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Harvey Gallery

..Harv? Oh! You mean me!
― Harvey, New Leaf

Harvey (パニエル Panieru, Paniel), also known as Harv, is a special dog character that debuts in the Welcome amiibo update of New Leaf. Harvey is the owner of the campground. Besides explaining the campground, Harvey also sells special furniture in exchange for MEOW Coupons. Harvey returns in New Horizons as the owner of Harv's Island.


Harvey's appearance resembles a stereotypical hippie. His headband has orange and red triangles. He wears sunglasses with a blue tint. He has large, half-closed eyes, which are barely visible with the glasses on. His shirt is an oversized white long sleeve shirt with a deep V-neck and red trimmings. He has a triangular-shaped nose and a bushy mustache. He also has a poncho-like vest. His pants are acid washed jeans and he wears brown boots.


As a stereotypical hippie, Harvey tends to act absent-minded, forgetting how he knows the player when they try to engage in discussion with him. He does not like technology, nor is he very good at using it, and he is also a vegan. He loves nature and birds.


In New Leaf[]

Harv campground

Throwing beans in the campground attracts birds

Main article: Campground

In New Leaf, during the day Harvey interacts with yellow birds by feeding them with beans. A single yellow bird frequently sits on his head until scared away by nets and other tools. Through certain dialogue Harvey will offer the player throwing beans, marking the first worldwide release of this previously Japanese-exclusive item.

In New Horizons[]

Main article: Harv's Island

In New Horizons, Harvey travels to the player's island after the third villager moves in. He compliments the rapid development of the player's island, and explains that he lives by himself on another island nearby, Harv's Island, inviting the player to visit it via Dodo Airlines. At Harv's Island, Harvey will explain that his house is where he runs a free photography studio, Photopia. The player can decorate the various rooms or sets of the house with furniture in their catalog, invite villagers to assist as models, and give the models costumes to create unique photos. Harvey remains outside his house and will re-explain Photopia if asked. If the player selects their villagers as models, Harvey will later call the player on their NookPhone when they arrive at their island. The next day the player will be able to decorate their home with posters of their villagers by purchasing them in Resident Services.

NH-HarvsIslandInterior NH-HarveysHouse
Harvey's Photopia interior Harvey's Photopia exterior

amiibo Card[]

amiibo Card[1]
Amiibo card back
#417 Harvey
Type Special
Star sign Leo
Birthday 8/2
Roll value N/A
Hand sign N/A
Request N/A
416 Saharah #417 Harvey 418 Gulliver


  • Different meanings can be found in Harvey's international names:
    • His English, Dutch, German, and Portuguese names, Harvey, is a masculine English name from the Old Breton name Huiarnviu (meaning "battle worthy" or more literally "blazing iron"; itself from hoiarn "iron" and viu "blazing"). This is contradictory to his relaxed nature, as he would much prefer to stare at the sky than charge into battle.
      • His Russian name, Харви (Kharvi), is a transliteration of the English spelling. This is spelled with the Cyrllic letter Х (kha) as this is the closest approximation to Latin letter H in Russian.
      • Harvey rhymes with RV, the acronym for a recreational vehicle, referencing his campground. This works as a pun exclusively in English translations, as the RV acronym isn't traditionally used in the other languages.
      • Harvey also was famously the name of Saint Hervé, a blind abbot from Breton who was accompanied by a domesticated wolf and is a patron saint of musicians and people with eye problems (possibly reflected in how Harvey is a dog that wears glasses and plays percussion instruments).
    • His Japanese and Korean names (JPN: パニエル (Panieru?); KOR: (파니엘 Paniel)) are clippings of the respective languages' borrowing of the word spaniel (JPN: スパニエル (supanieru?); KOR: (스파니엘 seupaniel)), in reference to how he is part of the spaniel family of dog breeds, presumably a cocker spaniel (see French name below).
      • Both names are similar to how a real name such as Daniel would be transliterated into their languages (JPN: ダニエル (Danieru?); KOR: (다니엘 Daniel)).
      • The first halves of both names also contain the name of the Greek satyr Pan (A.Gk. Πάν; see Spanish name below)
    • His French name, Joe, is a hypocorism of the masculine French name Joseph, from the Hebrew name יוֹסֵף (Yosef, lit. "God shall add"). This together with his breed may be a pun on Joe Cocker (1944-2014), a famous counterculture musician who cofounded the psychedelic rock band The Grease Band which performed at the original Woodstock festival, and recorded the album Mad Dogs & Englishmen (1970).
    • His Spanish name, Fauno, is the Spanish word for faun, a Roman mythical being equivalent to the Greeks' satyr. A faun (L. faunus; A.Gk. φαῦνος phaunos) is a musical forest spirit with the body of a man in exception to the horns, legs, and tail of a goat; and plays rustic music on stringed instruments or pipes. The Roman god of the fauns, Faunus, is the equivalent of the Greek god of the satyrs, Pan (A.Gk. Πάν; see Japanese and Korean names above).
    • His Italian name, Fiorilio, is a portmanteau of the word fiori "flower" and a masculine name such as Aurelio or Emilio, and can be read as "the flowered one".
    • His Chinese name, Bā Liè (simp. 巴猎; trad. 巴獵), can be loosely read as "to chase dreams". It may also be a transliteration of the masculine name Barry, the unisex name Bailey, or the word barley. Bailey is coincidentally the name of the dog in A Dog's Purpose (2017), a film advertised internationally while Welcome amiibo was in development. The grain barley is a cooking ingredient in tsamba, a Tibetan porridge seen as a symbol of luck and joy in Buddhist cultures (see below).
      • The Han characters have individual meanings:
        • can mean "to greatly desire; to anxiously hope; to long for". Is the simplified form of 芭 ("fragrant grass"), 笆 ("bamboo fence"), and 粑 ("cake-like food; tsamba"). It can also be a surname.
        • liè (traditional 獵) means "to hunt; to pursue". Also obsolete use to refer to a tortoise or turtle.
  • Harvey's names in the English, Dutch, Russian, and French translations are alliterative with Harriet's, a close friend of his introduced in Wild World (preceding his debut).
  • According to the Animal Crossing Direct in which he was revealed, Harvey has a crush on Harriet. In one of his dialogues, he reveals that he has known Harriet for a long time.
  • In the Direct, Harvey is hinted to wear a different headband each day, although no one notices.
  • Harvey's appearance is a reference to John Lennon from the legendary British rock band, The Beatles.
  • Occasionally he can be seen scattering birdseed to feed the birds or pretending to fly.
  • At night, the birds will not appear, and he will instead sip coffee or play the maracas and or tambourine.
  • When the player dances next to the campfire, Harvey will continuously shake his tambourine and maracas until they're done dancing.
  • He has the voice of a smug villager.
  • If it is raining or snowing, Harvey will be wearing a raincoat and hat. His items will also have a tarp surrounding them.
  • Harvey is only one of two NPCs in New Leaf (the other being Lloid) who doesn't have an amiibo card prior to Series 5 since Series 4 had already finished production before he debuted.
  • Harvey shares the same birthday as Vladimir. They were both born on August 2nd.

In other languages[]

Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese パニエル Panieru -
France French Joe -
Spain Spanish Fauno -
Germany German Harvey -
Italy Italian Fiorilio -
The Netherlands Dutch Harvey -
Russia Russian Харви Kharvi -
China Chinese 巴獵/巴猎 Bāliè -
South Korea Korean 파니엘 Unknown -


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