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The Juicy-Apple Set, formerly known as the Apple Set, is a fruit-inspired furniture collection in the Animal Crossing series. It consists of two furniture items that resemble an apple. In New Leaf the set can be refurbished by Cyrus by using different ores.

Furniture Items

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing
Item Name Image Buy Price Sell Price Available From Group Size Info
Apple clock Appleclockgc.png 1,200 300 Tom Nook C 1sq.svg Clock
Apple TV Appletvgc.png 1,600 400 Tom Nook A 1sq.svg Tv

Wild World

Wild World
Item Name Image Buy Price Sell Price Available From Group Color(s) Genre Size Info
Apple clock Appleclockww.png 1,200 300 Tom Nook C Red/Yellow Modern/Lovely 1sq.svg Clock
Apple TV Appletvww.png 1,600 400 Katie - Red (x2) Modern/Lovely 1sq.svg TV

City Folk

City Folk
Item Name Image Buy Price Sell Price Available From Color(s) Genre Size Info
Apple clock Appleclockcf.png 1,200 300 Tom Nook Beige/Red Trendy/Playful 1sq.svg Clock
Apple TV Appletvcf.png 1,600 400 Katie Red (x2) Trendy/Playful 1sq.svg TV

New Leaf

New Leaf
Item Name Image Buy Price Sell Price Available From Color(s) HHA Theme Style Size Info Customize
Juicy apple clock Juicy-apple clock.png 1,200 300 Nooklings Beige/Red Rustic Cute 1sq.svg Clock Yes
Juicy apple TV Juicy-apple TV.png 1,600 400 Nooklings Beige/Red Rustic Cute 1sq.svg TV Yes


Original Emerald Ruby Sapphire Silver Gold
Juicy-apple TV.png Juicy-apple TV emerald.png Juicy-apple TV ruby.png Juicy-apple TV blue.png Juicy-apple TV silver.png Juicy-apple TV gold.png
Juicy-apple clock.png Juicy-apple clock emerald.png Juicy-apple clock ruby.png Juicy-apple clock blue.png Juicy-apple clock silver.png Juicy-apple clock gold.png


In other languages

Juicy-Apple set
Language Name
France French Set Pomme
Germany German Apfel-Set

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