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Logo-HappyRoomAcademy.png The Happy Room Academy (HRA), is a housing association that is run by Lyle. The HRA inspects the player's house each Sunday if the player chooses to sign up, and score it depending on the furniture inside. Ways of boosting the player's points are by placing rare or expensive pieces of furniture in the player's house, or completing a furniture series. These each give out point bonuses (see below). The Happy Room Academy is mainly made to help the player design their home, but if they score a lot of points there will surely be a reward (see below).

The Happy Room Academy was replaced by Happy Home Academy in New Leaf.

Animal Crossing (GCN)

Furniture Points
All the necessities of life in the same series 16,000
All the necessities of life of different series 4,400
Birthday cake 1,000
Clothes, Insects, Fish 3
Clothes the player designed themself 3
Complete Fossils after appraisal 1,000
Complete series 48,000 points
Complete set (# of pieces x 3,000)
Complete theme (# of pieces x 7,000) + 15,000
Fossils after appraisal 300
Furniture from e-Reader card 1,000
Gyroid 821
Item bought from Crazy Redd 412
Item bought from Tom Nook 51
Item from Gulliver 412
Item from Jack 1,031
Item from Jingle 1,224
Item from Saharah 412
Item from Snowman 888
Item from Tortimer (Can be bought) 412
Item from Tortimer (Can't be bought) 1,111
Item from Wendell 412
Item from the Igloo 412
Items from Gameboy Island 1,300
Limited Items (Harvest Series, ect.) 700
Lottery prize 1,029
Lucky Items 7,777
NES game from e-Reader card 1,983
NES game from Gameboy Island 1,983
NES Games 1,000
Prize for maxing out the player's HRA score 1,111
Prize for winning the Fishing Tourney 1,111
Reward for completing the Museum 1,111
Reward for starting Post Office savings 1,111
Wallpaper and floor match 1,000 points
Wallpaper and floor of the same series 10,000
Wallpaper and floor of the same theme 10,000
Wallpaper OR floor of the same series 4,800

Wild World

Spotlight items are worth +151 points. Those which are also lucky are worth +7,777 points.

Basic Points Awarded

Furniture Points
Accessories (Hats, Wigs, Glasses, etc) 3
Acorn Festival Prizes (Mush Furniture) 412
Available at Nook's (Furniture) 51
Available at Nook's (Wallpaper/Carpet) 0
Available from Saharah (Wallpaper/Carpet) 3
Clothing 3
Crazy Redd's Items (Excluding Paintings) 412
Festive Items (Available at Nook's for limited time) 151
Creatures caught with a fishing rod 3
Flowers 5
Fossils (Excluding Skeletons) 300
Fossils (Skeletons) 1,000
Gifts from neighbors (Birthday Cake) 1,111
Gifts from Nintendo (over WFC, Mario Theme) 210
Red Turnip Trade Items 325
Gulliver Items 412
Gyroid 828
House Models (HRA Rewards) 1,111
Creatures caught with a net 3
Lost Kitten Items 1,280
Lucky Items 7,777
Museum Model (From Completing the Museum) 1,111
Pascal Items 1,543
Redd Items (Non-forged Paintings) 151
Savings Account Prize 912
Shells 3
Spotlight Items (at Nook's) 151
Store Models (From Nook Membership) 1,111
Texture/Pattern (as umbrella, clothes, or painting) 3
Town Event Items 1,111
Trophies (Bug, Fishing, Flower) 800
Umbrellas 3
Villager Pictures (does not apply to special characters) 3,200

These items must be Redd items, not Nook items sold at Redd's tent.

The player can earn special gifts by obtaining a certain amount of HRA points. One story model, two story model and mansion model.

