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This article is about the K.K. Slider song. For the background music from Animal Island this song is based on, see Island Themes.
#78 K.K. Island
NH-Album Cover-K.K. Island.png
Games CF (unobtainable), NL, HHD, aF, NH
Mood Laid-back.
Owned by Audie (NH), Blaire (NL), Canberra (NH), June, Kevin, Lyman, Medli, O'Hare, Plucky (NL), Tangy (NL)
Characters on cover K.K.
Live Version Aircheck Version Music Box
Aircheck ("Cheap") Aircheck ("Phono") Aircheck ("Retro")
DJ K.K. House Mix DJ K.K. NES Mix
K.K. Island
Language Name
Japan Japanese どうぶつのしま Dōbutsu no shima
France French Kéké des îles
Spain Spanish Mi isla, mi hogar
Germany German Die Insel der Tiere
Italy Italian K.K. Isola
The Netherlands Dutch Onbewoond eiland
Russia Russian Остров К. К. Ostrov К. К.
China Chinese 动物岛 Dòngwù dǎo
South Korea Korean 동물의 섬 Dongmul-ul Seom