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The horse mackerel, Trachurus japonicus, is a common fish that can be found in the ocean. Like the sea bass, it can be caught at any given time, month, or season. It was introduced in Animal Forest e+.

Donation to the museum

As with all fish caught in the Animal Crossing series, the horse mackerel can be donated to the museum in each game by talking to Blathers, who will also give some information on it.

In Wild World

Upon donation, Blathers the curator will say:

"Tell me <player>, how do you like to eat your fried horse mackerel? With tartar sauce? Vinegar? ...Ah! Cocktail sauce?! Hoo, I see. Fascinating."

In City Folk

Upon donation, Blathers the curator will say:

"Horse mackerel are not at all related to horses... Rather obvious, I should think... It's quite a strange name, given how many fish are related to this one, like yellowtail and amberjack."

In New Leaf

In New Leaf, an information board in the aquarium will list information about this fish.

"With their appealing flavor, horse mackerel have long been a cheap and common food source. However, in certain regions, they have actually been branded as something of a luxury dish. They have tough scales on both sides of their bodies that must be removed before preparing. Though small, they are formidable carnivores. Since they go after bait, they are popular with fishers."

In New Horizons

In New Horizons, Upon donation or selecting "Tell me more about this!", Blathers the curator will say:

"Supposedly the horse mackerel derives its name from a—false—myth about its strength as a swimmer. The gist of it is that these fish are so powerful underwater that smaller fish can ride them as steeds! It's absurd, of course. Where would these alleged fish jockeys attach a saddle, much less horseshoes? One does wish that people would construct their legends with a BIT more scientific plausibility! "

Capture quotes

"アジを つりあげた! あじも よさそー!" —Animal Forest e+
"(translated) Pulled in a horse mackerel! Is the flavor good too?—!" —Animal Forest e+ (The Japanese word for "horse mackerel" is "aji", which can also mean "flavor")
"I caught a horse mackerel! Nay!? Yay!" —Wild World
"I caught a horse mackerel! But it sounds fine to me!" —City Folk
"I caught a horse mackerel! Holy mackerel!" —New Leaf
"I caught a horse mackerel! Of course," —New Horizons

Encyclopedia information

Wild World

Encyclopedia Information
Horse mackerel (Wild World) "They have hard scales called "scutes"."
Size 40 cm
Habitat Ocean
Season All year
Icon Horse mackerel (Wild World icon)

City Folk

Encyclopedia Information
Horse Mackerel (City Folk)
"The small, hard scales on the outside of these fish are called "scutes"."
Size 18.40 inches
Habitat Ocean
Season All year

New Leaf

Encyclopedia Information
"I caught a horse mackerel. Holy mackerel."
Size 18.40 inches
Habitat Ocean
Season All year

New Horizons

Encyclopedia Information
"I caught a horse mackerel! Of course,"
Habitat Sea
Months active (north) All year
Months active (south) Unknown



  • When this fish is given to Wendell in City Folk, the player is rewarded with a Horizontal Track pattern.
  • The horse mackerel features in the DLC quest 'Animal Crossing: Fisher King' for the game Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, where it can be caught by fishing, and it sells for 150z.

Further information


A real-life horse mackerel

Main article: Japanese jack mackerel on Wikipedia

The Japanese jack mackerel (alternatively Japanese horse mackerel) is a pelagic and commercially important fish common around the coastline and seas of Japan. The name horse mackerel alludes to a theory that other fish could hitch a ride on these mackerel and travel long distances while conserving energy. It can occur at a depth range of 0 – 275 m, but is most often between 50 and 275 metres. It is a vulnerable species and easily overfished.

In other languages

Horse mackerel
Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese アジ Aji
Flag of France small French Chinchard
Flag of Spain Spanish Jurel
Flag of Germany small German Makrele
Flag of Italy small Italian Sgombro
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Horsmakreel
Flagofrussiasmall Russian Ставрида Stavrida
Flagofchinasmall Chinese 竹荚鱼 Zhújiáyú
Flag of South Korea Korean 전갱이 Jeongaengi

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