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Good morning, Mayor!
― Isabelle, when being talked to by the player when the game is first turned on in the morning in New Leaf.

Isabelle (しずえ Shizue?) is a Shih Tzu dog who debuts in New Leaf. She assists the player in their new role as the town mayor as their secretary and assistant. She is also the older twin sister of Digby, who works and stands at the front entrance to the Happy Home Showcase. She also appears in the spin-off games, Happy Home Designer, amiibo Festival, and Pocket Camp.


AC Isabelle 7XU6aGu.17345b1513ac044897cfc243542899dce541e8dc

Isabelle is friendly, polite, hardworking, and eager to help the player in any tasks she can assist with. She is keen to make the town a better place to live in by encouraging the player to do tasks and Public Works Projects throughout the town. She also likes to respect others.

For her, the town she works in is like a family, she knows the ins and outs of it, and has enough influence to make a villager stop undesirable behavior - such as making them change their clothes or stop them from saying an unwanted catchphrase. Otherwise, she seems to prefer to not want to confront them.

On the Valentine's day event in New Leaf, she appears embarrassed in the introductory segment and sends them a chocolate cake. This may be because of her shyness, or a crush on the player which is debatable because the letter sent to the player is about gratitude.

If the player disappears or becomes absent for a while, Isabelle takes in the workload of the mayor herself until the player returns. In Happy Home Designer, she complains about mayors destroying the town or disappearing,[1] making her overwhelmed and stressed with all the work.

She's clumsy and a little bit of an airhead but very intelligent. Her twin brother, Digby, remarks that she has engineering degrees from nineteen different universities.[2]

Both siblings grew up in a cardboard box that Digby has fond memories of. The two siblings used to fight when they were puppies because Isabelle couldn't help but be mischievous and want to eat her brother's shoes. Now, they get along better, but Isabelle confesses she still feels tempted to eat her brother's shoes whenever he gets a new pair.[3]

HNI 0022-0

Isabelle admitting she doesn't like confrontation

Isabelle is portrayed as gentle and dislikes confrontation.

In New Horizons, snooty villagers can comment on how easy to talk to and wise she is, and express desire in keeping her company, while smug villagers say that she is the real brains of the player's island.


Isabelle is a nearsighted bright yellow dog who resembles a Shih Tzu (this is similar to her Japanese name - Shizue). Her head is also shaped similarly to a bag of bells (hence, the pun on her English name - "Is-a-belle"), meaning "is a bell". She has a happy appearance with rosy cheeks, and white fur patches on her tail and around her mouth.

In New Leaf, she wears a green checkered vest with a dark green collar and placket, with white buttons, a white short-sleeved blouse and a red ribbon tie, with a navy blue skirt. During fall and winter, she wears a yellow cardigan with a brown collar and placket instead of a vest, and a black skirt. Her hair is tied up with a red elastic hair tie and bells attached that jingle as she walks or move her head. This is the outfit she wears in Mario Kart 8 as well as in her Super Smash Bros. series appearances.

Based on whether there is a special event going on, she may wear different shirts. For example, she will wear a flowery shirt during the Fireworks Show, a bunny shirt during Tsukimi, and a Santa-style shirt on Toy Day.

In Happy Home Designer, when her house is designed, the player can visit her and find her in casual wear. She wears a pink and white blouse, light blue jeans, and black glasses. Otherwise she wears her usual summer clothing as seen in New Leaf, and her clothing does not change during fall or winter.

In New Horizons, she now wears a rosy-colored Hawaiian-style shirt with white-colored leaf patterns, a yellow badge with a brown leaf symbol, a white skirt, and dark brown slip-on shoes. She still wears her bell hair tie, which still jingles as she walks or moves her head. During late fall and winter, she will wear a brown, furry sweater with two white cosmos flowers attached on her right-hand side, worn on top of a white shirt, and wears a black skirt.

In Pocket Camp, she normally wears her usual New Leaf summer clothing, except on special occasions such as anniversary celebrations. She will wear a unique formal attire for each anniversary of the game.


