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And remember that bad times... are just times that are bad.
― Katrina, New Leaf

Katrina (ハッケミィ, Hakkemī?) is the fortune teller in the Animal Crossing series. Her English name is a pun on "cat" while also alluding to the real life name of the same spelling. Her German name comes from Esmeralda. Katrina is the only panther in the Animal Crossing series.


Katrina is a navy blue panther, with violet eyeshadow and bright almond shaped orange eyes with white eyelashes. Her paws and tail are lighter blue. Without her headdress, she has a small tuft of hair on her head. She wears a red, purple, and gold stereotypical "fortune teller" robe and headdress, with gold bracelets.

In Happy Home Designer, if Katrina's house is designed, the player can visit her and find her in casual wear. She wears a leopard-print tank top, white jeans, silver bracelets, and a necklace with a red, circular pendant. She does not wear her headdress.


In Animal Forest

Katrina in Animal Forest.

Katrina's tent will appear outside on a random day of the week in a random acre. If the player speaks to Copper, he will tell them which acre she is in. She can tell the player their fortune for 100 Bells. Her tent is red, green, and gold on the outside, and dark purple on the inside. She stands behind a purple desk that has cards (likely Tarot), a crystal ball, some bells, and two small flaming torches.

In Animal Crossing

Katrina in Animal Crossing.

In Animal Crossing Katrina has an identical role to Animal Forest. However, her service now only costs 50 Bells instead of 100.

In Wild World

Katrina in Wild World.

Katrina's tent will appear randomly in front of Town Hall once a month. She can tell the player their fortune for 100 Bells. She can tell them what will happen tomorrow. The player can also have their spirit cleansed for 10,000 Bells, which stops them from tripping over. Her tent is open from 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.

In City Folk

Katrina in City Folk.

Katrina can be found in the city in the building furthest to the right. If the player has inputted their birthday, she will greet them by the player's zodiac sign. She can tell the player their fortune, which can last a week, and/or she can give the player a charm for that month, usually involving strange tasks. However, the player who is given the fortune cannot obtain the charm -- the task stated by Katrina needs to be done by a visiting player and that visitor will obtain the charm. No matter what the player asks her to do, she will always have a heavy item such as an anvil or wash pail drop on their head. It will make the player character wobble, be dizzy, and have stars flying around their head.

Boone villager talking about Katrina.

Sometimes, jock villagers will say walking into her shop is scarier than doing a 360 on a skateboard.

In New Leaf

Katrina in New Leaf.

Katrina returns to having a tent once again, and can be found at the Plaza. Katrina will tell the player a fortune for 500 Bells. Instead of getting hit in the head with a heavy object, the player sits on their knees while Katrina tells their fortune. While telling a fortune, her tent temporarily disappears and she and the recipient are surrounded by stars, or what Katrina calls the Star Matrix. After having received 20 fortunes, the Fortune Shop will be available as a Public Works Project where the Fortune Shop will be built next to the Dream Suite in Main Street, where the player is able to get to Katrina more frequently, as in her tent she is only available once a week.

In New Horizons

In the New Horizons 2.0 update, Katrina was added as a shopkeeper on Harv's Island. After paying the fee of 100,000 Bells, she will come and be able to give you a Luck prediction (for a fee of 1,000 Bells), telling you that your luck with belongings or money will improve, or tell you about your friendship with a villager (also for 1,000 Bells). This will unlock the option to bless your friendship (for 10,000 Bells), meaning your friendship points are doubled.


Main article: Luck

The below fortunes are the responses given by Katrina to the player.

  • Popular/Fortune upon love: Villagers of the opposite gender will take a liking to the player.
  • Support/Fortune upon friendship: Villagers of the same gender will be supportive.
  • Unpopular/Disaster upon love: Villagers will avoid the player.
  • Lucky Finances/Fortune upon wealth: The player will earn and find more Bells than normal.
  • Lucky Materials/Fortune upon items: It will become easier to acquire rare items.
  • Unlucky/Disaster upon health: The player will fall down and trip a lot.


e-Card [1]
Ac A123 Screen Shot.png
Ac A123 bk.jpg
#123 Katrina
Gender Female
Type Special
Star sign Scorpio
Clothes N/A
Petphrase N/A
Password #pzEEwLOcN83VW
Profile Nobody knows how this fortune-teller makes such eerily accurate predictions, but one thing's for sure -she definitely has the gift. If you want your fortune read, you'd better be ready for the consequences.
Ac A123.jpg
122 Wendell #123 Katrina 124 Gulliver

amiibo Card

amiibo Card[2]
Amiibo card back.png
#303 Katrina
Type Special
Star sign Scorpio
Birthday 10/28
Roll value 2
Hand sign Scissors
Request I'll leave it up to you!
Amiibo 303 Katrina.png
302 Brewster #303 Katrina 304 Phineas


  • Katrina's tent contains various Legend of Zelda references. These include pots that bare a resemblance to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Wakers' water jugs, and a Triforce emblem on the back interior of her tent.
  • While the initial reading of the fortune is generated on the fly, the actual effect of Katrina's fortunes are decided when the game is loaded and not when the fortune is given.
  • As of New Horizons Katrina joins Leif and Niko as the only characters to have considerably detailed hands, as her claws have been modeled out entirely as opposed to simply being "painted" on her paws.
    • Of the three of them, Katrina is the only one to have the details added on later, as both Leif and Niko had their hands from the start.
    • Katrina and Niko's hands don't appear to be articulated like Leif's are.

In other languages

Language Name
Japan Japanese ハッケミィ Hakkemī
France French Astrid
Spain Spanish Katrina
Germany German Smeralda
Italy Italian Vanda
Russia Russian Катрины
China Chinese 星薇 Xīngwēi
South Korea Korean 마추릴라 Maturila


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