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Note: This song can only be requested on the player's birthday in New Horizons, or the Saturday before it in all preceding games. DJ K.K. can also play that song on the day after the player's birthday if it is on Saturday and he doesn't appear that day for a reason as Fishing Tourney. This is also the only time DJ K.K. will play it in Club LOL.
#91 K.K. Birthday
NH-Album Cover-K.K. Birthday
Games AFe+ (unobtainable), WW & CF (heard as BGM only), NL, HHD, aF, NH
Mood Only obtainable on the player’s birthday.
Owned by Bunnie (HHD), any villager on their birthday (NL, NH)
Characters on cover Tangy, K.K. Slider
Live Version Aircheck Version Music Box
Aircheck ("Cheap") Aircheck ("Phono") Aircheck ("Retro")
DJ K.K. House Mix DJ K.K. NES Mix
Wild World/City Folk version (only played on the player's birthday)
K.K. Birthday
Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese きみのたんじょうび Kimi no tanjōbi -
France French Anniversaire Kéké -
Spain Spanish Feliz en tu día -
Germany German Geburtstagslied -
Italy Italian K.K. Compleanno -
The Netherlands Dutch Fijne Verjaardag -
Russia Russian День рождения К. К. Den' rozhdeniya К. К. -
China Chinese 你的生日 Nǐ de shēngrì -
South Korea Korean 그대의 생일 Geudaeui Saeng-il -