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House Customization is a new feature in New Leaf. Through the Nook's Homes shop, the player can purchase exterior modifications for their home. This includes fences, pavement, mailboxes, doors, and roofing, most of which belong to a particular theme (outlined below). Like with other shops, the "stock" of what is available at the store changes daily. Players cannot purchase exterior modifications while they are having rooms expanded or added.

Golden house items can only be obtained through HRA rewards. House customization usually takes one day to complete. After the completion of the remodel, Tom Nook will inform the player of the changes after visiting his shop.


There are several architectural styles the player can purchase for their house which will change its entire exterior appearance. In order to purchase one, the player must have both a left and right first-floor room added on to their house. Purchasing one of the architectural styles will not remove any other exterior modifications.

Name Price
Castle 398,000
Mansion (Default) 198,000
Modern House 398,000
Zen Castle 398,000


Arched Doors[]

Name Price Theme
Arched Fairytale Door 4,000 Fairy tale
Arched Astro Door 4,000 Sci-Fi/Toy Shop/Trendy
Arched Bamboo Door 4,000 Harmonious/Rustic
Arched Beige Door 4,000 Trendy
Arched Blue Door 4,000 Fairy Tale
Arched Brown Door 4,000 Antique
Arched Cabin Door 4,000 Rustic
Arched Circle Door 4,000 Antique/Rustic
Arched Classic Door 4,000 Antique/Rustic
Arched Fish Door 4,000 Antique/Rustic
Arched Golden Door 0 (HRA reward) Antique/Toy Shop
Arched Green Door 4,000 Fairy Tale/Toy Shop
Arched Heavy Door 4,000 Antique/Quirky/Sci-Fi
Arched Imperial Door 4,000 Harmonious
Arched Kiddie Door 4,000 Toy Shop
Arched Mermaid Door 4,000 Fairy Tale
Arched Metal Door 4,000 Quirky/Sci-Fi/Toy Shop/Trendy
Arched Patched Door 4,000 Quirky/Sci-Fi
Arched Pink Door 4,000 Fairy Tale/Trendy
Arched Sweets Door 4,000 Fairy Tale
Arched Yellow Door 4,000 Fairy Tale/Toy Shop
Arched Zen Door 4,000 Harmonious/Quirky/Rustic

Square Doors[]

Name Price Theme
Astro Door 4,000 Sci-Fi/Toy Shop/Trendy
Bamboo Door 4,000 Harmonious/Rustic
Basic Door 4,000 Antique/Rustic
Beige Door 4,000 Antique/Trendy
Blue Door 4,000 Fairy Tale
Brown Door 4,000 Antique
Cabin Door 4,000 Rustic
Classic Door 4,000 Antique/Rustic
Fairytale Door 4,000 Fairy Tale
Fish Door 4,000 Antique/Rustic
Green Door 4,000 Fairy Tale/Toy Shop
Heavy Door 4,000 Antique/Quirky/Sci-Fi
Imperial Door 4,000 Harmonious
Kiddie Door 4,000 Toy Shop
Mermaid Door 4,000 Fairy Tale
Metal Door 4,000 Quirky/Sci-Fi/Toy Shop/Trendy
Patched Door 4,000 Quirky/Sci-Fi
Pink Door 4,000 Fairy Tale/Trendy
Sweets Door 4,000 Fairy Tale
Yellow Door 4,000 Fairy Tale/Toy Shop
Zen Door 4,000 Harmonious/Quirky/Rustic


Name Price Theme
Bamboo Fence 3,500 Harmonious/Rustic
Barbed Wire Fence 3,500 Quirky/Rustic/Sci-Fi
Blue Fence 3,500 Toy Shop/Trendy
Blue Mermaid Fence 3,500 Fairy Tale
Cinder-block Wall 3,500 Trendy
Concrete Fence 3,500 Sci-Fi/Toy Shop/Trendy
Corral Fence 3,500 Rustic
Country Fence 3,500 Rustic
Curvy Fence 3,500 Harmonious/Rustic
Fairytale Fence 3,500 Fairy Tale
Fancy Fence 3,500 Antique/Fairy Tale
Gray-Brick Fence 3,500 Antique/Quirky/Sci-Fi
Golden Fence 0 (HRA reward) Antique/Toy Shop
Hedge 3,500 Harmonious/Rustic
Picket Fence 3,500 Antique/Rustic
Pink Fence 3,500 Fairy Tale/Toy Shop/Trendy
Pink Mermaid Fence 3,500 Fairy Tale
Red Brick Fence 3,500 Trendy
Rope Fence 3,500 Sci-Fi
Sculpted Hedge 3,500 Harmonious/Rustic
Shanty Fence 3,500 Quirky/Sci-Fi
Sweets Fence 3,500 Fairy Tale
White Fence 3,500 Antique/Rustic
Zen Fence 3,500 Harmonious/Quirky