List of letters

[#] points...
If your room ate lunch, it
would be LOSING it right
now! This is shameful!
[#] points.
We suppose you could live
here...but why would you
want to? Do try harder.
[#] points.
It's...better, but we worry
about the size. Where will
you put your furniture?
[#] points...
It's looking and feeling a
little bit better. Still
small! ...But better.
[#] points.
You have two floors. Now
show us you can use that
space efficiently!
[#] points.
It's actually becoming
livable! expand,
or not to expand.
[#] points.
You have a good deal of
space, so add furniture
that you can relax in!
[#] points.
Got extra space? Create a
"You Zone" where you can
relax after a hard day!
[#] points.
It's coming together, but
is still a bit sterile. Let
your creative juices flow!
[#] points!
Your discerning eye and
hip style have created a
space that screams YOU!
[#] points!
Stylish! Elegant! SASSY!
No matter where you look,
this is a PERFECT room!!!
[#] points!
You've completed the
[series] series!
That took determination.
[#] points!
Just one more piece, and
you'll complete the entire
[series] series!
[#] points!
The [series]
series is done! Now tackle
the walls and floor!
[#] points!
It looks like your house
was built around your
[series]! Good!
[#] points!
It's hard to get an entire
set, but you never gave
up! Well done, darling!
[#] points!
You got all the basics, 
then created a relaxing,
safe environment. Cheers!
[#] points!
The positioning of each 
piece creates a room
with perfect feng shui!
[#] points!
This is a beautiful room!
We can see that you paid
extra attention to color.
[#] points!
Your room has personality
and charm throughout!
An impressive specimen!
[#] points!
Your [collection]
collection has really
altered the room's feel.
[#] points!
You've acquired enough
pieces to earn extra
points! A lucky bonus!
[#] points.
Maybe you want to live in
a closet? Why else would
JUNK be lying about?!
[#] points.
Dressers are USELESS when
facing the wall! Make sure
they face the right way!
[#] points!
Amazing! Please take this
gift to commemorate
earning 70,000 points!
[#] points!!
Astounding! Please take
this gift to commemorate
earning 100,000 points!
[#] points!!!
UNBELIEVABLE!! Please take
this gift to commemorate
earning 150,000+ points!!
Thank you for joining the
Happy Room Academy! We
will monitor your progress
with much interest.

City Folk

Lyle welcomes the player to HRA in City Folk.

Letter of congratulation on getting 150,000 points in City Folk.

The HRA headquarters is located in the City, where they player can view their friends scores via Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. Lyle now works in this building.

On Sunday the HRA sends the player their evaluation results on academy paper. If they don't want to receive the results by mail, the player can ask Lyle at the HRA headquarters to stop sending them; and by asking him the same question afterwards, he will send them again. The player can always check their HRA points with Lyle.

What seems to be the easiest and possibly cheapest way to collect HRA points is to acquire as many lucky items as possible - 10 lucky items alone gets the player well over 75,000 points.

Model Room

Lyle tells the player that there is no model room.

There is sometimes no Model Room.

At the back of the HRA is the model room, a room chosen by Lyle every month that satisfies a certain theme, it can be the room of the player or a villager. Sometimes, there is no model room, and the area for the model room is replaced by an empty 4x4 room.

New Leaf

Below is a brief description of Happy Home Academy. For more information, click here.

In New Leaf, Happy Room Academy is replaced with the Happy Home Academy, which can be found inside of Nook's Homes, which is located on Main Street.

To unlock it, the player must pay off their debt to Tom Nook, and their tent must be upgraded to a house. The player will then be introduced to Lyle personally by Tom Nook, and then Lyle will give a brief explanation of what Happy Home Academy. Along with this, the Happy Home Showcase will also be unlocked on Main Street. 

Different from City Folk, Lyle now will personally tell the player their score each day they come in to ask and will give the player advice on what to do to improve their score, such as where to put certain colored objects, or to include bugs and fish in their décor. The player's score will changed when his "team" evaluates it at 6:00 am each day. He will also tell the player how many points are ideal for their house, which increases with every expansion.

When it is first unlocked the Happy Home Academy rates only the interior of the player's home. However, once the player finishes the last home expansion they will receive a visit from Lyle, who will inform the player that they can now choose to participate in theme challenges which offer points for both the exterior and interior of the player's home

Point Bonuses

Complete Series

20,000 points for all 10 pieces of furniture in a series.

Complete Series + Wallpaper or Carpet

25,000 points for all 10 pieces of furniture in a series, and either matching wallpaper or carpet.

Complete Series + Wallpaper and Carpet

30,000 points for all 10 pieces of furniture in a series, plus both the matching wallpaper and carpet.

Furniture Theme Flooring or Wallpaper

3,000 points just for a theme's flooring or wallpaper.

Furniture Theme Flooring or Wallpaper + Theme Furniture

3,000 x number of pieces of furniture in the room which match the carpet or wallpaper.

Complete Furniture Set

1,000 points for each piece in the set.

Necessities of Living

The player has a bed, table, chair, wardrobe and dresser in their home.


  • It is presumed that the Happy Room Academy later became the Happy Home Academy due to the same style and outfit that is shown in the HRA also being shown in the HHA.

In other languages

Happy Room Academy (HRA)
Language Name
Germany German Akademie des Schönen Hauses (ASH)
Italy Italian Accademia delle Belle Case (ABC)
South Korea Korean 해피룸 아카데미 (해피룸)


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