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M hammerF hammer The Hammer is a new tool introduced in New Leaf, used to hit other players and villagers. Unlike other tools, which come in gold, silver and regular, the hammer only comes in one style. It is colored red, with a yellow handle.


In New Leaf[]

The hammer is used by the player on Tortimer Island to play the game Hammer Time. The player is given a hammer and must chase a Cornimer remote control car and hit it as many times as possible to earn medals in a certain amount of time. The more times the toy is hit, the more medals the player wins.

On rare occasions, the hammer will be for sale at Tortimer Island. The player can purchase the hammer for 10 medals. It can be used on other villagers or players, though hitting villagers will cause them to become angry.



In other languages[]

Language Name Translation
France French Marteau en plastique -
Spain Spanish Martillo de juguete -
Germany German Quietschehammer -
Italy Italian Martello -