Lantern and Jack-in-the-Box items.

Tortimer, also wearing a pumpkin mask, will give the player a Katrina's Tent Model. Jack can be spoken to as many times as the player desires, in order to receive furniture from the Spooky Series, but he will move each time he is spoken to.

In City Folk

Halloween was absent from Wild World, but returns in City Folk. Unlike the original, not all the villagers go out on Halloween night, and those who remain in their houses can be tricked by the player. To do this the player will need to wear a costume which is made up of a 'Look' - in GracieGrace, the witch's hat and cloak are sold throughout September and October, which make up a 'look'. Costumes don't necessarily have to be spooky, as long as they meet the requirements for that villager.

As in previous games, villagers outside will bump into the player and ask for candy. If the player doesn't have any on them, they can use other items which will then be turned into Jack-in-the-boxes. Refusing to give candy results in the player's clothes, accessories and any other items the player has in their pockets being changed. Villagers will chase the player, however, Jack won't, making him easy to distinguish.

Though Jack himself won't follow the player, he will walk around causing a slight confusion at first glance. Jack is easily distinguished between townsfolk by the fact that Jack won't chase the player as he walks around.

The Halloween event ends at 12 a.m.

In New Leaf

If you don't want people to play tricks on you, you should have some candy ready, <catchphrase>!
― Jock villager, advising about Halloween approaching

Similar to City Folk, only some villagers are out at any one time during Halloween, while the ones remaining in their homes have to be scared by wearing the mask of something they're afraid of. These masks are sold throughout October at Able Sisters for 1,031 Bells. Villagers who are outside chase the player on sight, when caught, the player is given the choice of either handing over candy or being tricked.

If the candy option is chosen, the villager will take one of the player's candy in exchange for hints at what other villagers are scared of; if the trick option is chosen, the player has to play a game of charades or rock-paper-scissors. If won, the player receives candy, if lost a random carpet/wallpaper, furniture or clothing item (both worn and inside pockets) will be replaced with old flooring/wall, Jack-o'-Lantern/Jack-in-the-Box or patched clothing respectively. After the trick selection, villagers will occasionally give out the pumpkin mask they are wearing in place of the previous options, but only if this equivalent space on the player isn't occupied. There are a total of four unique pumpkin masks to collect during the event, not including the one obtained by Jack detailed below.

Successfully scaring the villagers inside their homes rewards lollipops instead of candy. These are currency for trading exclusive Creepy Set furniture with Jack. Giving Jack candy will most often net the player pieces of the Spooky Series (which also can be purchased from Nookling Stores), though there is a slight chance the player can also receive a piece of the Creepy Set or one of the Able Sister's Masks this way as well. If the player has no candy or any mask or hat, Jack will give the default orange pumpkin head apparel.

In New Horizons

In New Horizons, players can purchase candy before Halloween day at Nook's Cranny for 120 Bells. During October 31st, from 5pm to midnight, players will meet Jack and be able to give him candy in exchange for spooky rewards. Players can also give candy to fellow villagers similar to past games. Newly added body paint and eye colors can be exchanged for Nook Miles to alter the player's appearance. Villagers will also give the player special pumpkin inspired DIY recipes. Also, the Able Sisters will have limited edition costumes for the duration of the event. Kicks will sell Impish Wings that are to be worn as a set with the Impish Horns that can only be obtained at the Able Sisters.

Some places will be decorated for Halloween, including outside of Town Hall. Three days before Halloween, Mabel, Timmy and Tommy, Tom Nook, and Isabelle will be wearing Halloween themed accessories as part of the celebrations.

If the player gives their villagers a piece of candy they'll give the player either a special spooky item or a lollipop. If not, the villager will personally rearrange the player's appearance with a new skin and eye color. Villager's can be spoken to numerous times, however, they'll only approach the player to ask for Candy. Jack will provide the player with numerous tricks if the player refuses to give him a piece of Candy too. The tricks come in 4 variations of a custom design but cannot be saved by the player.

When giving Jack a Lollipop, he may gift the player Jack's face or Jack's robe. When both are obtained, the player can dress up as Jack. They can then speak to the dressed-up villagers, who, thinking the player is Jack, will give them a piece of Candy. The villager will then realize that "Jack" is actually the player, and will act as normal from then on.

Villagers inside their homes will also give the player candy if they’re wearing a costume when interacted with. This can be done again after some amount of time. There will usually be 3 villagers in their homes at a time.

When giving a villager a piece of candy, the player has a chance to obtain one of the spooky DIY Recipes if they weren't learned previously, which can apply to every spooky DIY Recipe excluding the Spooky garland and Spooky table setting recipes that are only obtainable on Halloween itself. Nook's Cranny will sell one of the 14 obtainable spooky items on display for each day of the month excluding the table setting, garland, and carriage. These items can be catalogued, however they cannot be repurchased with the Nooks Shopping App.

