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Implied items, places, and characters are items, places, or characters that are only mentioned. The player cannot obtain or reach them.

Animal Crossing[]

Fauna Magazine[]

Fauna Magazine is a fashion magazine appearing only in Animal Crossing and Animal Forest e+ that Tom Nook mentions when trying to sell the player clothing, saying that the magazine calls it "hip". Some of the villagers also mention it occasionally.

Wild World[]


Boondox is an unseen town located north of the player's town in Wild World. It is generally described as a very poor, uncivilized town. The player can donate Bells to Boondox by speaking to Pelly or Phyllis at the Town Hall. At certain donation landmarks, the Boondoxians will send the player a letter informing them how their donations are being used to help Boondox greatly. Enclosed in certain letters will be a feather. Donating Bells to Boondox is the only way of obtaining the feathers, and cannot be bought from Tom Nook's catalog. In one letter, a resident of Boondox states that they are studying for the "Lake University entrance exams".

The existence of Boondox is highly debated. Cranky villagers will tell the player that they donated and after doing so, Tortimer went past them either saying "I'm having steak tonight!" or installing a plasma TV in his house, implying that Tortimer made up Boondox for his own profits.

Coffee bean providers[]

According to Rover in Wild World, The Roost gets some of its coffee beans from Espressopotamia, Northern Quaff, Joejavastan, Mochanistan, Mount Grindgolia, East Sweatopia.


Moppina is an unseen object that normal villagers occasionally refer to in conversation in Wild World, reflecting upon their reserved and shy nature. The mop is revealed to be the best friend of a normal villager, and after conversations between two normal villagers will reveal that Moppina is a good friend of any normal villager in the town, but is never seen. When talking to other normal villagers, it is revealed they both talk to it, try out hairstyles on it and even cook with it. Normal villagers also talk to snooty types about Moppina, but not with as much success. When they talk to peppy villagers about Moppina, they ask if they can meet her. Moppina is also mentioned in Maple's picture in Wild World.

City Folk[]

Captain Paperweight[]

Captain Paperweight is a comic book mentioned by lazy villagers in City Folk. It is a reference to modern-day superhero comics.

Dr. Shrunk's Laffs and Gaffes[]

RUU 0274

Elmer talking to Pinky about Dr. Shrunk's Laffs and Gaffes.

Dr. Shrunk's Laffs and Gaffes is an unseen DVD in City Folk. Sometimes lazy villagers will ask other villagers if they can borrow a copy of it. The villager answering will always own a copy but will ask for a fee of 500 Bells a day due to their shortness on Bells which will end up 3,500 for a week. The lazy villager will then reject it and say that buying the DVD would be cheaper. There are also other various volumes of Dr. Shrunk's DVD.

K.K. Slider: Live at the Roost[]

This is an unseen DVD mentioned in City Folk.

Guzzle for Health[]

This is an unseen book mentioned in City Folk.

Posy Farm[]


A letter thanking the player for purchasing seeds from Posy Farm.

Posy Farm is an unseen farm that possibly supplies Tom Nook's Store with flower seeds. In City Folk, after the player purchases 50 flower seeds from Tom Nook's Store, they will receive a letter from Posy Farm. Posy Farm will thank the player for purchasing Posy Farm seeds and will have a silver can attached to it.

New Leaf[]

Tony's Dancing Clown Coffee & Internet Hut[]

This is an unseen competitor to The Roost coffee shop that is sometimes mentioned in passing by snooty villagers if the player talks to them at The Roost in New Leaf. According to the villager, it is located "over in that other town".

New Horizons[]


Anyisle is an unseen island mentioned in New Horizons. "Someone" from Anyisle is the designer of both the default patterns on display at the Able Sisters shop and the default patterns in the NookPhone's Custom Designs app. Anyisle actually means Any island, meaning that the default patterns were designed by someone from any island.

Beep Boot Deet Doop[]

Beep Boot Deet Doop is an unseen TV music show mentioned by peppy villagers in New Horizons. It specializes in dance music.


Coralcola is an island mentioned by Gulliver in New Horizons. After retrieving Gulliver's lost communicator parts, Gulliver will occasionally say that the player's helpfulness reminds him of the time he washed up on Coralcola. It is likely a reference to the NES game Startropics, in which the island you play on is called CoralCola.

Fancy Freestyling[]

Fancy Freestyling is an unseen TV music show mentioned by peppy villagers in New Horizons. It's "where the rap stars of tomorrow make their debut". The villager may tell the player that if they ever got the chance to be on the show, they would freak out "because I don't know how to rap."