Name Price Theme
Barrel Mailbox 3,600 Antique/Harmonious/Rustic/Toy Shop
Blue Mailbox 3,600 Sci-Fi/Toy Shop
Cabana Mailbox 3,600 Harmonious/Quirky/Rustic
Cyan Mailbox 3,600 Sci-Fi/Toy Shop/Trendy
Fairy-tale Mailbox 3,600 Fairy Tale
Green Mailbox 3,600 Sci-Fi/Toy Shop
Golden Mailbox 0 (HRA reward) Antique/Toy Shop
Light-Blue Mailbox 3.600 Sci-Fi/Toy Shop/Trendy
Mermaid Mailbox 3,600 Fairy Tale
Metal Mailbox 3,600 Antique/Quirky/Sci-Fi/Toy Shop/Trendy
Orange Mailbox 3,600 Antique/Harmonious
Pink Mailbox 3,600 Fairy Tale/Rustic
Red Mailbox 3,600 Harmonious/Toy Shop
Royal Mailbox 3,600 Antique/Fairy Tale
Shabby Mailbox 3,600 Quirky
Square Mailbox 3,600 Toy Shop/Trendy
Stainless Mailbox 3,600 Sci-Fi/Toy Shop/Trendy
Sweets Mailbox 3,600 Fairy Tale
White Mailbox 3,600 Antique/Harmonious/Rustic
Wooden Mailbox 3,600 Antique/Harmonious/Rustic
Yellow Mailbox 3,600 Toy Shop
Zen Mailbox 3,600 Harmonious/Quirky/Rustic


Name Price
Blue Brick Pavement 2,800
Brick Pavement 2,800
Brown Pavement 2,800
Colorful Gravel 2,800
Concrete Pavement 2,800
Pebble Pavement 2,800
Pink Pavement 2,800
Square Pavement 2,800
Stone Pavement 2,800


Name Price Theme
Astro Roof 5,200 Sci-Fi/Toy Shop/Trendy
Black Modern Roof 5,200 Sci-Fi/Trendy
Black Roof 5,200 Quirky
Black Shingle Roof 5,200 Antique/Quirky/Rustic
Black Straw Roof 5,200 Harmonious/Quirky/Rustic
Black Tile Roof 5,200 Harmonious/Quirky
Blue Roof 5,200 Toy Shop
Blue Shingle Roof 5,200 Antique/Rustic
Brown Roof 5,200 Harmonious
Concrete Roof 5,200 Sci-Fi/Toy Shop/Trendy
Fairytale Roof 5,200 Fairy Tale
Fuchsia Roof 5,200 Fairy Tale
Golden Roof 0 (HRA reward) Antique/Toy Shop
Grass Roof 5,200 Harmonious/Rustic
Green Roof 5,200 Toy Shop
Green Tile Roof 5,200 Harmonious
Kiddie Roof 5,200 Toy Shop
Mermaid Roof 5,200 Fairy Tale
Mint Fairytale Roof 5,200 Fairy Tale
Pink Roof 5,200 Fairy Tale
Purple Roof 5,200 ---
Purple Shingle Roof 5,200 Antique/Rustic
Ranch Roof 5,200 Rustic
Red Roof 5,200 Harmonious/Toy Shop
Shanty Roof 5,200 Quirky/Sci-Fi
Simple Blue Roof 5,200 Rustic
Simple Green Roof 5,200 Sci-Fi/Trendy
Simple Gray Roof 5,200 Sci-Fi/Trendy
Stone Roof 5,200 Antique/Harmonious/Quirky
Straw Thatched Roof 5,200 Harmonious/Rustic
Sweets Roof 5,200 Fairy Tale
Uneven Stone Roof 5,200 Antique/Harmonious/Quirky
White Roof 5,200 ---
Yellow Roof 5,200 Toy Shop

Exterior Walls[]

Name Price Theme
Astro Exterior 5,600 Sci-Fi/Toy Shop/Trendy
Black Exterior 5,600 Quirky/Rustic/Trendy
Blue Chalet Exterior 5,600 Fairy Tale
Blue Exterior 5,600 Harmonious/Trendy
Brick Exterior 5,600 Trendy
Brown Brick Exterior 5,600 Antique/Trendy
Cabana Exterior 5,600 Harmonious/Rustic
Cabin Exterior 5,600 Rustic
Chalet Exterior 5,600 Antique/Rustic
Cobblestone Exterior 5,600
Concrete Exterior 5,600 Sci-Fi/Trendy
Earthy Exterior 5,600 Quirky
Exotic Exterior 5,600 Harmonious
Fairytale Exterior 5,600 Fairy Tale
Fancy Exterior 5,600 Antique/Fairy Tale
Garden Exterior 5,600 Fairy Tale
Golden Exterior 0 (HHA reward) Antique/Toy Shop
Kiddie Exterior 5,600 Toy Shop
Melon Exterior 5,600 Fairy Tale/Toy Shop
Mermaid Exterior 5,600 Fairy Tale
Orange Exterior 5,600 Harmonious/Trendy
Pink Exterior 5,600 Fairy Tale/Trendy
Red Barn Exterior 5,600 Harmonious/Rustic
Shanty Exterior  5,600 Quirky/Sci-Fi
Simple Exterior 5,600 Sci-Fi/Trendy
Stone Exterior 5,600 Antique/Quirky
Stucco Exterior 5,600 Antique
Sweets Exterior 5,600 Fairy Tale
White Brick Exterior 5,600 Trendy
White Exterior 5,600 Harmonious/Rustic
Yellow Exterior 5,600 Harmonious/Rustic
Zen Exterior 5,600 Harmonious