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Jolly Redd's Treasure Trawler is a ship owned by Redd in New Horizons. It anchors at the secret beach on the northern coast of the deserted island and can be visited by the player. Inside the ship, Redd will sell the player paintings, sculptures, and furniture of dubious quality and origin. Authentic artworks can be donated to the museum, provided it has been upgraded with the Art Gallery wing.


Once unlocked, Redd visits the island on one weekday every two weeks, with a cycle that started on January 6th, 2020, the first Monday of the year in which New Horizons was released. When Redd is present, his logo appears on the secret beach on the island map. On the day of Redd's first visit, Tom Nook will inform the player during the daily announcements that a suspicious individual has been recently reported on other islands nearby. During that first visit, Redd will wander the player's island and offer to sell a random, guaranteed-authentic painting for the "discounted" price of 4,980 bells. Although his trawler can be found at the secret beach, it cannot be entered until the player purchases their first painting and speaks to Redd again on his next visit. Redd will then declare that the player's island has a demand for his artworks, and give the player exclusive access to his trawler to peruse his merchandise.

Redd offers four pieces of art and two pieces of furniture at a time. Like in previous titles, some pieces of artwork have a genuine variant, which is identical to the real life art it is based on, and a forgery variant, which has some notable change, like a difference in expression or a replaced feature. During a given visit, any amount of art may be real; all four pieces of art on offer may be genuine, though it is also possible for all four to be forgeries. Note that buying a single forgery is required to complete the "Faked Out!" Nook Miles goal. Any art items that the player purchases will be delivered to the player through the mail the next day instead of being placed in their inventory.

The two furniture items are always variants of furniture that is offered at the local Nook's Cranny, but they have a 50% price markup. They are always a different color than the furniture sold on the player's island, although this was rendered useless in update 2.0 with the introduction of Cyrus and Reese on Harv's Island. Purchased furniture items are immediately placed in the player's pockets.