In New Leaf[]

I'm Isabelle, your secretary, and I'm here to help you in any way I can.
― Isabelle introducing herself in the Town Hall during the beginning of the game

In New Leaf, Isabelle is the mayor's secretary. At the start of the game, she greets the first player who moves to the town outside of the Train Station and gives them role of mayor, confusing them for the real mayor. Afterwards, she can be found standing at the front desk inside the Town Hall. She provides most of the tutorial work for the player, replacing the previous role that Tom Nook did prior to New Leaf. She also allows the player to change the town tune or flag, and can be notified about unpleasant villagers. If the player is the mayor, she will be able to assist them with enacting Town Ordinances and building Public Works Projects if the player sits on the mayor's seat in the back of the Town Hall.

Isabelle also replaces Tortimer's role in organizing most town events. She will normally appear at the plaza during town events for the full duration of the day between 6:00 AM and 6:00 AM the next day. If the plaza is already occupied by a bug-catching/fishing event, she will instead be standing right outside the Town Hall. Like Tortimer, she can be interacted to receive free gifts commemorating town events. While a town event is active for the day, she will not allow any mayoral events to happen for said day. In addition, the Town Hall will be closed if she is partaking in a town event.

As of the Welcome amiibo update, she can be invited to the Campsite. Wisp will take her place at the Town Hall, and the player will be unable to ask any favors of him, as he will remark that the player must hurry to visit Isabelle as he doesn't have much time to be out of his lamp.

Advice for Living in Town[]


Isabelle telling the player she will gift peaches to them

In New Leaf, asking Isabelle for advice on living in the town grants sub-quests the player can do. She will repeat advice several times, even if finished. Apart from listening to her advice, the player is asked to buy a shovel, collect one seashell and catch either three bugs or fish and eventually receives a basket of non-native fruit and a watering can. If the player can't find a shovel and talks with Isabelle, she will give the player a shovel. She will also provide the player with either a net or a fishing pole in the same manner after asking the player to catch bugs or fish.

Depending on what the player's native fruit is, Isabelle will give the player a certain non-native fruit:

Native fruit Isabelle's gift
Apples Oranges
Cherries Apples
Oranges Pears
Peaches Cherries
Pears Peaches

In Happy Home Designer[]

Isabelle is the head of development in the town, coming to the player to help make certain locations in Main Street such as the School, the Cafes, the Hospital, and the Department Stores. Once she is unlocked, the player may talk to her to work on new buildings on Main Street.

Isabelle is also an optional character who can move into the village where the player makes houses. Using her amiibo card will allow the player to contact her so that they can design her house.

In amiibo Festival[]

Isabelle is a playable character in amiibo Festival, available when the Isabelle amiibo is scanned on the Wii U. Sometimes when the player playing as Isabelle lands on an event square in the Amiibo Festival Board Game mode, a random event specifically related to Isabelle may appear.

Isabelle has 6 unlockable costumes for the game, unlocked through leveling up the Isabelle amiibo:

  • Summer outfit (Level 1 with the Isabelle summer amiibo, Level 2 with the Isabelle winter amiibo)
  • Winter outfit (Level 1 with the Isabelle winter amiibo, Level 2 with the Isabelle summer amiibo)
  • Pink and white shirt with blue jeans, and glasses (Level 3)
  • Long-sleeved dress (Level 4)
  • Spring kimono (Level 5)
  • Green and white gingham dress (Level 6)

In Pocket Camp[]

If you have a question about your campsite, chances are Isabelle knows the answer... as well as the answer to five other questions you didn't even think to ask! You can find her at the town hall satellite office, providing support to anyone who needs it.
― Official guide about Isabelle's description

Isabelle acts as an instructional guide for the player to refresh. She also appears in a few in-game events, as well as having her own furniture theme.

Isabelle had made appearance in many of the previous Garden Events. She is also the subject of the Off-Hours Café Set.

In New Horizons[]

Oh, <player_name>! Here you are already!
At this counter, I can help you with both general issues and issues you may face with other residents.
We can delve into the details when specific concerns arise. No need to worry about that right now!
But since you're here, I may as well ask... Do you have any specific concerns at the moment?
― Isabelle when the player sits at her counter

Isabelle will work for Nook Inc. and will appear in-game depending on the player's progression into the game. If the player progresses enough, a Town Hall will be built as Resident Services, and she takes over the daily broadcast from Tom Nook, serving a similar role as she did in New Leaf. Whenever the player logs into the game, she will appear at Resident Services, where she will announce the date and time, along with any special events going on at the time (e.g. campsite villager). If there are no events to report, she will announce any special characters visiting the island (which she began announcing following the 2.0 update), to make there be an announcement every day. She talks about Gulliver and Redd indirectly, saying that people have asked her what to do with fake art, or if someone is washed up on the beach.

