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Jock villagers (ハキハキ hakihaki, or オイラ oira) (also called sporty or athletic) are male villagers in the Animal Crossing series. Hakihaki is a Japanese onomatopoeic or mimetic word meaning briskly, promptly, clearly or lucidly. The English term "jock" comes from old Gaelic "eachaidhe" (YACH-ee-yuh, horseman) which is where we get the term "jockey". As the word/name derived from a sportsman title, the term "jock" was loosely affiliated with specifically any male (Jock, Jack, Jacque, etc) of a sporty or athletic nature. The term in reference to the American stereotype still centers around male athletes, which, due the degree of commercialism centered around sports in American society, are typically rewarded for centering their focus more towards athletic training rather than academic pursuits. As a result, they're often depicted as unintelligent or dull-witted, which is reflected in the Animal Crossing personality type by their keen interests in physical fitness and sports, including wrestling and typical gym exercises such as leg-squats and push-ups. These interests are unseen in the game, like the other hobbies.

As of New Horizons, there are 78 jock villagers, making them the most common personality. The only villagers to change personalities from jock is Harry, who changed to cranky starting from City Folk, and Ed, who changed to smug in New Leaf. The only villager to change personalities from another personality to jock is Rowan, who changed from cranky as of Wild World.

The name hakihaki is referenced in Wild World's game files and is the romanization of the Japanese word ハキハキ. Jock villagers aren't referred to in any other way by Nintendo. They are a starting villager personality in New Horizons.


Jock villagers are obsessed with sports, talking frequently about their physical appearance and sporting progress and occasionally gossip. They brag quite a bit, usually about working out. They would encourage the player when given tasks and other things. Stereotypically, they are also not very smart, incessantly confusing themselves - calling the brain "the Brian", saying they're in a "punch" instead of pinch and failing to even grasp the concept of the game 'rock, paper, scissors'. Also, they rarely talk about fashion, although they are somewhat similar to snooty villagers.

They are the brother-like characters in the game, giving pep talks to the player and appearing competitive towards them and other villagers when they partake in town events. In the original Animal Crossing, they go to sleep at 1:00 AM and wake up at 5:30 AM. In Wild World and City Folk, they usually go to sleep at 2:00 AM and wake up at 6:30. In New Leaf, they go to sleep at 12:00 AM and wake up at 7:00 AM. In New Horizons, they sleep between 12:30AM and 6:30AM. They are rarely angry unless pushed too far, repeatedly hit with a net or toy hammer, or by falling into a pitfall. They can also be offended by others, particularly by lazy villagers, with whom they have conflicting personalities. A discussion between lazy and jock villagers will leave the jock villager confused and unable to talk. When jock villagers get sad, they say something like "I'm just sweating through my eyes!". When at the player's house, they will often say something like, "We have the same taste in sportswear!". When in the Roost, they say they "get totally sleepy" whenever they look at the owner. Jock villagers in Pocket Camp will occasionally call the player "Brosephine", which can be confused with their catchphrase due to them saying it a lot. In New Horizons, they can often be found performing exercises, which involves carrying dumbbells and stretching.

Jock villagers easily get along with peppy, sisterly, normal, and other jock villagers. They have trouble getting along with the previously mentioned snooty, cranky, and lazy villagers, sometimes even getting angry and annoyed during conversations with them.

Jock villagers are considered the male equivalents of peppy villagers; they use stereotypical slang words/phrases, are energetic, are somewhat immature and use the double-wave emote when greeting or saying goodbye to the player or a villager outside of dialogue rather than the usual single-handed wave.


Below are some (not all) quotes made by jock villagers.

