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Invite Card

An Invitation is a unique piece of stationery that cannot be purchased. The stationery only appears in City Folk and is used to gain access to Crazy Redd's, the black market located in the City. The stationery can be sent from a villager once asking them about Crazy Redd's. The player will receive one stationery piece after each purchase at Redd's store. This stationery can then be sent to another player who can redeem it for access, and the sender will receive 1,000 Bells. If the player attempts to send an invitation to a villager, they will reply back, saying they already have a membership. After the stationery is obtained, the player can enter Crazy Redd's.. It can be obtained from a villager, another player, a character at the city, or from Crazy Redd himself, via mail. Once one receives the invitation, one can visit Crazy Redd's store. However, the player must pay for a membership, which is one payment of 3,000 Bells.

Some villagers say that the invitation should not be shown to Copper.

To obtain an invitation, first the player must knock on Redd's door. After he tells them to scram, a random villager at town will ask the player if they have heard about Redd's shop. Reply no, and they'll ask if the player would like them to send an invitation to them. If the reply is yes, they will send an invitation in the mail later.