Once the Resident Services building has finished construction, Tom Nook will invite Isabelle to the player on the next day. After he introduces her to the player, Isabelle will then introduce herself about her main roles on the island. Afterwards, she will be always inside the Resident Services building to assist with help around the island like she would with in the Town Hall: the island tune, island flag, island status/appeal, and inappropriate language or clothing from/on villagers.

In the 1.4 summer update (wave 2), Isabelle takes the day off during the fireworks festival every Sunday in August. She will give the player one of the four variations of bopper headgear each Sunday night. Players can login to separate accounts for the possibility of receiving another variation.

Other Appearances[]

In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate[]

MH4U-Palico Equipment Isabelle

Isabelle in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

Capcom revealed outfits based on Isabelle and Mr. Resetti via its Unity blog, and confirmed that Felynes' meow sound will be altered accordingly when they are equipped.

In Super Mario Maker[]

Isabelle can be unlocked using her amiibo. The player will be able to play with her costume.

Super Mario Maker-Isabelle costume

In Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS[]

Main article: Isabelle (Super Smash Bros)

Isabelle was confirmed to be an assist trophy character in Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS, on the 4th of March, 2014 in the Wii U version (although she is also present in the 3DS version). She was shown again in the Super Smash Bros in the Nintendo Direct on the 8th of April. Later on, she was confirmed that she will help the fighter who summoned her by throwing fruit towards them that can be 'eaten', lowering their percentage but fighters cannot interact with her. An Isabelle Suit for the Mii Gunner was included as part of Smash Bundle #2 as well.

In Taiko no Tatsujin: Atsumete Tomodachi Daisakusen![]

Isabelle and Tom Nook and AC Wada-don TnT ATD

Isabelle, Tom Nook, and Resetti appear in the background for choosing the Animal Crossing soundtracks.

In Taiko no Tatsujin: Atsumete Tomodachi Daisakusen!, Isabelle appears alongside with Tom Nook and Resetti as unlockable content via amiibo cards or figures being activated. Activating any Animal Crossing amiibo product may unlock other features from in-game features to soundtrack from New Leaf.

In Mario Kart 8[]

Isabelle was confirmed as a DLC character, along with the Villager, for Mario Kart 8, and has been available since April 23rd, 2015.

In Miitopia[]

Isabelle, alongside K.K. Slider, Tom Nook, and Resetti, appears as a special costume after her respective amiibos are scanned.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[]

Main article: Isabelle (Super Smash Bros)

On September 13, 2018, Isabelle was confirmed to be a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch as number 68. In her reveal trailer, she is seen working around the mayor's office while the mayor is out camping and fighting in Smash. She then gets a letter from Pete and is shocked when it ends up being an invitation for Smash. Her trailer ends asking for the viewers to cheer her on, which many did. She is a Semi-Clone of Villager, who is also a confirmed character in Ultimate.

In Style Savvy Fashion Forward[]

A DLC of outfits for Isabelle and Lottie exist, allowing the player to dress their character in a cosplay of them both. The Isabelle outfit can also be unlocked through scanning her amiibo.


New Leaf[]

Is there something I can help you with today?
― Isabelle, offering the player assistance.

Oh my! Has my clock gotten out of whack? Then please tell me what the correct time is!
― Isabelle, when asked to set the clock.

What?! Sorry, but my ears are just too fluffy and muffly, I guess. Please tell me once more.
― Isabelle, after being told that the changed clock settings are incorrect.

Oh, is that all? Well, we'll just.. WAIT, WHAT?!
― Isabelle, when asked to demolish the player's house.

OK! The town will be... WAIT, WHAT?!
― Isabelle, when asked to delete the town.

I must say, I'm a fan of K.K. Slider myself...
― Isabelle at the introduction spotlight, after Club LOL has been built.

