Jacob's Ladder (Wild World)

Jacob's ladders (lilies of the valley in Happy Home Designer and New Horizons) are a unique type of flower in the Animal Crossing series. They only spawn when the player's town is in perfect condition. Jacob's Ladders have appeared since Animal Forest e+. Receiving the golden watering can when the player's town is in perfect condition for 15 days straight is generally a good indicator of when the plant may appear. Jacob's Ladders usually spawn near cliffs, making them easy to find. In New Horizons, lilies of the valley only grow on islands with a 5-star island evaluation, often appearing near the tops of cliffs one appearing per week.

This flower does not breed when planted next to other Jacob's Ladders or other flowers, though it does increase the chance of breeding other flowers when planted next to them (but not in New Horizons). In the Japanese version of the game, the flower is called スズラン (suzuran), a name that translates to "Jacob's ladder" given to the lily of the valley. This is likely the flower it is meant to represent, rather than a species in the Polemonium genus, which are often called Jacob's ladder. In New Horizons, they can be run over without damage and can not be picked (you can move the entire plant with a shovel).

Jacobs Ladder

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Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley, the flower erroneously called "Jacob's Ladder" in the Animal Crossing games.

The real-life flower known as Jacob's ladder is a medicinal flower that is more commonly purple and has light green leaflets. The clusters of flowers bloom in spring and summer. The lily of the valley is a poisonous plant that grows in temperate areas of the northern hemisphere including Europe, eastern Asia, and parts of the eastern USA. The drooping, bell-shaped flowers have six white petals and bloom in spring. Rarer varieties have pink petals. Later in the year, they are replaced by bright red berries with a yellow/orange middle. The lily of the valley is a popular plant for gardening because of its sweet fragrance and quick land covering abilities.



  • In New Leaf, the watering can's droplet effect is the same for every flower, making the droplet effect on this plant look as if the water is floating.
  • A Jacob's ladder is considered by some players to be the opposite of rafflesia. Both plants appear due to town conditions, with Jacob's ladders indicating perfect towns, and rafflesias indicating towns of the worst possible quality. However, Jacob's ladder doesn't wilt when the town that it exists in is not in a perfect status, unlike the rafflesia, which requires the worst town rating and wilts in towns of any higher rating.

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