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#107 K.K. Robot Synth
K.K. Robot Synth NH Texture.png
Games NH
Mood I feel good!
Owned by Cephalobot, Audie (HHP), Cyd (HHP), Hopkins (HHP), Mira (HHP), Sasha (HHP)
Characters on cover K.K.
Live Version Aircheck Version
K.K. Robot Synth
Language Name
Japan Japanese けけロイド Kekeroido
France French Cyber Kéké
Spain Spanish Tota-loid
Germany German K.K. Synthi
Italy Italian K.K. Robot
The Netherlands Dutch K⁠.⁠K⁠.-⁠loid
Russia Russian Робо-синти К. К. Robo-synthi K. K.
China Chinese K.K. 机器人合成器 K.K. Jīqìrén héchéng qì
South Korea Korean K.K. 로봇 신디사이저 K.K. lobos sindisaijeo


  • During the live performance of this song, villagers hold light sticks.