I'll make sure to wash his/her mouth out with soap! Just kidding, that would be gross.
― Isabelle when the player is reporting a villager's catchphrase

New Horizons[]

Should the player attempt to invite Isabelle to the campsite by scanning heramiibo, she will have the following to say:

"Hello, this is Isabelle. Player?!
You're so funny! You're practically right in front of me right now, you know!
So, um... What's on your mind?
A visit to the campsite? That sounds like loads of fun...
But...I've got a to-do list a mile long. Do I even have a sleeping bag? No, I'm so sorry, but I really can't go.
It's so nice of you to think of me, though. Some other time, maybe. Thank you!"


They want me in Smash?! (Isabelle turns over a new leaf!)
― Isabelle, Isabelle being revealed in the 9/13/18 Nintendo Direct.


Main article: Guide:Isabelle dialogues

amiibo Card[]

New Leaf Summer Isabelle (Series 1)[]

amiibo Card[4]
Amiibo card back
#001 Isabelle
Type Special
Star sign Sagittarius
Birthday 12/20
Roll value 1
Hand sign Scissors
Request I'll leave it up to you!
Amiibo 001 Isabelle
448 Previous #001 Isabelle 002 Tom Nook

New Leaf Winter Isabelle (Series 2)[]

amiibo Card[5]
Amiibo card back
#113 Isabelle
Type Special
Star sign Sagittarius
Birthday 12/20
Roll value 3
Hand sign Paper
Request I'll leave it up to you!
Amiibo 113 Isabelle
112 Don #113 Isabelle 114 Blanca

New Leaf Kimono Isabelle (Series 3)[]

amiibo Card[6]
Amiibo card back
#215 Isabelle
Type Special
Star sign Sagittarius
Birthday 12/20
Roll value 6
Hand sign Rock
Request I'll leave it up to you!
Amiibo 215 Isabelle
214 Don #215 Isabelle 216 Franklin

New Leaf Dress Isabelle (Series 4)[]

amiibo Card[7]
Amiibo card back
#301 Isabelle
Type Special
Star sign Sagittarius
Birthday 12/20
Roll value 5
Hand sign Paper
Request I'll leave it up to you!
Amiibo 301 Isabelle
300 Chrissy #301 Isabelle 302 Brewster

Special Edition[]

amiibo Card[8]
Amiibo card back
#401 Isabelle
Type Special
Star sign Sagittarius
Birthday 12/20
Roll value 1
Hand sign Scissors
Request I'll leave it up to you!
Amiibo 401 Isabelle
400 Robin #401 Isabelle 402 Goldie

New Horizons Summer Isabelle (Series 5)[]

amiibo Card[9]
Amiibo card back
#403 Isabelle
Type Special
Star sign Sagittarius
Birthday 12/20
Roll value N/A
Hand sign N/A
Request I'll leave it up to you!
402 Timmy & Tommy #403 Isabelle 404 Orville

New Horizons Winter Isabelle (Series 5)[]

amiibo Card[10]
Amiibo card back
#424 Isabelle
Type Special
Star sign Sagittarius
Birthday 12/20
Roll value N/A
Hand sign N/A
Request I'll leave it up to you!
423 Tom Nook #424 Isabelle 425 Sherb

LEGO Animal Crossing[]


Animal Crossing minifigures

Isabelle appears in the first teaser for the LEGO Animal Crossing theme, which was announced on 5th October 2023. Nintendo of America has made a post on their Twitter account,[11] as did other global divisions of Nintendo.

Unlike Tom Nook, Isabelle LEGO minifigure wears her summer uniform as she does in New Leaf, amiibo Festival, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


  • Isabelle has her very own Twitter account at @animalcrossing, which was first used for sending news about New Leaf and later on for subsequent games.[12]
  • Isabelle shares her birthday with Digby (December 20th), because they are twins. She is the elder of the two.
    • She and Digby also share their birthday with Rudy.
  • Like all special characters, Isabelle has the ability to walk over pitfall seeds.
  • She has appeared in a manga called Tobidase Dōbutsu no Mori Minna de Seseragi Mura Life as one of the main characters.
  • In one of a series of English lesson video featuring Isabelle shown in Japan, Isabelle states that she enjoys whiskey while defining the difference between "whisky" and "whiskey".[13]
    • Because of this, many players joked that Isabelle's drink seen in the Animal Crossing Direct was whiskey, although if it were actually any form of alcohol, it would affect the game's international ratings. It was changed to a mug in a New Horizons update, likely to prevent any confusion.
  • For the LEGO Animal Crossing teaser on 5th October 2023, Isabelle is second on the right in the row of LEGO mini-figures.


