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The Happy Home Showcase (also called Model Homes) is a new location that appears in the town in New Leaf. The plaza appears behind the arch in the center of Main Street, opposite the train tracks.

The main service this area provides is the ability to visit StreetPass players' houses from other towns.

Digby stands outside the plaza, and will greet the player before they enter. He will then follow the player through and provide them with information on the area.


What is first noticeable when entering the Happy Home Showcase are the number of homes with other players walking around them. Each of these houses belongs to a player the current player has visited using StreetPass.

  • There are 48 houses in total, with 16 in 3 blocks each which can be seen in the area Digby walks the player through to.
  • After a while, the player may notice some houses being replaced by newer houses they have visited.
  • Homes may be saved and are symbolized by a pink heart floating above it. These homes will not be replaced by newer buildings, but the player may only save 16.
  • Homes which are new or have been updated since the last visit are colored yellow on the map screen.
  • Homes which have not been updated since the last visit are colored gray on the map screen.

The player may also order furniture displayed in another player's house. There are some limitations to ordering furniture, as follows: 

  • Special furniture cannot be ordered, with the exception of StreetPass balloon items.
  • Any furniture that has been customized by Cyrus will not be available to order from the Happy Home Showcase, even if it would be available otherwise.  For example, although the Modern Series is able to be ordered, if an item from the series has been customized it cannot be ordered from the player's home. 
  • The player will only be able to order 5 items from the Happy Home Showcase a day, including undelivered items.  This limit applies as a total, as opposed to 5 items per house.  Only 5 items may be ordered in total, per day.


Main article: StreetPass

StreetPass is one of the network capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS. It allows the player to connect to other Nintendo 3DS consoles, whether they are in sleep mode or currently in use. The player does not need to connect manually to another player's 3DS, as this is done automatically when another console is within range.

In New Leaf, when another 3DS console with the game installed is within range, the 3DS will download some of their data to the Happy Room Showcase, including the house and furniture, and any badges received from Phineas

The feature can be turned off. However, this does mean homes may not be added to the Showcase.

If the player StreetPasses someone multiple times, they may find their character holding an item, such as a balloon or pinwheel. If the player goes up and talk to them, they will give it to them.



  • Only six new StreetPasses will be at the plaza. The excess newcomers will be out at the showcase areas.
  • Happy Home Showcase could be a subsidiary of Happy Home Academy.
  • Using Digby's amiibo with the magic lamp will cause Wisp to take over the entrance gate for the day.

In other languages[]

Happy Home Showcase
Language Name Translation
Italy Italian Quartiere Sbirciacase -
South Korea Korean 해피홈 전시장 -