Lollipops obtained through the event will have higher chances at obtaining a recipe. The spooky wand can be obtained from Jack himself. Candies will come in only one variation unlike in City Folk.

Villagers will sometimes gather at the Plaza and make spooky Haunt and Scare reactions with each other. Making these reactions at the villagers will either cause them to make the same reactions back, react in fear or make a sad face. This depends on the villager personality. Making the Haunt or Scare reaction at Jack will have him laugh in return.

Isabelle, Tom Nook, Timmy, Tommy and Mabel will also wear spooky headgear of their own. For instance, Isabelle wears an orange-and-black witch hat, and Tom nook wears impish horns.

New Leaf masks

Image Name Price Available From
Bug mask.jpg
Bug mask 1,031 Bells Able Sisters (during October)
Ghost mask.jpg
Ghost mask 1,031 Bells Able Sisters (during October)
Monster mask.jpg
Monster mask 1,031 Bells Able Sisters (during October)
Mummy mask.jpg
Mummy mask 1,031 Bells Able Sisters (during October)
Skeleton hood.jpg
Skeleton hood 1,031 Bells Able Sisters (during October)
Werewolf hood.jpg
Werewolf hood 1,031 Bells Able Sisters (during October)
Pumpkin head.jpg
Pumpkin head N/A Jack (no candy without a mask or headgear on)
Green-pumpkin head.jpg
Green-pumpkin head N/A Villagers (losing trick without any headgear)
Purple-pumpkin head.jpg
Purple-pumpkin head N/A Villagers (losing trick without any headgear)
Red-pumpkin head.jpg
Red-pumpkin head N/A Villagers (losing trick without any headgear)
Yellow-pumpkin head.jpg
Yellow-pumpkin head N/A Villagers (losing trick without any headgear)

Scaring villagers (New Leaf)

