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Honey (ミツ, Mitsu?) is an item introduced in Pocket Camp that aids in catching bugs. The purpose of honey is to instantly catch several bugs at once. The types of bugs the player may catch depends on what type of honey is used.


Honey is only available for use at Sunburst Island. It is used instantly by selecting a stump with a honey symbol above it and selecting to use it. This uses up the honey completely but also immediately attracts several bugs based on the selected honey type.


Honey can be purchased at any time for 20 Leaf Tickets, awarded as a prize for leveling up, or as a log-in bonus.


There are three different kinds of honey: Honey, Flutter Honey, and Beetle Honey. The quantity of bugs the player will catch is represented by the number of question marks displayed next to the throw net icon after honey is used. Honey does not guarantee catching any type of bug. Flutter Honey guarantees 1 monarch butterfly and 1 tiger butterfly. Beetle Honey guarantees catching 1 fruit beetle and 1 horned dynastid. Beyond the guaranteed bug types, the three types of honey might also attract a horned dynastid at 24.7525%, fruit beetle at 24.7525%, tiger butterfly at 24.7525%, monarch butterfly at 24.7525%, miyama stag at 0.4125%, jewel beetle at 0.33%, and/or emperor butterfly at 0.2475%.


In other languages[]

Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese ミツ Mitsu -
Germany German Honigsüße -
Italy Italian Miele -