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Insurance can be obtained from Lyle only in Wild World. Lyle visits the player's town every Saturday and he waits for the player in front of their house. He offers two kinds of insurance: accident insurance and damage insurance. After paying 3,000 Bells to Lyle for accident insurance, he will cover two things:

Bee Sting 100 Bells
Tripping 100 Bells

When Lyle visits the player the next time, he will offer up a second type of insurance, damage insurance, that costs 6,000 Bells and only covers one more thing:

Forged Painting 100 Bells
101389067 2918899538

Lyle waiting outside of a player's home to sell insurance.

For example, any forged painting could be sold to Lyle for 100 Bells, rather than going to Tom Nook and receiving only 10 Bells for it.

Many players believe this to be a scam. There is no way to recover the money lost with Insurance because Lyle will stop giving money after a total of 10 Bee Stings, 9 Forgeries, and 10 Trips, which equals 2,900 bells. It is impossible to turn down the insurance if you have the Bells, with Lyle claiming to "slash" the price if you refuse but still charging the same amount. This creates an endless dialogue loop until the insurance is bought. Insurance does not appear in any previous games. In City Folk, this could be because that is when Lyle began working for the Happy Room Academy.

Massive Health Insurance Scam[]

Lyle is rumored to be involved with Crazy Redd in a large-scale scam, tricking players into buying things at ludicrous prices. Some villagers will tell the player they feel as if there is a health insurance scam operating in the area. His apparent partner, Redd, illegally sells rare and valuable items at the Black Market, often counterfeit rare paintings and vases. He often pressures the player into buying his items. Although there is no definite proof of their scamming co-operation, it becomes slightly evident with a few clues:

  1. In Lyle's Insurance Questionnaire, he asks what date the player would prefer Redd to appear. The answer will be the date for Redd's future appearances. Lyle also suspiciously mumbles "Not that I'm involved with Redd".
  2. When Crazy Redd has the Famous Painting in his shop and the player walks in, he will be mumbling "..Better inform Lyle about this..they're getting suspicious..". He then notices the player and carries on his business.
  3. Lyle forces the player to give him 3000 Bells after the questionnaire. The only way to avoid this is to not fill in the questionnaire or not have enough money. Redd has the exact same price, 3000 Bells, to join the Black Market.
  4. Redd mutters "What with all the police sniffing around here" after he tells the player that "you can't be too safe".
  5. Lyle says the insurance will last forever, however, the Insurance will expire after 2,900 bells, which is 100 bells less than Player paid for.
  6. If the player has 3000 bells the day after the insurance expires, the Insurance will automatically be renewed and 3000 bells will be taken from the player's bank account or pocket.