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W-want M-Mommy...
― Katie, City Folk

Katie (まいこちゃん, Maiko-chan?) is a small yellow kitten in the Animal Crossing series who is the daughter of Kaitlin.


She is a small yellow kitten with brown hair and small black eyes with one eyelash on each eye. She has a black nose and pink blush. She wears denim overalls dress with a pink flower on the front. In New Leaf, she has a red backpack and a creamy beige hat with a pink band around it.


In Wild World[]

Katie WW

In Wild World, shortly after visiting another town via Wi-Fi, either one of the players may find Katie crying in their town. When talked to, she will tell them that she has been separated from her mother and will beg for them to take her back to the town that was visited or the town from where the player was visiting from. If her request is refused, she will start sniveling instead of crying.

If the player chooses to return her to her to her mother, Kaitlin, she will follow the them to the Town Gate. If the player enters another building, she will not enter but when they exit the building she can be found crying, asking them where they were. She also may fall over if the player moves too quickly and she begins to fall behind, and will cry as a result.

When she is returned to Kaitlin, the player that had Katie will receive a letter in the mail the next day with a present attached. The player who had Kaitlin does not receive anything even though they were part of the process. These rewards can be found below.

In City Folk[]

Her role in City Folk is unchanged from her role in Wild World. She retains the same appearance and characteristics, by not entering buildings the player may enter when she is helped home as well as tripping over when she is hurried. The rewards stay the same, except pictures don't make an appearance in the game. She may also appear more than once in the player's town.

In New Leaf[]

What? No way! You're the mayor?! Hi, <Mister or Missus> Mayor!
― Katie, New Leaf, first time meeting as mayor.

Katie is older in New Leaf than she was in previous games, and now travels without her mother from town to town, despite that fact she will be grateful for traveling with her instead of alone.

If she visits the player's town, she will be seen walking around and may ask if she could be taken to a friend's town. She will stay in the player's town for a day until they talk with her and decide to take her with them. If the player attempts to visit anywhere in their town other than the train station, the player will be presented to whether to hold Katie's interest to visit other towns.

If she is taken to the train station, she will either get on the train with the player, or lose her ticket and miss the train as a result. If she missed the train, she will say in a letter that she got the next one. Regardless of the event, the player will still receive a gift from her the next day via a letter. If Katie misses the train, it is for one of two reasons. Katie has already been in the receiver's town for that day. Or, Katie is already set to appear in the receivers town, but has not appeared yet.

If the player denies Katie's request, she may say "Oh... *I want my mommy...*" or "But... why?".

In Pocket Camp[]

Katie makes an appearance in certain gardening events in Pocket Camp. She will make appearance in the player's campsite whenever there's a gardening event related to her.

In Gekijōban Dōbutsu no Mori[]

Katie is seen sitting with Kaitlin during the K.K. Slider performance. She is also seen at the hook-a-duck stool, congratulating Pelly for winning. In Gekijōban Dōbutsu no Mori, she was a background character.



The portrait received from Katie.

When Katie is returned to Kaitlin, the player will receive an item in a letter sent to them in the mail the next day. In Wild World and City Folk, the item can be one of the following:

Maigo picture

Katie's picture

In New Leaf, the player will receive one of the following gifts the next day in a letter after taking Katie to another town. The player will still receive a letter even if Katie fails to get on the train:

  • Digital-Photo Frame
  • Globe
  • Katie's Picture
  • Sketch Book
  • Toy Camera
  • World Map

Her picture quote is "Life is short and time is swift".

amiibo Card[]

amiibo Card[1]
Amiibo card back
#107 Katie
Type Special
Star sign Libra
Birthday 10/22
Roll value 6
Hand sign Rock
Request I'll leave it up to you!
Amiibo 107 Katie
106 Booker #107 Katie 108 Tommy


  • Before New Leaf, Katie's Japanese name was unknown as she was referred to only as "lost child" (まいごちゃん maigo-chan?); her name was revealed to be Maiko (まいこちゃん Maiko-chan?).
  • When Katie is taken to another town in New Leaf, she is only seen in the town a few days later.
  • It is no longer possible to encounter Katie in City Folk as of May 20, 2014 due to Nintendo terminating Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, thus visiting a friend's town in City Folk is no longer possible. But frequently, using DS suitcase will cause her to appear in the player's town. It is still possible to encounter her in Wild World, because the DS can communicate locally.
  • In Wild World and City Folk, Katie will only leave the player's town if they return her to Kaitlin or ignore her for a week.
  • In New Leaf, Katie has the voice of a peppy villager, befitting her young age.
  • She shares her birthday with the normal squirrel Sylvana. They both have birthdays on October 22.

In other languages[]

Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese まいこちゃん Maiko-chan -
France French Cathie -
Spain Spanish Cati -
Germany German Katja -
Italy Italian Micetta -
China Chinese 咪露 Mī lù -
South Korea Korean 미아 WW-CF
미야 NL


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