"I caught a horned dynastid! Your era just ended, buddy!" —New Leaf

The horned dynastid (カブトムシ, Kabuto-mushi?) is a uncommon bug found in all games. Prior to New Leaf, it was known as the dynastid beetle. It appears between the months of July and August, between 7 pm and 8 am. They are similar to a Hercules Beetle because of their shape.

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In Animal Crossing

"They're called beetles, wot? The lugs of the insect world. Insects with armor plating their backs, you know. Their armor, it... opens up, revealing wings. Which they use to fly! It's really quite unnatural. Then, there's that thin, membrane-like covering where their heads connect to their bodies. Most foul!"

In Wild World

"Do tell, [Player Name], have you ever seen a dynastid beetle's larva? Oh, no trouble at all if you haven't, I assure you! If you had, we might speak of them, and then I would recall how vile they look. Let's forget it, shall we?"

In City Folk

"The dynastid beetle has a reputation as king of the forest, but this king is not without enemies, eh wot? Many species hunt this beetle. Examples include moles, crows, and owls... WOT WOT?!"

In New Leaf

In New Leaf, an information board in the bug exhibit will list information about this bug.

"Horned dynastids are part of the scarab family. Their horns are actually part of their exoskeleton. Horned dynastids don't have a nose or ears, but they can sense smells with their antennae. They are also able to feel the minor vibrations of sounds traveling in the air using thin hair on their bodies. They are fairly loud when flying, plus they emit a rather sour odor, so they are hard not to notice."

It can be found in the top terrace of the bug exhibit, on the middle Oak Tree.

Capture quotes

"Yes! I caught the famed dynastid beetle! It's incredibly strong! (For its size)" —Animal Crossing
"I caught a dynastid beetle! Talk about powerful!" —Wild World
"Yessss! I caught a dynastid beetle! Strong, tough, and AWESOME!" —City Folk
"I caught a horned dynastid! Your era just ended, buddy!" —New Leaf

Encyclopedia Information

Wild World

Encyclopedia Information
Horned dynastid (Wild World) "Their proud horn is actually just overgrown skin. They're related to scarab beetles."
Size 80 mm
Time Summer
Season Night
Icon Horned dynastid (Wild World icon)

City Folk

Encyclopedia Information
Dynastid Beetle (City Folk)
"The proud horns of these relatives of the scarab beetle are just overgrown skin."
Size About 80 mm
Time Summer
Season Night - Morning

New Leaf

Encyclopedia Information
Horned dynastid encyclopedia (New Leaf)
"I caught a horned dynastid! Your era just ended, buddy!"
Size 79 mm
Time Night-Morning
Season Summer

Further Information

Horned Dynastid

Real horned dynastid

The name Dynastid is a reference to its family (Dynastidae) or subfamily (Dynastinae) depending on the source; the taxonomy of these beetles has long been challenged. In the case of being placed as a subfamily within the Scarab Beetle family Scarabeidae they are probably better off called Dynastinid Beetles.

This Rhinoceros beetle starts out as a very large larvae, the size of an ordinary caterpillar. At middle stage, it earns a more toughened look, even though it still has a caterpillar-like rear.In Asian life, it is sometimes treasured as a delicacy, preferred fried. Like many other beetles in Japan, they are frequently found as pets.

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