  • There are some references throughout Isabelle's international names:
    • Her English name, Isabelle, possibly comes from the resemblance of her head to a bag of Bells (Isabelle = "is a Bell") as well as her charming, popular nature (Isabelle = "is a Belle"). In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, these puns are mentioned in her Palutena's Guidance conversation.
      • Her name could also reference to her birthday being in December. Jingle bells are typically associated with Christmas, and she wears a red ribbon with bells in her hair that jingle when she moves.
    • Her Japanese name, Shizue (しずえ?), may be interpreted as "quiet branch", perhaps referring to the tranquility of an Animal Crossing town. It can also be derived from her dog breed name "Shih Tzu".
      • The hiragana spelling (しずえ shizue?) may be a simplified reading of more complex kanji that are meaningful to her character.
        • shi • 仕 "official, civil service"; 市 "city"
        • zu • 頭 "head" (anatomy or title)
        • e • 会 "gathering, meeting"; 依 "rely on, depend on"; 恵 "blessing, grace; clever, smart, intelligent"
    • Her Spanish name, Canela ("Cinnamon"), is a symbol of wisdom and good health. The first syllable, "Can", is also another word for dog in Spain, and it is used in the Spanish version of the game with her brother's name, Candrés, as a pun.
    • Her French name, Marie, has several interpretations of meaning.
      • "Marie" is a pun on the word Mairie "town hall" or Maire "mayor".
      • Her French name is alliterative with Digby's French name, Max.
      • Her French name coupled with Digby's English name could form a pun referencing singer Marié Digby, potentially referencing Isabelle's involvement with the town tune.
      • The name itself, in both French and Japanese, can mean "beloved", "desired child", or even "river" (the latter similar to her Korean name).
    • Her German name, Melinda, is related to the names Melissa (from Greek μέλισσα "honey bee", ultimately from μέλι "honey") and Linda (from Germanic lind "gentle, soft, tender"). It is also alliterative with Digby's German name, Moritz.
    • Her Italian name, Fuffi, is a popular name for dogs, especially "toy" breeds such as Shih Tzus.
      • Her name is alliterative with with Digby's Italian name, Fofò. Both are also simple bisyllabic names.
      • Strangely and coincidental to the naming of Isabelle and Bells, Fuffi is a German colloquial abbreviation for Fuffziger, a DM 50 coin.
    • Her Korean name, Yeoul (여울), means "rapids" or "shallows" from a river, or literally "female friend". It might also possibly be a corruption of Yeou (여우), meaning fox.
      • The Hangul characters individually have related meanings.
        • yeo • 女 "woman, female" (can be used as prefix); 與 "ruling party"
        • ul • "family, friend, kinsfolk, relatives"
    • Her Chinese name, Xīshī Huì (西施惠), possibly comes from the origin and transcription of her Japanese name. "西施 (Shih Tzu)" is a re-translation of her dog breed name origin back into Chinese. "え(romaji e)" is usually written as the kanji (Japan-style Chinese character) "惠"(romaji "e" in Japanese and ancient Chinese)(pinyin "huì" in modern Chinese)" in Japanese women's names. Its first appearance was on 13th December, 2017, while the 1.4.0 update for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was released.
      • The Han characters also have meaning by themselves.
        • 西施 xīshī is a figurative phrase to mean "beautiful woman" or "fallen flower".
        • huì can be used to mean "benefit, favor" or "benevolent, kindhearted, gentle".

New Leaf and Happy Home Designer[]

  • When first announced, during the New Leaf developer commentary, Isabelle was not given a name, but was referred to as simply Secretary (ひしょ Hisho?), then named in the June 2012 Nintendo Direct as Shizue. Her English localized name was revealed in the February 14th, 2013 Nintendo Direct.

Isabelle talking about cardboard boxes.

