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I really have to work the crowd today to convince everyone that this is THE place to live around here.
Tortimer, Animal Crossing

Hometown Day is a holiday that happens on Animal Crossing and Animal Forest e+ for GameCube. It is a holiday that is to celebrate the town's unique aspects. The name of this event varies depending on the town's name. For example, if a town was named "Treehut," the name of this event would change to "Treehut Day."

During this day, if the player talks to Tortimer, he will give them a train station model. There are fifteen train station models in the game to match the fifteen different stations possible to receive when the town is created. Of course, the player will receive the model that looks like their personal train station.

It is possible to receive all fifteen models by entering codes at Tom Nook's Store or by visiting a friend's town.