Love Star[]

Love Star is an unseen TV music show mentioned by peppy villagers in New Horizons. It specializes in love ballads.

Maglevs in Love[]

Maglevs in Love is an unseen romance soap opera mentioned by peppy villagers when they are consulted about a DIY item they are making in New Horizons. It is about magnetic levitation trains, and one character, Maglev Mike, is apparently at fault for a failed relationship in the show. The Peppy villager will state that she dreamt the idea for the DIY recipe while watching Maglevs in Love and say "It's about trains in love! One of them--Hang on. Not important! It doesn't matter if Maglev Mike took their relationship off the rails..." before asking the player if they'd like to learn a DIY recipe.

Mixed Paella Station[]

Mixed Paella Station was a television cooking show often mentioned in New Horizons by lazy villagers on Wednesdays. It is described as "a kid’s cooking show with no adult supervision". It appears that it came on once a week and was cancelled due to multiple lawsuits.

Pointed Questions[]

Pointed Questions is an unseen porcupine true-crime show mentioned by Sable, the oldest Able Sister, in New Horizons. After the player befriends her, she will mention the show on a Thursday, saying "I hope the DA will lay off this week. He is always badgering the witnesses."

Screech Along[]

Screech Along is an unseen TV music show mentioned by peppy villagers in New Horizons, specializing in metal. The villagers mention that everyone on the show "has the best hair". The villager may tell the player that if they ever got the chance to be on the show, they would "scream the roof off the place."

Slappy Clobbertown[]

Slappy Clobbertown is a TV show (based on a book series with 71 volumes) mentioned by peppy villagers to cranky villagers in New Horizons. So far, the TV show has 600 episodes, but only covers the first four books, and the peppy villager suggests that they watch them together once the cranky villager has read all the novels. The series seems to be mostly about a "doomed love affair between the heroes. The town is against them, but they slap and clobber their enemies, and they keep on loving." The first novel is entitled Sing a Song of Clobbertown. In the book, and presumably the show, the characters speak Elizabethan English.

Peppy villagers also mention that everybody loves the show: "Folks cosplay it, get tattoos of, and name their children after characters!" Fans of the show refer to themselves as "Slobbers". SlapClobCon also exists, which is most likely a convention about Slappy Clobbertown, and the peppy villager suggests traveling to the next SlapClobCon together.

"Oh well...if it's a book! Sing a Song of Clobbertown, huh. So this is a fun read?" - Cranky villager when given the first volume of Slappy Clobbertown.

Space Hammer Blaster[]

Space Hammer Blaster is a video game played by peppy and smug villagers in New Horizons that is mentioned in their dialogue.

Turnip Your Enthusiasm[]

Turnip Your Enthusiasm is an unseen magazine in New Horizons mentioned by sisterly villagers. They will talk about them giving an old, beat up copy of it to their old neighbor because he would read it something like 18 times.

Pocket Camp[]

Happy Home Designer[]

Across the Animal Crossing series[]


Anytown is an unseen town mentioned in all games prior to New Horizons. "Someone" from Anytown is the designer of the default patterns on display at the Able Sisters shop, and in New Leaf is also the seller who put up the default items present in the Re-Tail store. This is the equivalent of Anyisle, because the players live in towns, not islands.

Bagel Boy[]

RUU 0442

Elmer talking about Bagel Boy in City Folk.

Bagel Boy is an unseen comic in the Animal Crossing series. Lazy villagers will occasionally ask for it from other villagers. As with other comics and DVDs, the owner will charge Bells 500 Bells a day due to their low amount of Bells. The price will later be changed to 3,500 Bells in the conversation because the lazy villager wishes to keep it for a week, and therefore becomes too expensive for him. In New Horizons, lazy villagers may tell the player their ambitions to become a superhero named "Bagel Boy Jr."

Chillin' Magazine[]


Pudge talking about Chillin' Magazine in City Folk.

Chillin' Magazine is an unseen magazine featured in Wild World, City Folk and Happy Home Designer. It is read by lazy villagers. In Wild World, if the player talks to the lazy villager, they will ask if they want to see a couch from Chillin' Magazine.

Gyroid Joe's Escape from the Temple of the Avocado Princess XIII: Justice Edition[]

Gyroid Joe is a video game mentioned by Peppy villagers when talking to other Peppy villagers. It seems to be in all genres, including (but not limited to); RPG, FPS, battle royale, and a kart racer game. Peppy villagers will state that it won "The premier video-game event of [the current year]."

