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#18 K.K. Faire
NH-Album Cover-K.K. Faire.png
Games AF, AF+, AC, AFe+, WW, CF, NL, HHD, aF, NH
Mood I feel good!
Owned by Antonio, Chico, Cole (NH), Cranston (NH), Cyrano, Dora (NH), Fang (AC), Maddie, Rasher, Rory, Violet
Characters on cover Cheri, K.K., Truffles
Live Version Aircheck Version Music Box
Aircheck ("Cheap") Aircheck ("Phono") Aircheck ("Retro")
DJ K.K. House Mix DJ K.K. NES Mix
e-Reader Version
K.K. Faire
Language Name
Japan Japanese ハイサイけけ Haisai keke
France French Virelai Kéké
Spain Spanish Tota-romanza
Germany German K.K. Jahrmarkt
Italy Italian K.K. Festa
The Netherlands Dutch K⁠.⁠K⁠.-⁠⁠boerendans
Russia Russian Ярмарка К. К. Yarmarka K. K.
China Chinese 冲绳K.K. Chōngshéng K.K.
South Korea Korean 혼저옵서예K.K. Honjeoopseoye K.K.


  • This song is inspired by the folk music of Japan's Okinawa Islands. The album art may be based on Kina Shoukichi & Champloose, an album by a group of the same name. Champloose also released a song called "Haisai Ojisan", while the Japanese name for K.K. Faire is "Haisai K.K." (haisai is a greeting in the Okinawan dialect).