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Oh, pickles! I do hope she's still in <town name>! My poor, naughty kitten...
― Kaitlin, City Folk

Kaitlin (おかあさん, Okaa-san?, Mother) is a special cat who is the mother of Katie. She appears after the player has visited one of their friend's town. She will tell the player that she is missing her daughter, Katie, and believes she may have been left in another town. The player should then open their town gates, where a friend will have escorted Katie to the player's town and reunite Katie to Kaitlin.

They will be reunited and, a day later, the friend will receive a thank you gift. However, the original player will receive nothing.


Kaitlin looks nearly identical to her daughter, but wears a green apron with a white fish on it and has big, red lips. Kaitlin has two eyelashes on each eye, instead of one like her daughter.


  • In Wild World, Kaitlin is seen holding a spatula. This suggests she was cooking at the time Katie disappeared.
  • In City Folk she is seen holding a trowel or a hand shovel- a gardening tool that does not appear in the game. This suggests she was gardening at the time Katie disappeared.
  • In New Leaf, Kaitlin does not appear due to the fact that Katie has grown older and is capable of traveling on her own. This makes her the only other character besides Champ that does not appear in this game after being only in both Wild World and City Folk.
  • Kaitlin can no longer be encountered as of May 20, 2014 via Wi-Fi due to Nintendo terminating Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, thus visiting a friend's town is no longer possible in Wild World and City Folk. However, systems that can communicate locally will allow Kaitlin to be seen.
  • In New Horizons, Katie will mention wanting to get her mother a souvenir (though she has trouble pronouncing the word) if you invite her to The Roost.

In other languages

Language Name
Japan Japanese おかあさん Okaa-san, Mother
France French Cathou
Spain Spanish Catiana
Germany German Kitty
Italy Italian Micia
South Korea Korean 엄마