  • It may be based of off G.I Joe and Indiana Jones.

Ms. Nintendique[]


Ms. Nintendique is an unseen magazine mentioned by all female villagers in the town with the name referencing Nintendo, but it cannot be obtained or read. It parodies real magazines that have the focus on beauty and self-help. Patty's picture quote in Wild World references her being the "cover girl" for the current month. The magazine was first referenced in Wild World and has been noted in all subsequent games. Snooty villagers make references to it most often, referring to beauty tips and products. Some tips are agreed on, but sometimes villagers will show doubts about the truth, warning the player to take it with a grain of salt.

Pointed Love[]

Pointed Love is an unseen romance soap opera. The soap is only mentioned by Sable, the oldest Able Sister. After the player befriends her in City Folk, if the player speaks to her on a Thursday, she will say "Last night, Mabel recorded my favorite soap opera, Pointed Love: season four. It's about porcupines who break up, get back together, break up. You know, romance stuff." She will also mention Pointed Love after the player befriends her in New Leaf.

Precipitation Monthly[]

RUU 0435

Precipitation Monthly is an unseen magazine read by the Snowman which is built by the player during Winter. The only known information of this magazine is that it has a list of eligible "snowbachelors". If a Snowman is out of proportion, he will say it is only a matter of time before he makes Precipitation Monthly's list of Snowmen with the worst bodies. However, if the player builds a perfect snowman he will comment it's only a matter of time before he makes the list of snowbachelors.


Sumware is an unseen location in City Folk. Mabel claims it is where Wendell lives in City Folk; in Wild World, he was said to live in Tuskany. The spelling of this location suggests it is not just an ambiguous term for an unknown place or town but an actual area.


Treehut is an unseen town in Wild World and City Folk, presumably named after the Nintendo North American localization team, Treehouse. Upon the first visit to Able Sisters, all the designs that are there are from people in Treehut. Of the eight known Treehut designers (Tim, Alan, Scot, C-no, Ann, Sass, Rich, and Rei Rei), only three can be paired to their real life equivalent beyond a reasonable doubt (Tim: Tim O'Leary, Scot: Scot Ritchey, Rich: Rich Amtower--Rei Rei likely refers to Reiko Ninomiya; Ann may refer to Ann Lin).

The player cannot travel to Treehut, and it is unknown if the visitors that do come to the player's town are from Treehut.


Tuskany is an unseen town in Animal Crossing series. It is the home and place of Wendell in Wild World. In City Folk, Mabel claims Wendell is from "Sumware". In Wild World, when the player asks Mabel about one of Wendell's patterns, she will claim that it is by "Wendell from Tuskany". The name is probably a reference to the Italian region of Tuscany which is famous for its art, spelling it with "tusk" instead for an added pun.

Unseen characters[]

Aside from unseen/unobtainable objects and concepts, there are also some unseen people in the Animal Crossing series.

Blathers and Celeste's mother[]

Blathers mentions his mother several times throughout the Animal Crossing series, commonly when the players donates an item to the Museum.

Isabelle and Digby's parents[]

Isabelle mentions video chatting with her parents in one of her daily announcements in New Horizons.

The player's parents[]

Main article: Parents

In the Animal Crossing series, the player's parents, referred to as Mom and Dad, occasionally write letters to them. Mom will write more often than Dad, who only writes on Father's Day, although more often in New Leaf. It has also been theorized that the father character is Zipper T. Bunny, from the Bunny Day Event. Although the player's parents are never seen, it can be assumed that they are humans, making them the only NPC humans in the entire series.

Uncle Dweezil[]

Uncle letter GC

The letter evoking poor Uncle Dweezil's fate.

In Animal Crossing, the player's mother may send them a letter cautioning them to use the bathroom before they go to sleep, lest they suffer a "horrible fate", like their "poor Uncle Dweezil".

Vicious Vole Vinnie[]

An unseen cousin of Resetti (and by extension, Don) mentioned in Wild World. Resetti threatens to bring Vicious Vole Vinnie onto the scene if the player continues to reset (after the player has done so several times).

Villagers' relatives[]

Throughout the Animal Crossing series, villagers will occasionally mention one of their relatives.

New Leaf[]

  • Each villager has a unique number of siblings, as revealed on April Fool's Day.
  • When requesting the player catch a butterfly, a Cranky villager may say it is for their niece.

New Horizons[]

  • Normal villagers will mention that they thought they could smell a dish their father was cooking, so they gave him a phone call.