Villager Mask
Agent S Bug
Agnes Skull
Al Mummy
Alfonso Bug
Alice Mummy
Alli Mummy
Amelia Skull
Anabelle Ghost
Anchovy Mummy
Angus Mummy
Anicotti Monster
Ankha Monster
Annalisa Skull
Annalise Mummy
Antonio Mummy
Apollo Ghost
Apple Bug
Astrid Skull
Aurora Skull
Ava Monster
Avery Ghost
Axel Monster
Baabara Werewolf
Bam Mummy
Bangle Ghost
Barold Ghost
Beardo Ghost
Beau Werewolf
Becky Ghost
Bella Monster
Benedict Skull
Benjamin Mummy
Bertha Bug
Bettina Ghost
Biff Ghost
Big Top Bug
Bill Werewolf
Biskit Mummy
Blaire Werewolf
Blanca Ghost
Blanche Mummy
Bluebear Mummy
Bob Monster
Bonbon Monster
Bones Mummy
Boomer Werewolf
Boone Skull
Bree Skull
Broccolo Werewolf
Broffina Ghost
Bruce Bug
Bubbles Ghost
Buck Werewolf
Bud Ghost
Bunnie Monster
Butch Monster
Cally Skull
Camofrog Mummy
Canberra Werewolf
Carmen Monster
Caroline Skull
Celia Mummy
Cesar Monster
Chadder Bug
Charlise Monster
Cheri Mummy
Cherry Ghost
Chester Ghost
Chevre Ghost
Chief Werewolf
Chops Werewolf
Chow Bug
Chrissy Monster
Claudia Monster
Clay Mummy
Clyde Skull
Coach Monster
Cobb Mummy
Coco Mummy
Cole Ghost
Colton Bug
Cookie Bug
Cousteau Bug
Cranston Monster
Croque Mummy
Cube Werewolf
Curlos Werewolf
Curly Mummy
Curt Bug
Cyrano Skull
Daisy Werewolf
Deena Ghost
Deirdre Ghost
Del Mummy
Deli Monster
Derwin Monster
Diana Monster
Diva Ghost
Dizzy Bug
Doc Ghost
Dora Ghost
Dotty Monster
Drago Bug
Drake Monster
Drift Bug
Ed Bug
Egbert Skull
Elise Bug
Elmer Skull
Eloise Ghost
Elvis Bug
Erik Werewolf
Eugene Monster
Eunice Werewolf
Fang Werewolf
Fauna Werewolf
Felicity Werewolf
Felyne Monster
Filbert Werewolf
Flip Ghost
Flo Werewolf
Flora Werewolf
Flurry Bug
Francine Skull
Frank Ghost
Freckles Werewolf
Freya Bug
Friga Mummy
Frita Werewolf
Frobert Bug
Fuchsia Ghost
Gabi Monster
Gala Monster
Gaston Werewolf
Gayle Werewolf
Genji Bug
Gigi Werewolf
Gladys Bug
Gloria Mummy
Goldie Werewolf
Goose Werewolf
Graham Werewolf
Greta Skull
Grizzly Bug
Groucho Bug
Gruff Skull
Gwen Mummy
Hamlet Monster
Hamphrey Skull
Hans Ghost
Harry Monster
Hazel Monster
Henry Werewolf
Hippeux Skull
Hopper Monster
Hugh Bug
Iggly Bug
Jacques Bug
Jambette Ghost
Jay Skull
Jeremiah Monster
Jitters Skull
Joey Monster
Julian Bug
Kabuki Skull
Katt Mummy
Keaton Werewolf
Ken Monster
Kevin Skull
Kid Cat Ghost
Kidd Monster
Kiki Bug
Kitt Werewolf
Kitty Monster
Klaus Ghost
Knox Mummy
Kody Monster
Kyle Skull
Leonardo Werewolf
Lily Ghost
Limberg Mummy
Lionel Monster
Lobo Werewolf
Lolly Bug
Lopez Skull
Lucha Bug
Lucky Mummy
Lucy Monster
Lyman Ghost
Mac Skull
Maelle Mummy
Medli Ghost
Mallary Mummy
Maple Bug
Marcel Mummy
Marcie Werewolf
Margie Skull
Marina Skull
Marshal Ghost
Mathilda Skull
Melba Mummy
Merengue Ghost
Merry Werewolf
Midge Ghost
Mint Werewolf
Mira Bug
Miranda Mummy
Mitzi Bug
Moe Monster
Molly Ghost
Monique Monster
Monty Skull
Moose Bug
Mott Ghost
Muffy Werewolf
Nan Ghost
Nana Monster
Naomi Ghost
Nate Werewolf
Nibbles Bug
O'Hare Bug
Octavian Werewolf
Olaf Monster
Olivia Monster
Opal Ghost
Ozzie Bug
Pancetti Mummy
Pango Ghost
Papi Skull
Pashmina Mummy
Pate Werewolf
Patty Werewolf
Paula Monster
Peaches Monster
Peanut Bug
Pecan Werewolf
Peck Skull
Peewee Monster
Peggy Monster
Pekoe Bug
Penelope Monster
Phil Mummy
Phoebe Skull
Pierce Bug
Pietro Werewolf
Pinky Skull
Pippy Monster
Pompom Werewolf
Poncho Monster
Poppy Skull
Portia Monster
Prince Monster
Puck Werewolf
Puddles Skull
Pudge Ghost
Punchy Monster
Purrl Monster
Queenie Mummy
Quillson Bug
Rasher Ghost
Renée Mummy
Rhonda Ghost
Ribbot Bug
Rizzo Mummy
Roald Skull
Robin Werewolf
Rocco Monster
Rocket Bug
Rod Bug
Rodeo Ghost
Rodney Werewolf
Rolf Skull
Rooney Bug
Rory Ghost
Roscoe Ghost
Rosie Werewolf
Rowan Werewolf
Ruby Monster
Rudy Ghost
Sally Skull
Samson Bug
Savannah Monster
Scoot Werewolf
Shari Ghost
Sheldon Mummy
Shep Mummy
Simon Monster
Skye Mummy
Sly Monster
Snake Bug
Soleil Ghost
Sparro Skull
Spork Bug
Sprinkle Skull
Static Skull
Sterling Bug
Stitches Ghost
Stinky Ghost
Sydney Mummy
Sylvia Mummy
T-Bone Mummy
Tabby Werewolf
Tammi Mummy
Tammy Skull
Tangy Werewolf
Tank Skull
Teddy Mummy
Tex Ghost
Tia Skull
Tiffany Skull
Timbra Werewolf
Tipper Ghost
Tom Skull
Truffles Monster
Tucker Bug
Tutu Skull
Twiggy Mummy
Tybalt Werewolf
Velma Bug
Vesta Werewolf
Vic Werewolf
Violet Werewolf
Vladimir Skull
Walker Mummy
Walt Bug
Wart Jr. Mummy
Wendy Werewolf
Willow Werewolf
Winnie Werewolf
Whitney Bug
Wolfgang Mummy
Yuka Bug
Zell Skull
Zucker Bug


City Folk

New Leaf

New Horizons


  • It was possible to access Halloween 2020 in Version 1.5.0 before the event officially began in October 31st 2020.

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