Trick or treat?
― Jack, New Leaf

This article is about the pumpkin celebrated on Halloween. For the smug cat villager, see Raymond.

Jack (パンプキング, Panpukingu?, Pumpking), or the self-proclaimed Czar of Halloween, is a character from the Animal Crossing series who is a specter. He appears once a year for Halloween, from 6:00 PM until 1:00 AM the following day. He distributes spooky furniture, which can only be obtained through him. If you don't give him candy, he pulls a trick on you, which includes: taking your offered item; turning an inventory item into a Jack-in-the-Box; replacing your top with a Patched Shirt or Moldy Shirt; giving you, or replacing your hat and/or accessory with, a Pumpkin Head helmet. The latter two require an empty inventory. He wears a pumpkin on his head which, during Halloween, makes him indistinguishable from other villagers who are also dressed like that and will also ask for candy. Jack, like all other holiday-related characters, was absent from Wild World, as was Halloween and candy.


Jack wears an orange pumpkin with hollowed out eyes, circle nose, and a jagged mouth smile, as his head. He wears a dark blue robe with lighter trim lines on his arms and the bottom of the robe. He wears black gloves on his hands and black boots on his feet.

In New Leaf, other villagers will try to dress like Jack, but he is distinguishable by his short height and has an orange pumpkin.


In Animal Crossing


In Animal Crossing, he will be somewhere in town during Halloween. Unlike the other villagers, who wear the same clothing as him, he will not chase you. This is the same for Mayor Tortimer, who on the night will give the player a model of Katrina's tent. Upon talking to Jack, he will give the player an item of spooky furniture in exchange for candy. Doing this throughout the event will complete the set.

In Wild World

Jack does not feature in Wild World, however, it could be thought that the pumpkin that appears in the Jack-in-the-box item could be a reference to Jack.

In City Folk


Jack in City Folk

Jack returns in City Folk with Halloween and candy. He was announced on the Japanese website for City Folk, along with other characters. His role remains the same as in Animal Crossing, and he now calls himself the Czar of Halloween. He sends a letter out to players earlier in the month, warning of his arrival, and telling them to have candy ready. Nook's store starts selling candy on the 1st of October.

In New Leaf

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In New Leaf, Jack reprises his role from previous games. From October 1st to the 8th, Jack will roam around the town until spoken to. Once interacted with, he will ask the player if they want to be his servant. During this time, no other special characters such as Redd, except Joan, will appear and the player won't be allowed to work at The Roost. Here, he is much more identifiable, as even though he chases the player like other villagers, impostors' costumes have noticeable differences from his own (i.e. triangular eyes, pink skin, or taller bodies). He describes candy and lollipops as his favorite treats, and gives out creepy objects and spooky furniture, the latter of which is now purchasable at stores. When the player gives him lollipops, he will always reward them with a creepy object, though there is a small chance of still receiving them while giving him candy. However, if the player doesn't give him candy, he pulls a trick on them, which includes taking their items, and giving them stitched clothing.

Spooky Series

Main article: Spooky Series

Jack gives a piece of furniture every time the player gives him candy. All the furniture pieces look like pumpkins or Jack O'Lanterns. They are orange and, like all holiday-exclusive furniture sets, score very highly with the Happy Room Academy.

  • Spooky Wall
  • Spooky Carpet
  • Spooky Bed
  • Spooky Bookcase
  • Spooky Clock
  • Spooky Lamp
  • Spooky Sofa
  • Spooky Table
  • Spooky Vanity
  • Spooky Wall Lamp
  • Spooky Wardrobe
  • Spooky Chair
  • Spooky Dresser
  • Spooky Paper

Jack O'Lanterns, Jack-in-the-Boxes, and Ragged Shirts are arguably considered part of the Spooky Series. There is also a Spooky Shirt, which is not given to the player by Jack, but by Gracie or Wisp.


Ac A204 Screen Shot
Ac A204 bk
#204 Jack
Gender Male
Type Special
Star sign Scorpio
Clothes N/A
Petphrase N/A
Password oC9hl9VC%@iB9N
Profile Jack only comes around at Halloween, but, is he ever popular! Everyone in town dresses up like him, trying to imitate his very scary style. If you can find the real pumpkin deal, give him a sweat break. Chances are, he'll give you a creepy something in return.
Ac A204
203 Redd #204 Jack 205 Kiki

amiibo Card

amiibo Card
Amiibo card back
#117 Jack
Type Special
Star sign Scorpio
Birthday 10/31
Roll value 2
Hand sign Scissors
Request I'll leave it up to you!
Amiibo 117 Jack
116 Chip #117 Jack 118 Poncho


Animal Crossing

City Folk

New Leaf

Pocket Camp


  • His Japanese name, Pumpking, reflects his self-given title, which is a portmanteau of "Pumpkin" and "King."
  • Many pumpkin characters are named "Jack" through the traditional pumpkin name "Jack O'Lantern". The name comes from an Irish folktale about a man named Stingy Jack. (see references: Here)
  • Jack's name could derive from the character Jack Pumpkinhead from the Oz Fantasy novels, a character with a pumpkin for a head very much like the character in this game.
  • Certain dialect found within Jack's dialogue may suggest a nod to Tim Burton's acclaimed character "Jack Skellington" who similarly proclaims to be a "King of Halloween". The character is the protagonist of the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. Skellington even wears similar attire to the Jack in Animal Crossing in the opening song for the film "This is Halloween" until ingesting a lit torch and diving into a fountain.
  • One easy way to find Jack is to dig holes in front of everyone's house before 6:00 PM so they can't get to the player, or by wearing a matching outfit.
  • The townsfolk villagers will instantaneously approach the player when trying to obtain candy when they are closer to them. This action is absent when nearing Jack. Seeing if a character comes towards the player when they stand somewhat close to them is a good test to see if they have found the true Halloween king. This method cannot be used in New Leaf.
  • Jack and Wisp are the only non-animal characters in the game.
  • He has the voice of a cranky villager.
  • He is featured on the cover of K.K. Dirge.

In other languages

In other languages
Flag of Japan Japanese パンプキング Panpukingu
Flag of France small French Jacqu'O
Flag of Germany small German Jakob
Flag of Spain Spanish Soponcio
Flag of Italy small Italian Fifonio
Flag of South Korea Korean 펌킹 Peomking

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