  • "Yo, <player>! Again with the chatting! Are you stalking me, bro? What do you mean you're not my bro, bro? <catchphrase>!
  • Whoa! It's <player> again! Nothing can stop you huh? You just keep on truckin'! <catchphrase>!"
  • "You've been the subject of some gossip lately. Rumor has it you're a <rumor> So, it true?" -It's true!- "Really?! Huh. I guess the rumor mill gets one right once in a while!" -I'm not so sure.- "Heh heh! Seems like rumors are just rumors, <catchphrase>."
  • "Yo! <player>! Am I having deja vu, <catchphrase>? Didn't we just talk?"
  • "Oh! <player>! Watcha need now, <catchphrase>?"
  • "Today's just a regular workout day. No special events are going on! But you gotta make sure you don't have sore muscles when we do have special events going on!"
  • "Just a guy and a girl hanging out together is enough to get rumors started, isn't it? But I think I might have read too much into <male villager> hanging out with <female villager>. I saw them the other day, and I was like, "How are the lovebirds doing?" They laughed at me and said I just don't get it. Darn! I'm so awkward sometimes, <catchphrase>!
  • "Yeah, I've been working on my biceps like crazy lately... I'd love to show off for some out-of-towners. You should invite some friends from another town to come and see the gun show, <catchphrase>! Haha! the "guns" are my muscles, of course. I'm gonna train my butt off until your pals show up!"
  • Hey, <player> check me out! ...No, I'm not talking about my clothes! I wanted you to appreciate my rippling muscles! I think of clothes as the icing on the scrumptious cake that is my jaw-dropping physique! Haha!
  • "It's go time for me today" I'm always at full speed, no matter what the weather is like!"
  • When Katrina is in town: "Do you believe in fortune-telling? I don't believe in that at all! If you have a strong will you can pound good luck to the ground! On the other hand, I heard Katrina's fortune-telling is legit... no, no! Part of me wants to believe in it, and part of me thinks it's silly! <catchphrase>!"
  • "Rushing up to talk to me like that... Geez, you're so impatient! What's so important, <catchphrase>?
  • When Snooty Villager is over: "Hey, you made it, <player>! <snooty villager> is loitering around here too, <catchphrase>.
  • When at home: "My <item> is one of my favorites! I don't usually get so flashy until the <sporting advent> hits town. When I get all glammed up like this, memories of that event come flooding back!"
  • "Hey, are you tight with <normal villager>? 'Cause I feel like I am. When the two of us get to talking, we can't stop! I'm not a chatterbox, am I? naw, I'm pretty sure it's a two-way conversation, <catchphrase>!"
  • "Yo, <player>! You're still goin' strong! Too much horchata, <catchphrase>?"
  • "I'm so tired today... The 10,000 squats I've done since this morning have really caught up with me. Hey! <player>! Act like you're in charge, and get me some supplies, will ya? Nothing hits the spot like fruit when you're tired! Any kind will do! Can you get me some?" [Leave it to me!] "Wow! You're a real stand-up guy, you know that, <player>? I'll be waiting for you!"
  • (when about to receive food) "Ha ha! The rumblin' in my tummy tells me I'm about to chow down! Gobble time in 3...2...1... [eats the food] Mmm! As tasty as ever! Here. I want you to have my <furniture> in return for getting me the fruit. You know what? At least I know I can count on you!"

New Horizons:[]

Upon talking to villager:[]

  • "<personal greeting>! Workin' those legs?"
  • "Oh! How ya doin', <catchphrase>?

Inside house:[]

  • "There you are, <nickname>!/<personal greeting>"
  • "OK! Commence <villager name>'s Special Training! Ha ha, just kidding, <catchphrase>!"


During rain:[]

During rain:[]

  • "Yo, <catchphrase>! It's raining-but not on this parade!"

When talked to again:[]

  • "Need something, <catchphrase>?
  • You're just rarin' to go! So, uh, what do you need, <catchphrase>?


  • "I was thinking about how swimming is the best sport for showing the most muscles...for some folks."
  • "But when I go swimming, I always wear a life jacket and some arm floaty things, <catchphrase>."
  • "Hey, do you know if anyone makes floaty things that show off muscle instead of hiding it?"
  • "I thought of a cool sportsmanship oath. Listen up, <catchphrase>.
  • "Embrace tomorrow's soreness! Fight for it, like your team captain, <villager name>!"
  • "...Actually, I don't know how often you'd use that."

During rain:[]

  • "Training in the mud's good for endurance, but sometimes I just want the sun to come out."

Holding net:[]

  • "I wish I had a bigger net so I could catch even bigger bugs."
  • "Whoa! What if I caught a bug so big that even I couldn't lug it around?"
Aiming net:[]

Holding fishing rod:[]

Throwing fishing rod:[]

Before Halloween:[]

  • "I keep seeing all of these pumpkin decorations and getting stressed out about Halloween."
  • "My costume isn't ready! And I need to crank up my step count so I can collect as much candy as possible!"

Jock Villagers[]

The following is a list of villagers who have the jock personality in their latest installments of the Animal Crossing series games.


  • The Japanese word, 'oira', is a personal pronoun that is masculine and commonly used with friends.
  • In New Leaf, jock villagers have the highest-pitched voice of all the male villagers.
  • In Wild World, they will often bring up that they collect seashells as a hobby.
  • The jock villagers share the same voice as Reese's husband, Cyrus, the dodo Orville, and the seagull, Gulliver.
  • In New Horizons:
    • There are 6 jock villagers whose names start with the letter R, while there are 11 jock villagers whose names start with the letter S.
    • When waving goodbye to the player, they will wave enthusiastically with both hands. They share this trait with peppy, sisterly, and smug villagers.
    • Jock villagers will often lift weights in the plaza and are not as easy to pant as other villagers.
    • The player’s first two villagers in New Horizons will always be jock and sisterly.

In other languages[]

Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese ハキハキ/オイラ hakihaki/oira -
France French sportif -
Spain Spanish deportista/atlético -

Female Male
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