  • In New Leaf, Isabelle mentions that she still has cardboard boxes littered among her room, and is embarrassed to let Digby see. Isabelle in general may be a somewhat messy person, as Digby, who claims to be a neat freak, notes that while she is not too messy, it is enough to get on his nerves.
  • While he is at The Roost in New Leaf, Digby may mention Isabelle's coffee preference, and compare it to his own.
  • In New Leaf, Isabelle changes her clothes from summer attire to winter attire in the second-half of October, specifically on the 17th of October. She changes back to her summer attire on the 25th of February.
  • In New Leaf, the player unlocks the Public Works Project for the Dream Suite after finding Isabelle asleep in the Town Hall. Upon waking her, she is embarrassed that she was asleep on the job.
  • Sometimes, if the player talks to her while visiting another town in New Leaf, she will tell the player that she has many sisters who look exactly like her. They all work as secretaries in other towns, and all of them are also named "Isabelle".
    • This could be a reference to the Pokémon anime series where the character Nurse Joy keeps reappearing in all the towns the protagonist visits with the explanation being that they are all "identical cousins".
    • This could also be a reference to the Fire Emblem character Anna, a traveling merchant who has numerous identical sisters, who are also named "Anna".
  • If the player sets their birthday to December 20th in New Leaf, Isabelle will comment on how she has the same birthday as the player.
  • If the player speaks to her during a Fireworks Show in New Leaf, Isabelle will say the clothes she is wearing were a present from Digby.
  • According to cranky villagers in New Leaf, Isabelle does not understand the concept of a drive-in theater.
  • Talking to jock villagers in New Leaf will reveal some hidden depths to Isabelle's character:
    • They will sometimes mention that Isabelle taught them a new workout regimen where they pull weeds out from the ground, which may actually be Isabelle shifting her duties to the villagers. This could hint to a possible mischievous side of Isabelle's personality.
      • More evidence to this side of Isabelle can be found in the Welcome amiibo update. After losing to Isabelle in Puzzle League, she will taunt the player by proclaiming herself as "leader of the Puzzle League", offering them a secretary position.
      • Additionally, in Happy Home Designer Isabelle will playfully taunt Digby by calling him the "baby brother", to further irritate him.
    • Jock villagers also mention Isabelle goes "Isabellistic" if someone breaks a window, hinting that Isabelle is not always as gentle as she seems, and can be pushed into rage.
      • However, because Isabelle is still considered a bad character in Super Smash Bros (however this is still debated), it's unlikely that her rage is of anything severe. Most likely, just throwing office supplies at people.
  • Isabelle mentions having a band upon completion of the concert hall in Happy Home Designer.
  • Sometimes if the player talks to her while she's visiting the campground in the Welcome amiibo update, she'll reveal she's actually nearsighted, hence why she wears glasses with her casual outfit.
    • She also mentions she wears contact lenses while working.
    • If the player talks to Digby in this update, he will mention that Isabelle occasionally takes road trips and claim she has a "terrible sense of direction", sometimes getting lost just walking around Town Hall.
    • Another dialogue option has her remark on how she has "rediscover[ed]" the beauty of the player's town, causing her to remark "Technically, I think that makes this a work trip for tax purposes, right?". This hints that Isabelle may commit tax evasion, but she is likely only joking.

Comparison between Isabelle's license plate and official Californian license plate

  • An official render from Nintendo depicts Isabelle's RV. Her license plate bears striking resemblance to the state of California's license plate.
  • In New Leaf, Isabelle has the voice of a peppy villager. In New Horizons, her voice is unique but similar to normal villagers.
    • In the trailers for New Leaf, Isabelle's voice was lower, using the voice of a normal villager instead.
  • Out of all the NPC characters in HHD amiibo card series, she has the most cards, at four. This is comparable with Tom Nook, who had 5 separate e-Cards when Animal Crossing was released.
    • She is also the only character to have one card in every series of HHD amiibo cards.

New Horizons[]

  • In New Horizons, during one of her morning announcements, Isabelle can mention video chatting with her family back home, specifically with her parents, implying that she has more living relatives besides Digby.
  • Isabelle's New Horizons shirts are available to purchase with Nook Miles starting from the 1.2.0 update.
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Doom Eternal both released 3/20/20, resulting in a friendship between Doom Slayer and Isabelle that may be canon to both games. In addition to this, the versions of the characters that appear in Smash Bros (particularly Mini-Slayer/Mii-Doomslayer) are canonically married.

In other languages[]

Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese しずえ Shizue -
France French Marie/Mia -
Spain Spanish Canela -
Germany German Melinda -
Italy Italian Fuffi -
The Netherlands Dutch Isabelle -
Russia Russian Изабель Izabel' -
China Chinese 西施惠 Xīshī huì -
South Korea Korean 여울 Yeoul -