Hobbies are past-times that the villagers in the player's town may take up to occupy their time. Hobbies include walking, fossil collecting, bug catching, fishing, fashion, gardening, and home improvement. Hobbies affect villagers in many ways - their conversations vary, the content of their homes change, and what they wear or carry may differ as well.

In Wild World the hobby of the villager will change if the player prevents them from moving.

Villagers often talk of their hobby depending on their personality, explaining why they chose it and what they would like to achieve. In City Folk, lazy villagers may ask the player to guess what their current hobby is.

List of hobbies (pre-New Horizons)

  • Bug catching - Much like fishing, villagers collect insects for display in their homes. In Wild World,

    Bug catchers use nets

    residents have competitions with the player to find a certain insect as fast as they can. In City Folk, villagers simply ask for a specific insect, often in exchange for a reward. Villagers with this hobby carry nets.
  • Fashion - Animals ask for new clothes in exchange for gifts. Sometimes, requests may be very specific. Items of clothing can be rejected if the villager deems them too unattractive. Lazy villagers might say that they're becoming a super hero, named Super Spiffy (name here). And that he may ask the player for style tips later on, since the player will be his sidekick. They also say that they're now gonna stop wearing only the clothes their mom sends them. They also can call themselves Fashion Lad, also making the player their "sidekick".
  • Fishing - Villagers with this hobby collect fish to put in their house. In Wild World, villagers often treated their hobby as more of a competition to see who could catch a fish the fastest. They could ask for a

    A fishing rod

    specific fish, the rarest fish, or even the biggest fish, and would always take the fish in exchange for a present if they lost. In City Folk, animals ask for a certain fish that they would like, often in exchange for a reward. Animals that enjoy fishing carry fishing rods around town.
  • Fossil collecting - Villagers who enjoy collecting fossils will sometimes ask for a fossil, specific or any. These will usually be placed inside the villager's homes. They will not accept or even acknowledge unidentified fossils. Villagers with this hobby can be seen carrying
    Fossil Hunting

    A player digging up a fossil

  • Furniture - Animals may ask for a color or specific furniture set. With colors there are items that they may reject if there is not enough of the color on the piece of furniture.
  • Gardening - Villagers who enjoy planting flowers. Flowers appear around the villager's house in great amounts, but are not tended to or organized. These animals carry watering cans.
  • Walking - An automatic second hobby of all villagers. Villagers talk of their favorite routes, what they notice on their walk, and how refreshing they find their walk to be. They can sometimes ask the player if they want to walk with the villager if they're not busy. Normal villagers will usually say that there are little flowers blooming where there were none yesterday, and that that's the kind of little discovery that warms their heart. 
  • Seashell collecting - This a rare hobby that Marina and Eloise tend to have [citation needed]}. The villager will usually be seen walking on the beach and will talk about seashells. They will ask the player to get seashells for them.

List of hobbies (New Horizons)

  • Education - Villagers can be frequently seen reading books, visiting the museum, and walking around holding a magnifying glass.
  • Fashion - Villagers often visit Able Sisters, will comment on the player's clothes, and give the player new clothes. All villagers with this hobby are female, and many of them are Snooty or Peppy.
  • Fitness - Villagers are more likely to exercise, lift weights, and do yoga, usually in the plaza or around their house. Many villagers with this hobby are Jocks, and every gorilla has this hobby.
  • Music - Villagers sing very often, especially in the plaza, near a stereo, or on a random spot on the island. They can also sometimes be found playing instruments and dancing idly even when no music is playing nearby.
  • Nature - Villagers will be distracted by bugs while wandering, will be more likely to sniff and water flowers, go fishing, gather logs, and sit underneath trees.
  • Play - Villagers will run around the island pretending to be an airplane, and may be more likely to set up treasure hunts. Many villagers with this hobby are Lazy.
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